Mac Lethal - A 26 Year Old Mom Wrote This About Her Boyfriend Lyrics

This song here was written by Calista
For Danny
Here we go, ey, yo, uh

Dear Danny, I'm so upset
Will you ever change for me? I won't hold my breath
If I need a hand, you won't even stretch
All you do is say I nag and I bitch and I stress
I guess I'm just a crazy-ass bitch in a dress
If you're nice to me it's just so you can get you some sex
All you wanna do is get laid
You wouldn't tell me to stop if you saw me holding a blade to my wrist
I swear to God I don't exist
Of the people that you love, I'm at the bottom of the list
I'm 'bout to shut my mouth, you can talk to my fist
Fallin' in love with you, it was such a risk to my health
And to my kids and my family
To my happiness and to my sanity
To every single friend, every man I see
You ain't never been a husband or a man to me
I ask you to take me for some fries
You tell me I got some chubby ass thighs
I ask you to take me out for some ice cream
You say a skinny girl would be such a nice dream
I ask you to take me for a burger
You say I need a salad, inside it feels like murder
You're a big Mac Lethal fan
Hopefully, he raps this and you become a changed man
I don't wanna leave but I swear that I have to
First I got some questions that I gotta ask you
What the hell did I do to make your heart bust?
Why do you look at me with so much disgust?
Why do you trample my goodwill and trust?
Why did you cheat on me and why do you lust other women?
You're selfish it's true
I guess you can't spell the word "us" without "u"
I guess you can't spell the word "us" without "u"
I guess you can't spell the word "us" without "u"
Well, you can't spell the word "wedding" without "we"
And you can't spell the word "home" without "me"
And you can't spell the word "love" without "L-O"
And you won't even look me in the eyes and say hello
Can secretly hate me
Well guess what, fuck you
'Cause these days I secretly love you
You say I'm fat, you say that I'm chubby
You say if you left me, I'd never find a new man to fuck me
Well, I just wanna tell you with this song - -
By the time you get home tonight, I'll be gone, mhm
I just wanna tell you with this flow- -
You can't spell the word "goodbye" without "go"
If you want proof that I can resist ya':
You can spell the word "Danny" without "Calista"

So peace!
Sorry Danny, I don't know what to tell ya' man!

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Mac Lethal A 26 Year Old Mom Wrote This About Her Boyfriend Comments
  1. Dunkin Larry

    Is Danny the baby's father? I feel like that is a pretty important detail

  2. Riane Gragus

    if I could have you rap to my bf please help

  3. Hadeer Dega

    Well damn

  4. lee billingham

    Yo I'm Mac leathal this ryme I'm sayin but might be not leagle im tryin to rap about a gal that's not ..treated right my relationships shite don't hit the spot ....but buy these ear phones

  5. adonis Garcia

    Killed it

  6. The green tea Dragon

    Mac Lethal just lost a fan

  7. MeninaComeMassa Massinhas

    Bruh, I use your musics to farm please create a playlist :D keep up the work

  8. Park Sweet blue

    wait a second Mac Lethal
    doesn't have eyebrows!?!

  9. Can we get this bootyful art to 1,000 subscribers

    This is my home life with my mom and her fiancé

  10. JoePlayzRoblox 90 YT


  11. Todd Alder

    Big Mac lethal fan😂

  12. infelicis

    I will find danny and will commit unholy things.

    Park Sweet blue

    _( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. XxBlack-ZachxX

    I think I know her

  14. ꧁༒ Julian Freeman ༒꧂

    Secretly MAC is probably sad he lost a subscriber

  15. Reducto Stuff

    Idk why when I watched this a thought of Percy Jackson and Sally Jackson Percy Jackson's mom and her husband smelly gabe

  16. Jayson Grobler

    Sbe got some bars

  17. Little champ08 Littlechamp08

    Genius thinking - you can’t spell home without me

  18. KMOC f8te

    Who else is looking for Danny's comment about him raging probably



  20. Holden Fox

    Yo I live in Portland fam

  21. Chris_Pat_75

    Danny, if you ever come back to this and read the comments, listen to me, and listen well. Treat your girl with respect. They don't deserve verbal abuse, or any type of abuse. I hope this rap gets to you and you've changed.

    PS Mac Lethal I really like what you do. Keep it up man.

  22. infinty_playz boi

    You say bad words

  23. Mymy’s World

    Wow I hope she leaves him and takes her kids

  24. itz_Jaylah • Lmao

    I have one thing to say to danny.


  25. Kipa Pechey

    I swear either he is in or thinking about having an affair. 🙂

  26. Shea Durham


  27. Dominic Commisso

    Lol now that we just said some nasty shit about Danny, let me tell you about these hEaDPhOneS.

  28. All_Falco All_Falco

    danny you need help saying a skinny girl would be nicer you need to think you're life choices

  29. Weaponxfan YT

    All the dislikes are probably just Danny’s friends - oh wait -

    he doesn’t have any 😂😂😂

    Zztop Jr

    Lol 😂 😝

  30. Marie Ferguson

    Drop that zero, n get you a hero..

  31. Lps Random productions

    i swear if someone ever did that to me i'd be gone like that

  32. Piper Lockwood

    I love ur voice and lol it's funny when u go HU ha before u rap

  33. : 3

    This was the best rap yet

  34. wolf lover

    Danny i have a few words... you think you can treat a girl like that you have got to have some nerve to think that you can just do it and go your a lame ass bastard who needs to grow a pair I hope she leaves you because no girl deserves a low life like you.

  35. Meadow Bal

    Am I the only one who always looks for the persons comment that they are rapping for???

  36. woobrat

    Hell yeah Callista!!!!

  37. Salvacion Buaron

    The 500+ dislikes are from Danny and his friends...

    Oh wait, he has no friends

  38. soupidy doop the soup

    Damn her lyrics are good

  39. Kaylee Johnstone

    I hate this dumb Danny

  40. Unicorn Family

    Treat ur girl like a queen
    Not a peace of crap
    She's a beautiful girl DONT be an a$$ towards her
    She's not just made for sex and your slave
    Treat her great if u wanna keep her
    And if ur abuseive u best change u ain't gonna get an other girl if ur always hitting her or useing them and cheating be a good boyfriend not a death trap once u go into a relationship and say “I love u" u gotta mean it or it won't work out you gotta take the time for the realshinp not just make it a one person effort that isn't u you gotta try u can't keep hurting her and expecting her to stay it's not that hard to be there love her when she needs it yes girls can be diffclut at times but it doesn't mean treat them like crap love her gf be there bc once she's gone she's gone and chances are u won't get someone who loved u as much as she did


    I can really agree with you on that. Man up David.


    Dannys not going to comment

  42. akaVibraz

    He is probably beating her now tbh

  43. ChiPpiLa Stelko

    wait a minute.. didn't the ''abusive boyfriend'' get his girlfriend taken from a guy named Danny ?

    Ellie Brooks

    nah it was donny, but similar

  44. Storm Edwards

    If you REALLLY think she was gonna deal with being put down and tortured YOU ARE WRONG! After you constantly verbally abusing her, deep down, she was already separated far away, each and ever insult towards her thighs, and stomach, and curves, set inch by inch of her getting fed up, and leaving. You brought this on yourself, you have no one else to blame. She spent way too long tethered to your dumbass, not realizing her true worth, and that she deserves someone WAY better than you! Have a wonderful life Danny, I hope this video makes you think twice before abusing women. Doesn't have to be physical abuse to hurt someone.

  45. Dwight Spits

    Yup... those are definitely the lyrics of a single mom. Why anyone would even date a single mom is beyond me.

  46. Dwight Spits

    What... is she going to leave him too? Single mom, goes through boyfriend after boyfriend. She’s a perpetual bad decision machine

  47. Dwight Spits

    Hey 26 year old MOM. You should have a husband not a boyfriend. Will you people grow up already

    Lord O' Shower

    Dwight Spits And you should stop being an asshole, but It’s nice we’re given the option to choose our own paths in life.

    Lord O' Shower

    Dwight Spits Oh... you’re one of those types... I’m sorry... I didn’t realize I was communicating to someone living before the age of reason... my apologies...

    Dwight Spits

    Lord O' Shower you needed to come back minutes later to add this? Listen: she’s a single mom who is asking rappers she doesn’t even know to diss her boyfriend. You don’t see that as being at least kind of suspect?

  48. xKrazyx

    Whats so bad about being chubby or fat like wtf people be bullying about that shit it’s actually annoying not saying that I am but still it’s life it happens u don’t know if they have a problem or not like wtf

  49. Greyhound beast44

    Good job

  50. Perkin Warbeck

    Calista - if you're ever in England I will take you on a date to show you how a real man treats a lady. You can then use that as a benchmark and if any man treats you less - they arent good enough for you.

  51. Jimiah Walker


  52. grimki11er

    Man fuck danny

  53. Uraraka has a gun

    Danny is a dipshit my dudes

  54. jordan and mayo

    Check out JM vids just game play chanel its geometry

  55. Matthew Perez

    this whole video was a sponser

  56. Russell Russo

    You are one talented dude. Keep up the good work bro. Your helping to change people for the better. Also, the backing tracks you use just always fit the occasion somehow. Love it

  57. Ismaeel Arendse

    This video was posted on my BirthDay, cool vid man

  58. kyuzo

    is it only me or when he rapped the part about the food party, i heard "Big Mac Lethal Fan" as a pun because of Big Mac

  59. lochmonsta

    Does anyone get the burger punchline “I asked you to take me out for a BURGER you said I need a salad inside it feels like murder cause your a BIG MAC lethal fan”

  60. Kayla Albers

    To Calista: one mother to another, don't let a man ruin your confidence when your children are depending on you! Screw that little boy!

  61. Jon Wethington

    Every Mac lethal video ever: “so I got an email...” *proceeds to diss whoever is in question*

  62. Broken_IP

    Bitch, thicc thighs save lives

  63. Candied Crusader

    bro autotune blip around 0:05

  64. Raibaru Fumetsu-Chan

    “You wouldn’t tell me to stop if you saw me holding a blade to my wrist” damn.. I felt that shit

  65. Mo K

    Mac Lethal reminds me of my intermediate gym teacher mr.fenton who also has 2 kids

  66. Liam Thompson

    Callista, you actually some talent with songwriting. You have a mind for rhyme, and you understand structure. You could have a future with this

  67. Lukemusic

    I thought TaoTronics was something about toilets and toiletries 😂😂

  68. poopoo juice

    R.i.p danny you got fucked by a bus

  69. stop and consider

    Getting in a relationship means you love someone. I don't understand why people start dating and then treat the other person horribly. you date them in the first place cause you love them. If you start dating and realise they aren't the one, just break up with them. But don't treat them like Danny treated his girlfriend. It just doesn't make any sense. Don't date them if you're just going to treat them badly or not love them. Sorry for the long comment.

  70. Mahsa Mollaei54321

    he just offended everyone with thic thighs like me

  71. Caroline Watts

    danny is a fake mother trucker and thick thighs are cute so like get over it danny. girlie ur a queen and danny does not deserve one second of your attention

  72. Caroline Watts

    where danny at and did he get his shit together i need to know

  73. siddharth pal

    Why the fuck he is sorry for Danny. Danny is an asshole

  74. Kimberly Mason

    Her rap was so amazing I started crying


    I had to pause. He said bring the beat down a little bit. To himself! Fuckn love yu Mac the 🐐


    On and off. Plz.

  77. Jackson Dines

    Did anyone else catch that bar at 2:23 to 2:31? “I ask you to take me for a burger”... “you’re a (Big Mac) lethal fan”...

  78. Nyja Matthews

    Hi hopefully you will see this and respond I’m Nyja and I’m only 11 years old I was wounded if if you could write a song about my dad he left me when I was really little he bearly sends child support he had not y’all to me in years he acts like I don’t exists he lives hours and hours away from me and it’s so sad how I can never see me dad I even go and my room and cry some times

  79. Muamer Blazevic

    Danny fell out of love and doesn't have the balls to break up with her and also doesn't wanna lose someone he is having sex with.

  80. celine min

    The lyrics were amazing

  81. celine min

    That dude is such an asshole

  82. celine min

    She literally ended this piece of sh*t whole career

  83. celine min


  84. Diabetic K9

    Any one else looking for max lethals email but don’t know it?😂😂😂 I wrote a rap and want him to rap it.

  85. bizzyit sa

    I wonder what did Danny react on this... wow😂😂😂😂😂

  86. S. P. V. G.

    holy shit she has bars

  87. Affiliate Training Now

    That song was the bomb bro; I would have given her the whole video without a sponsor...

  88. randon things

    What's the only thing that growes in Portland Oregon :
    The crime rate
    I'm lucky I live in Eugene Oregon we're growing the weed

  89. Devilish Scents

    Jeez, so sad to hear this, that woman deserves a real man. This really spoke to me as I was born n partly raised in Portland, OR. Cheers from the PNW!


    I live In Portland oregon so where can I deat this assholes ass

  91. Whyatt Allen-Reeves

    God damn she actually had bars and good jobs g for the fantastic rap

  92. its Glaze

    How do we email you, because I have a song, you don't have to sing it, I just want to know

  93. Olivia Gundersen

    Calista great lyrics girl! I have been with the exact same type of man/boy for 3 years and today I'm finally leaving him for good. What a crazy coincidence that I heard ur rap the same day! Thanks Mac ur the BOMB💣! Calista ur man is a narcissist. He will never change. No matter how much u try to reason with him and no matter how much he is the one causing the problems. He will not accept the blame for anything. He is not capable of sympathy and no one matters to him accept those outside of the home. He needs what is called narcissistic supply to function. Ur not crazy. They r master manipulators and know how to keep us hooked on their line. They throw us against the wall then put us back together so they can throw us against the wall again. They make everyone outside the home think they r amazing. That's what they need, and in the home they make their family and partner go insane bcuz it makes them feel great knowing they have so much power over us to make us react that way. U need to watch a ton of videos about understanding the narcissist and get power from learning their games. Learn how to not let him win. Learn to let him go and learn it's not anything u did wrong. It's going to be ok! Just know u r amazing they way u r and all the BS he's told u and insults he's dished out to u r really how he feels about himself but he is not capable of admitting he has any flaws so he blames u for everything that he hates about himself. U r a mirror for him and he is really putting himself down. Power up and tell urself there is nothing wrong with u. It's him and he is sick. He lives in a different reality and there r tons of men out there who will treat u the way u deserve! Just love urself and know who u r is not who he says u r. Don't doubt urself. Ur better than that!! Good luck to u!!! Go Girl Power!!!! Love urself everyone. And always strive to be the best person u can be. I have spent 26 yrs studying the best qualities in other people and their best friends and I adopted those characteristics and I love myself bcuz I know I possess the best qualities anyone could ever want in their best friend and it's paid off. I have a wonderful and amazing circle of beautiful souls for friends and I don't need the mother fucker who has treated me like I'm a disposable piece of trash for the last 3 years. I love myself and I love life and I don't need a man to make me happy. I'm happy on my own. A good man will be a bonus but not a necessity!!! Love urself, b confident and u will attract the right man for u who will love and cherish u for the amazing woman u r. Best wishes, with love, Olivia

  94. Kevin Elmore

    This was lit.

  95. Mac Lethal

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    thetankman 9000

    How do I send you lyrics like this one? I've been writing some for a few months, but idk how to produce or rap them so i wish you could bring some of it to life, but idk how to get it to you.

    Harmony Watts

    Mac Lethal what’s your email


    whats ur email