Mac Dre - Stuart Littles Lyrics

Mind trip
Professionals on the roll
Start acting like amateurs
They think they know what we doing ya feel me
So what we're gonna do is keep this thing professional
P-R-mothafuckin O Niggaz

This ain't no fairty tale of hansel and gretel
But more important cuddy
Fool it's the ghetto
Heavy metal pushin on the chevy petal
War in the street is the only way the beef is settled
Young monster, no guilty conscience
Hold a nigga hostage, empty out a cartridge
Scaredy niggas, do the fuckin ostrich
Hide ya head so a nigga can't pop it (blap)
You better watch it, see and be cautious
Act like an alien, we'll treat you like a martian
Ponderosa, 69 from santa rosa, no sir, we don't drink mimosa
Dre ain't know home boy, I'm benefited
Hop in the old school, lay low and dip a few
Baggage on both sides, T-Shirts and tennis shoes
Givin a nigga the blues, fight a fool win or lose
Never see me talkin to 5-o or givin clues
Read about me runnin from 5-o on the news
We tryina go cause 5-o is into fools
They beena fool
Boy you know what I'm finna do
See men on the DL is what I'm finna do
Hit the sto' fo' mo' OJ, Gin and Juice
It's 10 and 2 I'm on a mission like always
Tryina have my mail longer than hallways
Breakin every single one of my bitches they all pay
It's literally all day that these bitches would dre

[Ho:] Hello Dre?

[Dre:] Whaaat Bitch?

Ya'll niggaz tote heaters
My niggaz tote ovens
40 cal we pull about a dozen
I'll keep your cousin
Make em eat blood
I'm just a thug
From the country club
Nigga what? sex, money and murder
We ballaz touch more cheese than hamburgers (HAMBURGERS?)
I pack a squirter, extended clip
These blade ass niggas, they seem to trip
Stuart littles, with no viddles
Fuck with me, get sent to hospitals
I don't be playin
I get to sprayin
So before you pull a lick
Put some mac dre in

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Mac Dre Stuart Littles Comments
  1. samsilvaluebinder

    Mac Dre doesn't trust Young Metro.

  2. bmperez

    So glad my cousin from up there in UKIAH CALIFORNIA showed me this song only bay people knows times change RIP MAC DRE grew up listening to this

  3. heem & dank

    This gotta be the best song to thizz to

  4. Budd S

    By far my favorite Mac Dre song ever.

  5. Brandon Roberts

    This should have 300 million views

  6. Jonn

    Act like a alien we treat you like a Martian

  7. viclopezcandy

    Touchin more cheeeeesee than hamburgers STILL in 2018!! ROMP IN PEACE MAC DRE!!

  8. Crypto Rootz

    Mac Dre Dat Nigga!!!

  9. Howard Minkler

    This beat is dope

  10. Chris Smith

    heavy metal pushing on the chevy pedal

  11. Nova And Friends

    R.I.P Mac dre and JR

    Jason Dossenbach

    Always wonder witch song it was

    Nova And Friends

    truth need to be out real shit no shade on anyone

  12. Nova And Friends

    This beat was stolen from Jr R.I.P


    link to the original song? who is JR?


    JR my boy. Gone too soon.

  13. santa 420

    I get up here an there's 666 like wtf


    santa 420 boo 666

    African Herbsman

    Well, somebody had to be/see the 666th like. It's only a damn number.

  14. jamalydude

    my favorite Mac Dre song. since I was in highschool. reminds me of being high at school and all the good friends and just living in the moment


    say family what's the sample or if any body has the instrumental get at me fast

  16. Banana Gamez

    heaVy metal pushing on tha Chevy petal

  17. Brian Stopoulos

    this slap is underrated as hell

    Chris Smith

    act like an alien well treat you like a marshan

    Jason Dossenbach

    This beat was made from our friend Jr who passed away. Mac due stole this beat from him

    African Herbsman

    Jason Dossenbach when did your friend make this beat?

    lisa love

    Hell yeah same with “leave me alone”

    Marcus Black

    U ain never lied boa dis song will get a nigga n that mode

  18. Vlad

    My Ponderosa. '69 from Santa Rosa...

  19. dejaun walker

    I agree wit you slim large

  20. slim Large

    If u from the Bay chances r this Mac game has, or will save/change your life on day

    Aleksandr Tretyak

    +Aleksandr Tretyak right next to gated electrical polls on the left off it

    Aleksandr Tretyak

    +Aleksandr Tretyak he used to be a regular customer in Oxford right off florin used to be in the mall.everyone loved him..he called the owner when he was in KC talking about coming back to shop and to see if any new fits is in...

    slim Large

    Dope story bruh, Its too bad he passed right before the takeoff of social media and camera phones. we would have so much more material. I miss the Mac named Dre

    Marcus Black

    And kansas city

    Don P the Don

    slim Large I'm from St.Paul Minnesota and The Mac named Dre did exactly that for me

  21. smokers209

    Rip the cuddy MD Mac Dre!!!

  22. joseph northrop


  23. 408GtownN

    Suart Littles still aint get it

  24. joseph northrop

    greatest of all time, no debate

    Jack Calvo

    joseph northrop there IS NO Debate , never was never will be FURL Period THE END❗️save ya breath for another debate
    this AINT IT✌🏿

  25. kingofCOMO

    i dont trust your hip hop opinion unless you think mac dre is the best

  26. TheBraxone

    Act like an alien we treat you like a martian

  27. hollywoodsfinest

    we got 7 haters here. how you can hate dre??? hes one of the best rappers ever, for me he was at the same level like 2 pac or snnop or dre!!!


    Romp In Paradise
    Thizzelle Washington

  29. kingofCOMO

    goddammit. Rest in Peace. Gone too soon at the top of his game. Much love from KC to the Bay, you will live on forever thru my stereo. peace brother

  30. matt valencia

    6 ppl are busters

  31. Alec Pelote

    fucking idiot.

  32. sipandtrip320

    hang yourself

  33. john b

    sippin som henn for mac dre t.i.p

  34. eric2627

    my kids gonna slap this shit one day

    Lockhart ism

    its top 5 of da album for sure!! ---zzler #groovy

  35. rachel elisa

    this shit slap heavy cuddie, TIP

  36. K2 Network

    Thizzin ery day al day straight out SD
    T.I.P Mac

  37. Thizzelle Washington

    feel me cud

  38. mieksneak

    haha real talk

  39. TafTabTah

    Mac Dre definitely repped the Mac (Master of the Art of Communication) more than any other person with that acronym in their name. ROMP in peace MD

  40. tasune sharp

    Takes one to know one dumbass

  41. Thizzelle Washington

    what? nigga u gay, n FUCK your set

  42. Manish Merx Marcus Muro de Fresno CA USA

    me marcus muro godlike stop!? jk........

  43. Manish Merx Marcus Muro de Fresno CA USA

    one day maybe?

  44. Thomas Fehely

    soooooooo dope rip furl

  45. KT88

    This song iz so Mothafukn Sik!!! T.I.P Mac Drizzle...

  46. Lockhart ism

    This that "70's Show" a.k.a. THIZZ JAZZ ... class of 707, and its slumps on some groovy shit, fitting for a nigga outta that disco/funk era, perfect 4 the cuddie... Nik-Ka

  47. Emily Dream

    mac dre forrever in a day R.I.P

  48. ItzBigidy

    @stretchghost feel it. mac dre was workin his way to the top. sucks to kno fake ass niggas like drake are takin the air time. im in vallejo and all i hear is drake .

  49. Cut Off Your Head

    who cried when they heard dre died? im no punk but mellow songs with beats like these that dre spits that real shit too really make me wanna shed a tear for my nigga ........ will forever be bumpin your shit til the day i pop dre. this bong rip is for you. RIP*

  50. VoodooKush


  51. gigansmom

    I clicked dislike on accident. Il go ahead and kill myself now

  52. JoeyH2O Placencia

    who got that purple kush

  53. bmase11

    one of my favorite songs to burn to


    Damn this slap like a motherfucker however many times you play it!!!! THIZZ MUSIC!!

  55. 602_southsideposse

    @stretchghost ur a dumb nigga

  56. Darren Bray

    really...3 weeks bruh...this album came out in 2002...the all mighty mac dre got murdered NOV.1st 2004...yes RIP the fullest but pls get your facts right homie...#imjustsayintho

  57. Manish Merx Marcus Muro de Fresno CA USA

    would sound better gish......

  58. tyler metz

    "Hello, Dre", "Whaat, Bitch?"
    True G right there

  59. Drewbinashbin

    What biiitch?!

  60. tweeze2700


  61. kkh369

    hell yea what up oakland, what up yall valle-hos! this aint a fairy tale

  62. eric2627


    nah mayne he put the T's in cutty..keepin it real cutthoat you feel me

  63. masputo

    I'm just a thug from the country club

  64. tj olson

    @CaliCR00kxiv or maybey ur a dumbass and need to get ur shit kncked out

  65. CaliCR00kxiv

    @newmeat123 Or maybe your teachers son stole it from furly...

  66. tj olson

    furly stole the gutiar part frm my teachers son lol no lie

  67. 602_southsideposse

    my native homie stuart really likes this song lol everysince i showed it to him

    aaron mora

    azthizzkid native American?

  68. steezyfeet420

    Chillest song.

  69. Rio Agosta

    hey im trin to get this song in my phone, what album is this on?

  70. nickyrobbs925

    Hip Hop fucking sucks...LONG LIVE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GANGSTER RAP...It dont get much better than this. We miss you will never be forgotten.............

  71. scotty0729

    very tight

  72. Collin

    @westcoastg4life "heavy metal, pushin on tha chevy pedal" ya fuck

  73. Jobin Stormbottom

    Put some Mac Dre in.

  74. 602_southsideposse

    @Aelderon1 pac realest rapper ever...dre best rapper ever....

  75. 602_southsideposse

    nigga waaaaat. sex, money, & murda

  76. HipHop226

    @sh4nky420 Whack

  77. HipHop226

    @blos1818 spitting real lyrics dont make you nice kid

  78. sdotmadden

    @HipHop226 Mac Dre is the greatest rapper dead. Do some research before you "know its gonna be whack" he's got as many jams as tupac with lines that he just kills and uses words that no other rapper would ever think of using. What shitty rap do you like KRUNK? "Have you ever had XO in your eye? bitch bye, die, choke on suffa!"-MD the great

  79. HipHop226

    @1killcops Ok internet tough guy.What are his best lyrics in this song?

  80. HipHop226

    @tod707 Some kid told me to listen to this shit,said it was good. When he told me where it was from i should have known it was gonna be whack

  81. kingcamilo

    why so sad young playa

  82. thepersianstunna

    heavy metal pushin on the chevy pedal yadidimean :(

  83. edbin henny


  84. Matt E

    fuck you punk rock beezys

  85. bayareacertified


  86. Robert Fremont

    R.i.P NIGGA yo shit Slaps Still 2 dis day we miZZ u nigga ur still the Bays Fav R.i.P nigga

  87. xxpnoyjestrxx

    u need some marvin gaye, cypress hill, snoop (his slow shit), and some mac dre


    maynee what it do GDP i know u be smokin good for furl!

    blowin some widow and honey oil over herrrrrrre

  89. jolly timeez

    T.I.P. MAC DRE

  90. GDPlover

    R.I.P. Mr Furly! gonna blow some grapes in the air for you homez!!

  91. calijatt0809

    Y I alwayz smoke 2 this song hmm iono cuz mayb it's Mac Dre u bitches!!

  92. Tyree McKelton

    Hello, Dre?...
    Classic line!

  93. threethirds


  94. jolly timeez

    the best are all gone. Thizz in peace my nigga

  95. wolfalini

    T.I.P. MAC DRE

  96. MazERulEZ


  97. Jayesfoo

    thass some koo words ta say tho mac dre is one my favorite rappers