Mac Lethal - Alphabet Insanity Lyrics

I adamantly attack the alphabet
With an anecdotal algorithm made of Adamantium.
I'm like an Adderrall-addicted anaconda or an alcoholic or an asshole like A-Rod, no anabolics.
But I brutally and beautifully butcher the banging beat.
Brushing bubbly all over your booby and booty beef,
'Cause I'm a carpenter - I come carving your carcass.
Leaving all these carp fish crushed on the carpet.
Crumbling chron in Colorado with my Cal cronies.
I'm cramming it full of condiments like it's a Calzone.
Delicious! I didn't drive and drink.
Whether diamonds or dimes, man, I'm diving deep like an electric eel.
I'm elegantly eloquent, and every cent I've ever earned just entered me in the election.
I got eleven brains like an enormously educated Einstein with Elephantitis of the erection.
A freak! I'm fighting with a flatfooted felon.
Five falcons just flew to a fountain and fell in.
Googling googly-eyed girls to get inside.
Golly gee from Glasgow to Guatemala's gentrified.
A hippopotamus is high on heroin, he heckles me,
And hires Haitian Hank to hand his ho a hysterectomy.
In hateful hieroglyph I hurl out hyperbolic hubris,
And hang with Hipster Helen, that's the hooker with the huge hips.
I'm ill. I'm Icarus. I ignite idiots in idioms and issues.
Jumpy jargon I joust like Jacare jiving Japanese judo and jiu-jitsu.
Killing them like a kid, got a kilogram of ketamine for Kwanzaa.
Knit a kimono made of komodo dragon skin.
Rich like a Klingon that be kicking it at the Kremlin,
But I'm kicking through your door, call me Kramer Kardashian.
Lethal. Literally litter a little limerick that be littler than a Leprechaun.
A menace that'll manifest the melancholy mayhem,
Making a metamorphosis until I'm mechanized like Megatron.
Nick Nolte, a nerdy native of Nebraska, needs a neon ninja and a nectarine from NASA.
Ominously, I mean it's obvious you see a orthodontist oozing out oodles of onomatopoeias.
Oswalt Patton picking a pocket, plucking a patent.
I pickle purple poop in Patron for pure passion.
I got a question, got to quiz ya:
Let's step on the gas and go quicker. Uh.
Really getting ready for the revolution.
Reeled a rotten rhythm ring around the Russian Ronda Rousey resort.
Serve a simple sentiment, a simile that's smoking like a sheet of Sudafed.
I'm swiftly swimming like a seahorse.
Titties on Atilla tell a teller that'll toe-tag.
Terminator gun inside a turtle-tattered tote bag.
Thugs are Un-American, unattractive and unwanted as an ugly pair of UGGs.
Vivid and vivaciously venomous with the wicked wombats only walking where women is.
Getting xenophobic at the Xanadu.
XOXO, yippee-ki-yay.
Yours truly, Mac.
Yes, yo!
Oh, shit, I forgot Z... zebra.

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Mac Lethal Alphabet Insanity Comments
  1. Cameron Gray

    Learnt it ez

  2. Lampcap

    Me tryin to convince the officer not to give me the ticket:

  3. Lampcap

    Eminem: Im the best and fastest rapper
    Lethal: *_I'm about to end this whole man's career_*

  4. Lampcap

    When the teacher says sing the alphabet for the class...

  5. FleshBung

    I don’t think he really thought about the lyrics he just smacked in a bunch of adjectives and nouns and was like “let’s rap it”

  6. Bangtansonyeondumb

    Me mastering alphabet areobics: I Am InEviTaBLe

    Me watching this video: ...well.... oof...

  7. brandon hosman

    Eminem I'm the fastest rapper Mac leather hold my mic

  8. Daniel David

    *accidentally skips ten seconds*
    Whoops, I missed T-Y

  9. Jorden Whygle

    I dont even know what u said😂😂😂😂

  10. Chayse Brown 2

    I tried it and it took 16 trys

  11. Daniel MacLure

    This is basically alphabet aerobics by blackallicious

    Hubert Spitholt

    But better

  12. Blaze The Gymnast

    The title says... "I bet you can't say this!!"

    But I can......



  13. XxUniversalCookiesxX

    I can do it too:Zebra

  14. Bacon Hair

    Nice lil scync

  15. Kylwana Gallman

    Look at it at 2x it’s so cool and you don’t know what he is saying😂

  16. Firey BlazeMaster

    Can you make a song and then rap faster the emeinem?


    HOW????? i think you had a little to much cocaine to make you talk that fast

  18. H for Hulk

    Eminem so called rap God only knows how to make money but this shit is real

  19. H for Hulk

    First i think i can do that but when you reached L 1:14 i said: ok man I can't

  20. Quinn Ravet

    Dictionary V2

  21. Drunk Clown

    I can do all the way to k on my 3rd try

  22. Siddharth Pandey

    kr$na vyanjan

  23. さいこさいこ


  24. Occam'sGreatSword

    how long did it take you from learning it to doing this

  25. Julius Chai

    Thanks, I know the alphabet now.

  26. kristine acob

    If he forgot to turn on the camera

  27. ᑕᗩᒪᒪᗩᑎ ᖇIᑕᕼᗩᖇᗪᔕOᑎ

    Imagin only doing this in 67 tries

  28. Liam Callan

    *Pete the dog goes to school*

  29. tonnyaugust riboch

    Bagaimana menjadi seorang rapper pemula tolong ajari saya

  30. Shinigami死神6661 -

    I'm play it on 1.25x

  31. Uncommon Flow

    2020 and it's still fire

  32. Rob Handley

    Evolution of blackolitious.

  33. FSJF Games

    *Alphabet Aerobics on steroids*

  34. Anti-Gravity Gamer

    can other people actually understand and process words at this speed? bc i cant. i mean it was dope i just didnt know what was going on

  35. Sans the Skeleton

    *Eminem would like to know your location*

  36. James Porter

    What a creative way to represent the alphabet

  37. dude theater

    this was time lapes

  38. Itze Fitzefatze

    The speed is incredible..but I am simply impressed by how many words this man can recite!

  39. klsk inkubus

    I paused this video in the middle so that mac lethal can breathe

  40. Jaya Duffy

    You and Eminem should make a song together

  41. F2L cuber

    Alphabet arepbics remix

  42. Jigyasu Bansal

    KR$NA did a hindi version...

  43. Kamrul Emon

    You’re the best rapper

  44. Zyki Playz

    This is me trying to memorize the Alphabet when i was 1

  45. Ace Spades

    Nothing compared to papoose- alphabetic slaughter

  46. KingMethelas

    *Eminem, enjoying breakfast*
    "....I feel a disturbance in the force"

  47. No voice

    Me: What is the Bpm?
    Mac: Yes.

  48. Sean A Tron 2000

    i can do most of it and i am only 12

  49. booty_ hunter420

    This got real crazy real fast

  50. Human from Earth

    Lowkey did this years ago.
    Even has a similar flow.
    Check out the original it's called Alphabet Assassin.

  51. Ty Spaeth

    Damn this is impressive

  52. Knoxura

    You need to do Godzilla by Eminem

  53. jesse reuss

    I think this is slower than Godzilla

  54. Pops6cle

    Eminem left the chat.

  55. fab money

    Youtube 2014:

    Youtube 2020: lets recommend this to people

  56. Heather Bennett

    My nine year old friend can do this

  57. Vasor YT

    its very easy hahah try polish worlds

  58. Majestic Unicorn

    Rap god who?

  59. Alan LaPlante

    Don't belive you.

  60. Wolf A

    That was cool

  61. Rocky Wigglesworth

    You are correct, none of us can say that. However, nobody can say that you possess any real talent either.

  62. david turton

    But it's not real it's all just shit talk that rymes

  63. X1 LeafFy

    Why can I do L but not M

  64. The BanDit

    Are you lip sinking or is it my phone

  65. #RandomGuy

    Guys.... He has the lyrics in the description

  66. LY storm DR


  67. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Student: What does alliteration mean?

    College professor:

  68. Bradley Cook

    havent watched this in ages... would love to see #coach @NoLifeShaq break it down

  69. Brian Sanchez

    67 takes? Thats good to know... Now i dont feel so bad i mess up once or twice most times i try this

  70. Mina K

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmm son niceeee 😂

  71. Vernon Stuckey

    All I can do is R to Z

  72. Jammin Speedz

    Zebra is key in rap

  73. Chris_Pat_75

    That was legit burning like...
    Oh. Oh no.

  74. madoka kaname

    The lyrics in the description are like..wrong though

  75. Jackson Shipley

    I know tat song of by heart

  76. Adnan4t7

    New God of rap

  77. Lord Voldemort

    Wifi password?
    Mclethal: Ight right down

  78. Lord Voldemort

    P was like: Pikcitu piukjo pickutu pickitu pikachu 😂😂

  79. Jebron Lames

    Listening at half speed and I still can't keep up

  80. Endersgaming345

    Bruh how does he do this

  81. qadd4hm

    love tom.. but he still hasn't done anything this cool...

  82. Gams

    Waow.. Just waow ! love it ^^

  83. Eden Nicole

    Those 19 million views are from me

  84. cats geting god

    I cant read it

  85. Baby Yoda

    My friends: are you good at tongue twisters

  86. SeeMeLater

    1:13 is the best part

  87. HasantheGreat

    L and M we re the best


    Facts, they got a tech n9ne vibe to them

  88. Bianca Verçosa

    I can only do Z 🤣😂😅😀😐😕🙁😭

  89. Car6 vid 123

    I got to g

  90. Etho in

    Finally. After 5 years i learnt it all the way to z.

    *ps. I started on y*

  91. Etho in

    Mac: wanna hear a joke

    Me: sure

    Mac: *oxygen*

  92. Etho in

    Fans: how fast can you ra..

    Mac: *Yes*

  93. Kaleb Anthony

    Me and multiple others worldwide think that Mac lethal should partner up with Eminem or someone for a few songs, it would be lit af🔥

  94. person

    Years later and I just learned to the ds

  95. Mac Lethal

    Follow Mac Lethal on IG:

    lee franklin

    Mac Lethal word is a little bit hard


    Mac Lethal I sung along to everything but zebra that made me lose my laugh box

    dailyn ragasa

    Was that rap god

    Evan Davis

    Looking at your mouth, i have noticed that u have some kind of tongue technique. What is it?


    How many words though??