Mac Dre - Livin' It Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dream, scheme that's what I tell bitches
These punk niggas get pressed like twelve inches
I smell stinches, I been in the trenches
But they're still staring in my grill like dentures
I fuck with Brotha Lynch's and Andre Nickatina's
Tote forties, four-fours, tens, and even Nina's
I be the cleanest when I step into the arena
Committing felonies, fuck some misdimeanors
Have you seen her? She ran off renegadin'
She tried to juice me, but ain't no lemonadin'
Or eliminating, I be the last man standing
Sharp like Shannon, Rich like Gannon
I'm four deep at Brandons, and they ain't understanding
I do a J.R. Ewing, or Knots Landing
Mac Dre, I'm one nice dream
And I'll make your brain melt like ice cream

[Chorus x2]
I'm Livin' It, distribute it
The streets are inhibited
By cut throat niggas just like me that out there getting dividends

[Verse 2]
I always feel like somebody's watching me
But ain't droppin' me or poppin' me or stoppin' me
Got animosity
For the way these notches be
Constantly, Jockin' me
But fail to pay me properly
I'm Stuck up in the clouds high velocity
Gone off that brocoli, and every hoe that I could see
I'm steady poppin' P, It's like rockin' D
I put the whamy on it nigga now I'm clockin' G's
More than Monopoly, boy this a knockin' beat
More game than Socrates, the champ boy when I compete
That constant be, poppin' E
When I drop a hee, it's a knock when I drop boy and rock the beat

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
The turntables might wobble but they won't fall down
It's on, back hooked with Mac Mall now
We stack tall now, dope as raw pile
Pow, listen to that faggot scream OW
We gon' leave him leaking in the middle of the isle
Now they're wondering how to explain it to his child
Drunk with a smile, while staggering
Poppin' at a beezy, so I can have her in
A strip club, it's uh... natin
Black, caucasion and even Asian
I'm leaving taste in her mouth, blowing ace in her house
To the face in her house, is you safe in her house?

[Chorus x4]

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Mac Dre Livin' It Comments
  1. Pamela De La Rosa

    Dash dash dash

  2. George Park

    Didn't he get smoked

  3. Kristy Thomas

    Furly knew what was up "I fuck with brotha Lynch's and Andre nickatinas" rip big homie no one gave out as much game as u, we miss u dre

  4. LaForrest Freeman

    Still knocking in Kansas City Missouri in 2019

  5. Ryan Scott

    Still to this day it plays in my head randomly. I be the last man standin Sharpe like Shannon Rich like Gannon.

  6. Cowboy

    When he says black Caucasian and even asian. I lived by those words . Taste the rainbow kid lol

  7. asonunique419

    Rip to a true pioneer of rap music essentially in the 90s can't think of Cali without mac dre

  8. Cody TS

    I'm livin it distribute it the streets are inhibited, my cutthroat ni**as just like me that's there gettin dividends

  9. Christopher Christensen


    Were did you go

  10. Tion Davis

    Straight slapper

  11. Manuel Ramirez

    Disrespect with that dead grass and weeds

  12. Charles Robinson

    Dreams. schemes. Thats what i tell bitches

  13. Poly Dee

    October of 2018 and this cutt still slapz hard yo!!!

  14. 7-0-SAVAGE

    No1 in the history of the universe coulda did this, but he did, like it was nathan!

  15. Jon Trejo

    I have to have an ice cream out for my son when I play this in the living room because he always thinks the ice cream man is here, but I tell m "Don't worry son, I got you"

    Gary Ellison

    Lmao! Thats whats up bruh

  16. Neglekt Official Channel


  17. Ike Turner

    Sharpe like Shannon, Rich like Gannon!

  18. Rob B

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 MAC DRE

  19. #kanepoe !


    Man mac dre the best ever nobody a come a billion miles close to what dre could do with a Mic.

  20. TubeTV

    finally found it fuck me i just read an A-Z list of all rappers to find this

  21. Sarah Hatchel

    Rest in Peace Mac dre , yaddaddahhh.... bay area legend

  22. ybn Dezeurn

    r.i.p to the Mack d.r.e that's a fact

  23. santa 420

    rip mac dre your stuff sounds potent til this day FUCK those haters your gonna pay for it someday

  24. frank white

    I be the cleanest when I step in the arena! #ripdre best rapper ever. follow me on Instagram @filthofficial he inspired my music

  25. Garlic Fucken City 408

    The only man that can rhyme to a dope ass ice cream beat

    Tony Wall

    Someone forgot the Master that is P

    Tion Davis


    Christopher Carter

    Soulja Slim & B.G. - Mind Games

  26. daboyz8

    My smell stenches,
    I been in the trenches
    but they still staring at my grill like dentures.
    I fucks wit brotha lynch's and Andre nickatina ,
    4 40s, 44's, 10's and even niñas.
    I be the cleanest when I step in the arena.
    Commitin felononies fucks a misdemeanor, HAVE U SEEN HER?
    she ran off renegading.
    She tried to juice me but there ain't no lemonading, or eliminating.
    I'll be the last man standin, sharp like Shannon, rich like Gannon.

  27. Alex littlejohn

    Finally found it. Been searching for this song for a few years now bro heard it back when i was a youngster and i neve remembered the name or anything but damn i should've known it was a mac dre hit much respect.

    0123456789 9876543210

    one of my favorite tracks from any rapper

    0123456789 9876543210

    one of my favorite tracks from any rapper

    Tion Davis

    Mac dre had another song i loved and didnt know what it was called and was happy to find it

  28. Permafried Braj

    To the dude who commented 5 years ago asking who is shannon? who is gannon? When he says sharp like shannon he's talking about Shannon Sharpe (NFL/Broncos). When he says rich like Gannon he's talking about Rich Gannon (NFL/Raiders).

    Aaron Scott

    5 years ago? Damn that's a long time to get an answer lol

    Byron Lewis

    +Aaron Scott lol

    Chris Macks

    I would have never known that thanks for the info

    LaForrest Freeman

    Rich "The Cannon" Gannon played for the CHIEFS of Kansas City

  29. Mj Moore

    This has inspired me to want too buy a ice cream truck and put 12's in it and sell drugs

    Gary Ellison

    It's beeen done already...Bay Area shit!

  30. Joshua Barba

    there was an ice cream truck going around my neighborhood blasting this. lmfao

    LaForrest Freeman

    I got fired for playing this when I drove the ice cream truck

    Tion Davis

    Was it in east oakland


    I used to get my friends sister with this song all the time she'd be like " ICE CRRAM!!!! " and run out the door hahaha she hated me for that

    Yope as Dola

    Joshua Barba that’s how u know you live in the bay

    Robery Nym

    Nah back in the v a ice cream truck on dub 4s was slappin this pushin Thizzles and grapes out the truck

  31. serco luiz


  32. Amber Mimitte

    my nigga

  33. ,Ronald Dregan

    The greatest to ever bless the mic

    #kanepoe !

    ,Ronald Dregan 💯

  34. Vlad

    24 people were left with taste in their mouth

  35. Vlad

    Do a J.R. Ewing or Knotts Landing. Soak game kids

  36. desario godinez

    I used to bump this shit in middle school Ayyee RIP DRE

  37. Chevys4ever650

    Still waiting for my ice cream man to hit the block playing this.

  38. yung tre

    Rip Mac dre real banger

  39. Lateraluz

    reminds me of the olden days.

  40. Lateraluz

    yeah baby you like it?

  41. danielmotion

    Turff music

  42. lilbstar102

    Wackiest dre song I've heard in ages. The legend lives on.

    james higgins

    lilbstar102 tripping

  43. StraightThaFuckUp

    R.I.P MAC DRE bay loves you bruh

  44. David Ramirez


  45. Philthynino916

    Real bay slapper. Id lik to see drake try to flow with this beat. Fuck main stream rap.. R.i.p DRE

  46. Rodageado

    R.I.P mac dre.


    Real G.. Fuck all the fakes barley frying on this M.D shit. Fuck drake Fuck wayne.. they be tryna cop the mac. But there's only one M.D.

  48. oakland goon

    R.I.P Mac dre in our hearts for ever THIZZ OR DIE 4life

  49. Philip Brun

    I'm livin it distribute it

  50. reallygo thagreatest

    r.i.p mac dre this go crazy

  51. Steezybluck1

    GO DRE GO!!

    Ivan Flores

    Steezybluck1 go dog go by Dr suess

  52. I Must Get This Money

    When U can turn the ice cream song into something majestic, Thats The Mac Dre people.

  53. TopCityTV

    I be tha last man standin. Sharp like shannon rich like gannon

  54. GutterSlime420

    TIP Dre...real mac shit

  55. Michael Carlock

    i luv how the ice cream trucks by my house use the instrumental 4 this song

  56. Dashawn Granderson

    Now this orginal ice cream you othas b jawsin

    LaForrest Freeman

    The fact that everybody in the bay wanted to be the ice cream man but never did this beat, then he did this beat but never said he was the ice cream man. I'm loving it .

  57. DaTKusHTokeR420

    god damnn this boyy can put it down
    Thizzz In Peace

  58. king duke

    King Unit!!!EPT

  59. blak

    @Artok1Graffiti lol dotn forget mc eiht nigga and that eazy

  60. sdizzle1182

    rich like gannon

  61. Rpantoja1661

    Only Mac Dre(R.I.P) can spit to an ice cream truck beat and get away with it!^o^

  62. Johnny lame

    I fuck wit brotha lynches and Andre nickatinas!!

  63. Johnathan Delarora

    i wonder were that painting is

    Sarah Hatchel

    Johnathan Delarora probably california

    Tion Davis

    East Oakland Cali

  64. Gannon O'Gorman

    My names Gannon :)

  65. rae lina

    every time I play this song i just want to get my groove on!!!! WESTCOAST! he he

  66. cdubhochman

    im in the felonys fuck thm misdemedors
    haha this shits real

  67. Tommy Solace


  68. shawn meshell


  69. DiEGO2DaBAY

    WE MISS YOU DRE !!!!

  70. 602_southsideposse


  71. Bleepbloopbleep

    On my next project ima do it about him

  72. NativeNaziViking

    god i been lookin for this song for fuckin ever finaly found it.... the only words i could remember was dream scheme...... fuck finally

  73. chris77jay77

    I'm the whitest person you ever met. I got no business bein' on this page, but I'm gonna tell ya straight up, man, Mac Dre is my favorite rapper of all time. Been listenin to him since like 01.

  74. 408ezekiel

    we gon leave him leaking in the aisle

  75. steezuschrist

    song goes so fucking hard

  76. phronēsis + nous

    @notoalpena it's "blowing 1/8ths at her house"

  77. JosephO75

    his best song

  78. Chloe Trujillo

    only one who can take the ice cream truck song and make it cool

  79. J henny

    so catchy haha i miss mac dre

  80. Shawna M

    happy dre day

  81. Tristan Fx

    no, this is not Insane Clown Posse. Dude?

  82. Cheque lopez

    fuck im trying to look for the instrumental to dis song but i cant find it!

  83. Joseph Malone

    who is shannon ? who is gannon? idont kno w waht hes sayin

    Socorro LeRoux

    Joseph Malone Shannon Sharpe and Rich Gannon. Former NFL players.

  84. Wasp Killa

    @TheArtNike i got it haheah

  85. Kotze Petkov

    instrumental plzzzzzz

  86. Jewels

    when i can find instrumental?

  87. GotDaHersheySquirts

    dude thatd be an awesome video.

  88. pwnme

    Mac dre, tupac and soon 50 cent will all be hanging out in bora bora.

  89. 2trips

    yep, this the original.
    the beat was borrowed for the other one.

  90. seth bosco

    it`s called livin it u talking bout the lynch dre song i got the cd case if front of me

  91. Sreggaematic09


  92. David Cassaro

    This song is actually called Livin It.

  93. Jessie Davee

    this songs acutally called ice cream but no biggy, this song is still the shit no matter what u call it

  94. letherneck14

    fuk da east bay south bay nikka and yea fuk squares

  95. takingofthedays.

    thizz or die u bz!

    fuck squares

  96. chillahassey

    the second verse is so catchy ahhhh can't stop singin it in my head now lol

    thanks for uploading, haven't heard this in like 2 years

  97. moi132

    are u fucking retarded get yo pill poopin tweakin ass out of here wit dat shit TREES da way go you little ho

  98. mixumup1

    real shit music... cant knock it