Mac Lethal - An Abusive Boyfriend Wrote This To Win His Ex Back Lyrics

Oh god, what is wrong with people man?
This right here is for Becca from Big Daddy Wyatt
Yeah, good luck with this dude
My goodness, okay, here we go, ey

Becca Boo, I love you
I miss your eyes, like the sky they're blue
You left me for a punk
Sorry that I cheated on you, I was drunk
It was the Superbowl, what'd you expect?
That's a mistake, that I will correct
Your new boyfriend gets no respect
Yeah, I got mad, and I grabbed your neck
If I see that faggot Dannie I'm gonna riot
Come back to me - Big Daddy Wyatt
I'll take you to Dairy Queen for a treat
I miss your butt, and I miss your teets
I know he doesn't fuck you like me
W-Y-A to the double T
I'm a big dog, he is a puppy
I am a shark, he is a guppy
I'm a Ford Truck, he is a Kia
Tell him, see ya, I wouldn't wanna be ya
I won't smack you anymore I promise
Sorry, but that day you were being obnoxious
I love you and your sexy strut
I wanna put a baby in your gut
Becca Boo, I love you
I miss your eyes, like the sky they're blue

Urgh, stop it!
You know I had to respond, right?

Dear Becca
I ain't never met ya, but I hope the new boyfriend, you have now respects ya
I just got an email from Wyatt, your ex
All he cares about is violence and sex
I had to write this I guess
He sounds abusive and kind of obsessed
With trying to turn your whole life into a childish mess
And look, I'm not your dad, I can't make your plans for you
But I hope your new man don't put his hands on you
I hope Wyatt gets the help he needs to get
'Cause if you ask me, he's a selfish piece of shit
Don't ever let a man grab you by the neck
A fiance should show, love, passion, and respect
So just forget Wyatt, he's a loser, not a man
I don't care if this rap makes me lose another fan
Because he's very mean
And Becca if you email me, I'll PayPal you 200 bucks to spend at Dairy Queen
I ain't have to hold his feet up to the fire
He bragged about the fact, that he's a cheater and a liar - an abuser
He's a monster I guess
Honestly, I wish you and Dannie the best

Wyatt, unsubscribe to my YouTube channel, unfollow me and go fuck yourself!

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Mac Lethal An Abusive Boyfriend Wrote This To Win His Ex Back Comments
  1. Niecy Sanders

    Mac im so so sorry and Beca im so so sorry

  2. ImARoadcone

    “I don’t know if you can backstab someone in the back”

    Tf2 spy: allow me to introduce myself

  3. Elijah Daniel

    You may have loss a subscriber but you gained one from my respect to you ✊

  4. iiBxca

    I can’t even believe that a guy would do this. As you being a guy, we women respect that you show it to us. I can’t believe he abused her, cheated on her, and then said sorry after she broke up with him? He even said it was a bad idea to break up with him; it was a great idea, in fact. I mean, why shouldn’t she? He even 𝓢𝓱𝓸𝓿𝓭𝓮 her. 🙄😭


    Sorry for the bad grammar lmao

  5. iiBxca

    My friends also call me, “Beca boo.” Lol.

  6. Luna Lucy Wolfstar

    Mac lethal you are amazing and I respect you for the fact that you don't give a crap about pleasing that bastard dared lay hand on someone he "loves. "

  7. Sal Fisher

    Oh shi bro this man just got shut down. Omg I love you you have a new fan.

  8. 1000 subscribers without a video Plz

    0:12 why is that exaggeration so funny to me? 😂😂😂😂

  9. Boston Dean

    The 1.6k dislikes are people who got backstabbed for "accidentally cheated "

  10. Brody Santry


  11. Praise TheSun

    That rap he wrote made my skin crawl. He's so repulsive.

  12. Darkness Lost

    2:50 wth is this garbage

  13. mnoy poiuyt65r4w

    This is probably a troll

  14. Apple Gamer

    the only person who didnt enjoy this saltyness was wyatt lmao

  15. LiveWire - Gaming und Mehr!

    I think Hes Not from Germany

  16. FBI

    . trash

  17. Cowta Playz

    Mac lethal: and Becca if you email me, I’ll PayPal you 200 bucks to spend at dairy queen

    Me: did he just call her a cow???

  18. Hello Subscribe to me


  19. Fako

    Mac Lethal: Front backstab isn't possible

    All TF2 players: Wait what?

  20. gregoryshortail

    I feel bad for Mac lethal. He gets a bunch of idiots messaging him to rap about people they hate, but turns out the person that sent it was wrong.

  21. Gamer Girl936

    Dude , this just gave you another subscriber ✌

  22. Cookie Seagull :3

    Never *EVER* date someone who abuses you either mentally or physically

  23. DoggoGaming

    "I want to put a baby in your gut"

  24. [Wolfie Girlie]

    I love your videos. Your so nice. Keep up your work😇😔🥺

  25. angel medlam

    Can you write me a rap for my twin,she has suicidal thaught a and she self harms and I'm scared I am going to lose her x


    Love how you just dropped tom macdonald drama

  27. Kaylie Bennett

    I am 15 yrs old, and I wrote something about my bullying and severe depression. I was wondering if you still make the "rap about strangers videos" I wrote a poem about some of my depression. I had to get hospitalized several times bc of bullying. Most recent was 2 months ago. I started online school bc I am so scared to show my face in school. I also live with a 10 yr old sister who is disabled. She is tube fed and is ALWAYS In pain. she clutches her stomach like a bullet wound and her stomach fluids spill out. the last time I have talked to anyone my age was 2 months ago. My dream is to have people see my writing. And to shed some light on mental health. I want to let people know that they are not alone.

    To anyone who gets bullied: comment, just spill everything you want. Because I will listen. You are NOT alone. I am a complete stranger on the internet, but I care.

  28. John Pepito


  29. Dre Day

    U all made Wyatt committ suicide thats cold how about he probally young in dumb and made some mistakes u know about mistakes right mac comn man u didnt have to do dude like that for your own views but i get it woman run the world cause they have a vagina rap about that about how they can open legs tell u they love u and than fck someone else take your kids your check your life away when she wants and Wyatt cant choke a bitch sht eminem choke a bitch e1 love it keep your head up Wyatt and learn from your mistakes like sendn this dude that email u less of course all this is made up

  30. K G

    I finished it! Thank you for throwing him to the curb and taking out the trash!

  31. ilias tsakalis


  32. K G

    I can't listen to this.

    Be more selective.

    Go for impact not for a loser song. This guy didn't deserve your time.


  33. Tucker Adolph

    I mean atleast the rap rymed

  34. Tucker Adolph

    Oh fuck I accidentally fucked a stripper again

  35. Amir Shakya

    Wow you really are a rapper man. I love ur respond. awesome

  36. Ur_emo_child 1

    He’s amazing

  37. Newo TheMC

    "It was an accident🤣" "uncle dead this morning" bruhhh

  38. BG 10

    Is this fake or no

  39. Cam0 _

    This dude is f**king insane he can NOT treat ANYONE like that.

  40. Ismayeel

    Too lethal Mr. Mac 😂😂😂

  41. Mineman

    ''i don't know if its possible to backstab someone in the front''
    *Laughs in spy*

  42. Strawberry Syrup

    Im just gonna say what we were all thinking: Did he paypal her 200 bucks for DQ

  43. Kolateral

    "Im a ford truck, He is a kia"
    Well thats not a good comparison in the speed department because of the kia stinger, kias new sport sedan.
    And all the truck weight slows it down

  44. Sharma Ji Ka Launda

    Damn this man is still arrogant 🤣 after cheating, this rap should have been I m sorry really sorry, not ur new bf is shit 😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Stephen Silvia

    How many random women named Rebecca are going to comment like "yo, here is my paypal."

  46. Tanishq Mathur

    man, don't you just hate it when you hook up with a stripper and cheat on ur fiance?
    it happens way to often with me

  47. Brian Rosie

    you don't accidentally cheat on someone anymore than you accidentally go shopping

  48. Raptor CC

    3:15 "I wanna put a baby in your- "

    Wait, wait, wai- Hol up

  49. Ashley Duchuck

    Hahaha all I can do is laugh about that letter

  50. Avin C.G.F

    Back stab in the back

  51. Samantha Arroyo

    I like ur energy 😂 u showed him how u comin 😂💯

  52. Colt Turnmire

    Hey man it would mean the world to me for u to rap this song I made about me getting caught with marijuana at school, the lyrics go: Yea,
    God told me ima make it out eventually

    Stood tall but it’s been fuckin with me mentally
    But pain is temporary
    I ain’t trippin
    It ain’t shit to me

    They found me 5 minutes later
    I was screwed
    So I gave up free
    But then I got a second Thought
    So I tried to get away from them

    He caught me by the arm
    Pushed me in the room
    And Locked the door

    Right now
    I wish I would’ve never thought of that
    When I was sitting there
    My visions goin white and black
    Then all of a sudden my life was ruined
    In a flash

    I never even once thought how it affected me
    They put the charges on my family
    Almost took my moms custody
    Then I knew that I had fucked up
    And there ain’t gon be fixin these

    They put me in alternative school
    So I can learn some things
    45 days in that shit
    It really gets to me
    Callin for god
    Just so maybe I can change some things
    But it ain’t workin
    So I guess I gotta stick to lean

  53. yer auntie Sells avon

    I get that we shouldn't hit a girl first but if a girl come and tries to stab us are we just meant to lie there and let them stab us

  54. Neon DPS

    How does his spelling go from lvl 1 troll to lvl 3 rapper?

  55. Ruby White

    Ok but the response 🤩

  56. Wyatt S

    Fuck you Mac
    And I wanna let you know I got myself a better bitch

  57. Alliana Anderson

    I feel so bad that you had to sing that and feel bad for that man for thinking he was ganna get his girl back

  58. Kaysen Myguele

    Well done man!!!!! 😂😂😂 f* you Wyatt abusive piece of sh*t !

  59. JayStation Is the BEST

    I turned off my light on the phone and then I accidentally turned all the volume up and not the light OH MY GOSH IM SO SCARED NOW

  60. Purp Ramen

    I have no words 😂😂

  61. Aslam Chowdhury

    the dislikes are from the strippers that got shovde by daddy Wyatt

  62. Doggo Cookies

    He needs to back off obviously he needs to also get some help, you shouldn’t rap for somebody because he is rude and an idiot so, he’s a cheater liar and abusive jeez!

  63. Brian Barnett

    tripped and fell on his dick

  64. Savannah Born

    He's got skills 😂

  65. Shawn’s Bae

    I wanna put a baby in your *gut*


  66. Gacha Idiot

    love the end

  67. H A T E

    How many emails you got of people saying they're becca? 🤣 🤣 🤣

  68. Agyey Raj Giri

    He still wants her back.. After this type of shitty message he wrote

  69. spiral square 28

    Only boomers dislike

  70. Sam Tatigami

    It's an accident of me shoving my vitamin d in the stripper lol

  71. Salsabeel Dabbagh


  72. Canis Mercifex

    Hope Becca and Donnie are living their best life ✌️💕

  73. B Happy

    Obviously a troll.

  74. MGH Papay

    There is 9k comments so we well never find wyat

  75. Concon 1067

    The guy who wrote the song must be trolling

  76. Hermione Tobias

    This guy Wyatt has some serious issues man. He doesn’t even sound sincere in his so called “apology.” He is just so desperate to find some excuse for his filthy behaviour just to satisfy his already broken ego.

  77. GeoShane09

    I thought he was going to be like "I'm really sorry about what I did to you, I hope you can forgive me." or something like that but nope, he was just like "I did cheat on you but I was drunk forgive me, I like butt."

    Hermione Tobias

    GeoShane09 Same

  78. criggle esme


  79. Joshua Hamblin

    I would love to semd u a rap but idk how to right one and im goin thru some stuff

  80. ThisNameIsThirtyCharactersLong Except for this part

    I was drunk and it was the Super Bowl😂

  81. Zayaan Dadwani

    Bro like wtf

  82. joshua burrus

    Gave you a like and subscribed for that one. Good job buddy

  83. Alexander Stephens


  84. Wishing weezy

    Thug life mac .. lol its shows that mac lethal is the best

  85. Sourav Kiran

    Hello u piece of shit how are you bro how's it going come on man u are a boy can't u go more extreme than that

  86. Sourav Kiran

    Hello drunkard cue ball how are you

  87. Sourav Kiran

    Who the fuck wanna subscribe u bitch and off course follow you u are an asshole....come on man u asked for it let's see how far this goes boy

    manu 1740

    Yooo wtf is ur poblem? What did he do to U? Took Ur medicine or what.

    Sourav Kiran

    @manu 1740 I did

  88. Sourav Kiran

    Fuck off

  89. Dorian Melrath

    Wyatt probably feels real bad now 😔

  90. LegitCatcher21

    ok which teenager wrote that rap as a joke

  91. LegitCatcher21

    Tf is wrong with that guy

  92. Chris Olson

    He roastest Wyatt sooooo hard

  93. The Little Orange Friend

    Not gonna lie this kinda sounds like one of those goofy songs Eminem would have done in the early 2000’s. I’m just waiting to hear Hailee giggle in the back of the beat 😂

  94. Baby Girl

    I miscarried my babygirl when i was 17 my ex her father didn't want to be a dad so he beat me till I was almost dead she died and i feel like i should have died with her i miss her so much idk if you can turn that into a rap but if you could i would definitely appreciate it. ❤

  95. Dakota Simons

    Maybe he tripped and accidentally fell in the girl

  96. Mac Lethal

    Never "accidentally" cheat on someone.


    Omg People here trick mac lethal so they can get 200$ oml..

    Chaos Lights

    500th reply

    R2Spook StatikD2

    This email has to be a troll lmao


    Or never “accidentally” unsubscribe from Mac Lethal

    Lil Nigga

    Mac Lethal dedass