Mac Lethal - A 15 Year Old Wrote This Diss About His Dad Lyrics

Layin' in my bed while I'm writin' this song
Thinkin' about all the ways you did me wrong
You abandoned me before I parted womb
How many times have I heard: "I'm meeting you soon"?
"Hey Keegan, let's go on vacation"
"Sorry Keegan nevermind I can't make it"
I'm gettin' sick of the lies
I call you to talk - no answer no surprise
I don't deserve that, I'm just a simple kid
This whole time I was thinkin' it was something that I did
It's like a big boulder, that I'm pushin'
You left my mom and made a family with another woman
I don't understand how you create a life
And immediately after disappear with a new wife
And now the anger's buildin' up
It hurts knowing that your father never gave a fuck
A lot of years went by
I sent a message to you on Facebook sayin': "Hi"
I should've said: "Fuck you, goodbye"
'Cause all that followed that was a half ass cry
You're being a father, well guess what we're through
I apologize that I inconvenienced you
You've been gone for all these years
And when we talk you don't even sound sincere
And you never apologized
Growin' up without a father can leave you traumatized
No one was there to teach me how to shave
Or teach me how to throw, or teach me to behave
All of the things that you have never done
None at least, for your biological son
This is the first song that I ever wrote
I asked for a dad but my dad said no

By Keegan, 15 years old from British Columbia
But I have a verse that I wrote about Keegan's dad

I never met you in my life, I don't know who you are
But the stories that I'm hearin' 'bout you just seem so bizarre
I might be missing details and don't know what the truth is
But listen to me man, I am a father I got two kids
Even if I hated their mother I'd never walk out of their lives just to make 'em both suffer there's no excuse
Even if his mom acts crazy
When you have a son you ain't supposed to turn shady
Hey there's two sides to every story
But man I find it hard to believe that a 15-year-old, with his heart on the sleeve, is to blame when his father disowns him
It sounds like you ain't bother to know him
Left him to be raised by his mommy all alone
Never taught him how to throw, never called him on the phone
Never taught him how to shave - your son named Keegan
You don't wanna teach him, then I will let's begin
First, get a razor blade and gel from the store
Next, use warm water to open up your pores
This way you can avoid burns and razor bumps
Smooth manly skin is exactly what the ladies want
Don't use force and hard pressure
Go nice and easy with the razor, that's better
And look, if you don't like regular razors
You can always get a brand new electrical shaver
Father the grain with technique that's gentle
Keep your blade sharp, keep it clean, keep it simple
Listen to me Keegan, I'm sorry that your father couldn't give two fucks
Peace out I wish you luck

For anybody out there, that has a kid, reach out to them, it's not too late, just rebuild the relationship right now

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Mac Lethal A 15 Year Old Wrote This Diss About His Dad Comments
  1. Prince Ruchiya

    2.1k unlikes from the dads who didn’t taught their sons to shave

  2. Namrata V

    Heart touching

  3. Cake Man Is The Best Of World

    At least it wasn’t as bad as the 16 yr old making his diss on his mother

  4. Search Wheezzy and sub

    Came for a sick song

    Came out learning to shave properly 😳😳

  5. Gasss Dasss

    Kid got barz wish he would of spit it

  6. Wolfman 40567

    I feel bad for Keegan but I went through the same thing

  7. Adi Karlsson

    this was really touching

  8. Allen Jordan Moore

    Hey mac I dont really talk about it but its something that gets to me everytime I talk about it.. but before we get into this your one of my favorite rappers I've watched you for a long time and I love your chiefs song you wrote I'm a big chiefs fan lol.. so before me and my sister was born my mom met my dad and had my sister 2 years later they had me but the hold time he beat my mom and was always drinking and doing drugs..... my mom put up with it until the day that he killed himself because he said that we would do better without him I am 21 years old and Its still hard to talk about it tbh I'm starting to tear up writing this.. I don't expect any sorrys for it but i was wondering if you could write me a rap and sing it.. it would be awesome I'll be looking but if you couldn't get to it that's okay..

  9. ELK gamer

    Even if hes not rapping he sounds like hes rapping dmn this guy is legend

  10. Angel Madrigal

    I don't like this guys style of rap.


    Lmao when he talks sounds like hes rapping

  12. Alcoholic Furry

    Rapping types:

    Mumble rappers: sex, drugs, gangs, cars

    Good rappers: Life issues and personal topics

    Really good rappers: SHAVING LESSONS

  13. Eboney Tipper

    My dad did the same thing and he has made a new family and doesn’t want me

  14. Jeffrey Fancher

    I’m 31 now. And never met my father and have 4 kids of my own. I would rather be torn apart than to ditch them to the wickedness of this world. All that said. Mac what you did here was amazing. Not gonna lie I thought you were about to smoke his dad dissing him.. and you flipped it my man. You made this shit positive and you did more for that kid then you will ever know. From the bottom of my soul. Thank you for this Mac. Keep doing big things homie

  15. Seblington Young

    I feel for the guy that wrote this because the same thing happened to me

  16. longcraig67

    Mac I know who you are, with a heart like yours; you are the real star!

  17. Youba Imam

    Rap starts at one 1:00

  18. rasin bran

    Man the video shoulve been 1 second longer (if u know what i mean)

  19. Emma Rayne

    Hey I’m Emma and this story is almost exactly like mine ...

  20. Keegan Prescott

    This is the only time ive ever heard my in a video

  21. Jeremy Hilt

    Dang Mac tell it like it is!!! Teach em how to shave LMAO ur awesome! Huge fan! Keep it up!

  22. Mouse EE

    Kyle didn't take the kids

  23. mrsshanshan246

    Keegan man my heart 😢💔

  24. X Animates

    Bro these lyrics from these kids can mostly be fire 🔥

  25. Piet Power

    Omg i relate to this so much

  26. All around Unicorns

    Yo Keegan your a good rapper

  27. Jackson Colvard

    We will now begin the shaving pacer test.
    Ready begin.

    Shave down - 1
    Shave down - 2
    Shave down - 3

  28. Kort Caldwell

    This 15yo wrote more than I ever could about my dad. Now that I have my own daughter I don't understand how any "father" could walk out on a kid like that. Much love Keegan, keep your head up, it gets better man.

  29. X Live

    U rock bro
    Its incredible than a celebrity rapper does this for random people

  30. Big smoke the slav

    Damn im gonna use this tutorial for saving i cut myself when i did it the first time now its time to get a nice smooth face

  31. its yaboy

    He actually taught me how to shave

    And yes im 10

  32. Hethro_ Games

    Yo I am also from BC Canada.
    I also have a dead beat parent (mom BTW) maybe it's a British Columbia thing lmao

  33. Yaseen plays

    Who else came to see Keegan like if you did
    BTW #2020

  34. Rebecci Poissant

    Sadly I know how he feels I've been through the same thing. It's to late now though for him to be in my life. He passed away 3 years ago from liver failure.😭I just wish he would of tried harder. All I've heard about him are stories. some bad some good. Just wish god wouldn't have taken him so soon. I had a gut feeling that things would turn around and we would see each other for the first time. That never happened. All it was is a disappointment after disappointment.😭💔I thought I'd never meet sometime that has gone through how I feel and go/went through.

  35. Mike Hunt

    I'm touched that you picked a kid from canada

  36. MrMooseBoy Gaming

    I used this video to learn how to shave , thanks dude

  37. Competitive _612

    This vid I learned how to shave 🪒

  38. GameMonger101

    I don't even know who my father even is.

  39. Darth Duck

    You should put this on your Spotify

  40. Darth Duck

    This rap is actually amazing it sounds like Eminem

  41. Minerly

    Who else is looking in the comments for some a**hole so they can flip them off?

  42. Ben Skywalker

    Kudos to you man, you're a good rapper and a great person! Hope life treats both you and Keegan well.

  43. IMM

    I lehit thought johnny sins was on my recommended

  44. StickOut :3

    Hot water doesn’t open up pores search it up

  45. Keegan Wheeler

    lol im not the same Keegan but my name is Keegan

  46. Happiness in misery

    I can relate to these songs

  47. Trash.

    He’s lucky he has a dad

  48. Rachel Lindley

    My dad left me before I was born to I get how he feels I feel the same with my dad

  49. Borekp Gacha

    Kinda dissapointing how you skipped 420 by one sec

  50. expression- Z

    And I am thinking about a lyrics

  51. expression- Z

    My real dad left me when i was born

  52. hockey King 2017

    My brothers name is keegan and hes 15 and my dad left me before i was born

  53. zach goodman

    my dad has been in and out of my life in jail since i was born

  54. Funny Funny Valentine

    My dad is in jail for child abuse and molestation.

  55. KeegansStuff

    Thought this was me since my name is keegan but nope im a ginger and aries

  56. Team21Gay

    Thank you for teaching me how to shave lol

  57. Thebearfamily0626

    Great video man! This is so sad. I wish I was rich enough to adopt a bunch of kids and/or help single parents. @Mac Lethal, if you still have Keegans info email him for me and give him my email, I'd like to buy him a gift from Amazon.

  58. Welbey Mullen

    The same thing happened to my half sister she is 20 about to turn 21 and she met her dad a few months ago for the first time,my mom was 15 and he left her alone at 15 with a child. I can't believe him I don't understand what my mom did that was so wrong for him to walk out on her,I find it so fucking stupid of him to do that to my mother and my sister,I think it is really messed up that he just now wants to be apart of her life,after almost 21 years,my sister is in a relationship and is thinking about marrying a good guy and plans to have kids with him,and he waited until she is an adult to want to do something in her life. I understand Keagen or Keagan,which ever way you spell it.

  59. Sunshine Brown

    Hi my daughters grandnaw passed away and she is depressed and thanks she is usless want to know if u could right a song for her

  60. donkey kong and undercover turtule :3

    its to late for my dad and to be honest im at the point where i dont give a fuck now because my dad left me basicly like kegans so dad if you see this FUCK YOU BITCH thank you and kegan you deserve better

  61. i_like tea101

    I feel this Cuz my dad left me when I was in the woumb ( sorry I can't spell xD) and he had more children with a nother woman

  62. Cylria

    Now I want to message my dad telling him that I don't want him involved

  63. Dilan Tomlinson

    One of those dislikes is probably from his bitch ass dad.

  64. TuzZ

    Damn man that stavning lesson Helped my dad left me at birth aswell. Only talked with him once

  65. Peter606

    The nookie
    , Come on, So you can take that cookie

  66. Liz Boyle

    The 2.1 dislikes is Keegan’s crap father disliking the vid on 2.1 k accounts

  67. Darkness Lost

    I’m in a situation similar to him except it wasn’t at birth

    Darkness Lost

    Sorry what you said in the end won’t happen my dad is 4 years late

  68. Lauren McKeand

    Ok that’s good and even though you don’t properly know them you gave him a lesson that his father never did that’s awesome

  69. inphrit

    Imagine if mac was Keegan's dad

  70. Bhaskar Shukla

    Two good, too good raps. At the last, the msg was awesome. Cannot agree more.

  71. Ciante Elmore

    I love this rap

  72. zQuincy on 6S

    My dad left when I was still in my mums stomach and it’s hard and me and my brother and my mum

  73. Tuna Sub

    My dad died a few years ago when i was like 9 im turning 15 this year *and this rap actually tuaght me how to shave*

  74. Carmela Rodriguez

    I had a similer story my dad left me but im ok cus it was for the beter😄

  75. Proficuous Meme 64

    Plot twist: he IS keagans dad

  76. A.joseph R

    welp i know how to shave now 💀

  77. Bob Jefferson

    My favorite part was the razor thing it helped me

  78. Olivia Davis

    I haven't seen my father in 10 years in 12 now mother has tried her hardest to raise me the best she could she still has had some scru ups but shell alwase be there I love her to death but some times I wonder what if I tern out to be like my father my mom had custody of my brother and my father took him all through was to Michigan the 2 months ago he moved 12 hours away and 10 minutes haven't talked to him in 10 years and the first time was 3 weeks ago the point is my fathers a bad person to just know that not a lot of people have eather parents so the people how have parents by blood shood br great full no ones alown

  79. Ac1d1cGaming

    I forgot about you but YouTube came in clutch and recommended you

  80. Papa Red

    feel this kid on this, sucks ass glad he talks about it.

  81. Ardelean Kevin

    This song mase me cry

  82. ttv deathrow3115

    Fuck u Mac Tom is better

    Tucker Adolph [sub to senza]

    Woah buddy you don't need to do this shit. Who cares if Tom is better.

  83. Paddy

    Ooooops wrong beat

  84. Brady Rees

    eh another canadian

  85. Kale Moron

    Disrespect 100

  86. Daniel Bryan Fanclub

    Damn this actually was really touching.

  87. TheMysteryPanda

    Question what's Macs email

  88. Stephen Silvia

    TBH, thanks for the tutorial.

  89. Costco BearVlog

    Just discovered this channel, definitely subscribing and gonna try to diss my bully.

  90. Mr Stubbzy

    This kid is talented, sad but talented

  91. Cod in kuwait Only sniping fans

    Next teach how to wipe n clean ass and also for girls to use pads in their periods

  92. jeux jeux

    All my respect to u ❤💙💙💙

  93. Alliana Anderson

    Your so inspiring

  94. M3NI 021

    This guy here is one of the nicest people I've seen in my life

  95. game group

    Mac lethal you legit spit some good shit

  96. game group

    Man this kid that sent this actually made a fire song

  97. Vysulo

    Your rap was sponsored by dollar shave club

  98. Mac Lethal

    Keegan, I hope this video helps you find comfort or closure. Or maybe you can send it to your Dad and it will inspire him to step up and get involved in your life.

    Sean’s Football

    This rap sounds like what my life is gonna be next month

    Michael dragon family Shane Hale x-stream wrestling

    Mac Lethal stuff now for a little bit especially the atomic Donald one from you made made a diss on Tom MacDonald

    Michael dragon family Shane Hale x-stream wrestling

    Okay cancel British Columbia I thought you said up somewhere else

    Michael dragon family Shane Hale x-stream wrestling

    I know you said I know you said Columbia but it take you said British Columbia

    captain cucumber

    My dad left me when I was 2