Mac Dre - The Mac Named Dre Lyrics

To Rap Fans Here In The Vallejo Area, He's Known As Mac Dre...

Lemme Introduce Myself, I'm The Mac
No Just A Mac, In Fact I Wear Many Hats
I'm A Rapper, Capper, Punk Bitch Slapper
Catch With The Farmboys In A Tractor
I'm A Actor, Soon To Be Grammy Nominee
When I'm On E, I Might Do Comedy
Bitches Bombin Me, Boy I'm A Dumb Dancer
7 5 7 0 Cancer
I'm A Rider, Fighter, Crest Sider
Pull An All-Nighter With Mikey On Wires
I'm A Villian And I'm The Owner Of The Building
A Thug, A Drug, To Give Ya That Feelin'
I'm A Producer, Top Notch Gooser
Might Be A Thief, But I'm Not No Booster
Dealt With The Roosters Everyday
Put On My Giggin' Shoes And Do The Mac Dre


Yeah That's Right I Like To Dance Ho
U Can Catch Me Doin The Furly On The Dance Floor
U Can't Tell Me This Boy Ain't Hot
U Ain't Skate Dem Eights In The Parking Lot
Gas, Break, Dip On Foreign Soil
Blowin 3c Dank, Forever And Loyal
Stompin At The Reigns Tryin To Gain Some Loot
Hop Out The Range With The Range Rover Boots
Boy Dre Teach Game Like Mathematics
Flippin Out On A Bitch Like Acrobatics
Fe Fi Fo Tare, They Call Me Stupid Dumb Cause I Don't Care
Mac Dammit God Dammit, Md
The Nigga From The V With That Mac Family Tree
Ripped, Fucked Up Boy, Not Sober
Rollers Pull Me Over, I'm Not Pullin Over


High As A Fuckin Fire Escape, Zooted
Had A 8th Of Shrooms But Nigga I Chewed It
Loot It, Enyce Suited
Pack A .44 And Ain't Scared To Shoot It
When I Coug' It, Watch Me Skate
Gold D's On The Biggest Vogues They Make
Give A Bitch A Break, Nope For What?
I'll Be On The Track Posted Up
I'm Yokin' Up
In Somethin New Millinie
I'm High Tech But Old School Like Izrimi
Feelin Cool Off The Remy Yeh Ya Know Me
Benzito 20 Inch Chromies
Neva Lonely I Do It Menage'
And All My Bitches Do What I Say
So If Ya See Me In The Crowd Actin Shadyish
Don't Trip It's Just Mac Drevious

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Mac Dre The Mac Named Dre Comments
  1. Orlando Betancourt

    Not Average.. Real Savage raised in a hood lived life lavish..

  2. Raymond Supan

    15 years ago, a day that changed my life. I thought of this song for respects.

  3. Tim Frink

    This shit is such a banger

  4. Blest Blast

    Happy birthday mac I'll forever bump mac dre

    Tim Frink

    Blest Blast feels

  5. Tonejack

    God dam ya man.

  6. hal mitchem

    Md fo life

  7. FirstNeverLast Fits

    Put on my giggin’ shoes, and do the Mac Dre

  8. Santa Rosa Watchdog

    Still slappin this in 2050

    Tim Frink

    BullyBoy 26 feels

  9. Cuso Joasdgoahd


  10. Mark Stamback

    Selly baby RG on mark d 87

  11. A Brar


  12. todd Smith

    classic Dre

  13. Joshh meraz

    rider, provider, crest sider

  14. Phillip Adside

    Higher than fucking fire escape....rooted....had an eighth of shrooms but nigga I chewed it...

    Phillip Adside

    +SEPTV99 oh shit damn auto correct lol

  15. MrEwillmack

    Still slappin" this in 2015! :)

    Prince Ital

    MrEwillmack in 2018 dope

    Tony Wilson

    @Prince Ital 2019

  16. Randy Lahey

    me2 bra so many though


    Mac Dre had love for KC

  18. Maurion Chapple

    I might be a thief but I'm not no booster

  19. BayWidIt650

    R.I.P Furl!!!!
    FUCK K.C

    John Robinson

    Im from kc we still fuck wit mac dre but fuck you soft ass .


    Dudes from KC killed Mac Dre not the whole KC the Bay fuck with KC Killa City the illa City

  20. Randy Lahey

    one of my favs as well!

  21. Daryl Hall

    lol no nigga.

  22. EnishallD

    (Mac dre)7-5-70cancer!......(me) 7-7-90 cancer ! 2 day afta tha mac bitch

    Josh Johnson

    7-5-92 dominoe's



    Raymond Supan

    dying from health is different than getting murdered, but RIP to all. Forgetting the Jacka and ODB on this list.

  24. frank grinds


  25. Big Homer Loks

    Comin thru runnin shit

  26. THIZzSCO415


  27. p hulsey

    dont trip its just mac drevious

  28. ReApLiMiTz

    "Hop out the range in my range rover boots"
    RiP MaC DrEEzY.....

  29. Rick P

    Get up on that Thizz Dance foo

  30. popomomo12

    @BrandonSeattle catch up on some of this stuff mayne, a lot of good music coming from these guys rip mac dre

  31. BrandonSeattle

    I just found about this song a few days ago. this tight is tight as fuck. These wack ass hip hop clubs need to play more Mac dre. I'm tired of lil wayne.

  32. Ethan Loller

    'Yeahh i can dance ho! catch me doin the furrellieee on tha dance floor"

  33. maurice jones

    Dnt tatle tell the #1 rulie

  34. Don Ishii Jr

    MAC DRE!

  35. grimelab

    pack a .44, and aint scared to shoot it