Mac DeMarco - Ode To Viceroy Lyrics

Viceroy, early in the morning
Just trying to let the sun in and open up my eyes
Viceroy, as it's getting later
Heading for the corner, already running dry

And, oh, don't let me see you crying
'Cause, oh honey, I'll smoke you 'til I'm dying

Viceroy, don't take me for a fool now
I'm only trying to calm down just trying to keep it cool
Viceroy, as it's getting later
Heading for the corner, I'm leaving it to you

And, oh, don't let me see you crying
'Cause, oh honey, I'll smoke you 'til I'm dying

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Mac DeMarco Ode To Viceroy Comments
  1. WhenYoure AStranger

    Oh hell yeah

  2. Matilda Urbina

    I love it

  3. the star of dave Thompson

    "Drake's cake"

  4. Miss D

    I hope every moment in my life would be as Im in your concert

  5. Mario Hernandez

    Saca la mota Mac

  6. Miguel Angel Cuadros Bueno

    What genre is this?

  7. peppa pig is queen

    **A E S T H E T I C C A N C E R**

  8. Jude Breheny

    2:50 Skip back by 5 seconds during his solo and it will sound like nothing changed.

  9. Nick Johnson

    My grandfather smoked Viceroy... My favorite memories are smoking Viceroys with him at 3am and shooting the shit... And by shooting the shit I mean we would smoke and not talk

  10. the star of dave Thompson

    "Jesus changes his name to Blesus!"

  11. josh rich

    i want this song playing at my funeral

  12. You Yin


  13. Rickey Allen

    this video is like the only video that makes me wanna buy a pack of newport's

    actually nah fuck cigs I tried them and they suck ass

  14. JonathanTx

    Who else here in December 2019

    N. Putri

    Me me me

  15. Iffat Anwar

    (Insert 'I met him' comment)

  16. Sherman Swanson

    Christ I quit 2 years ago and I still cant listen to this song without desperately wanting to go back to it. I feel like it captures the love affair I had with nicotine so fucking perfectly.

  17. hidden

    Pretty sure this is the greatest song ever made

  18. Jesus Christ

    Thank you Emma for showing me this song

  19. Mutlu Ayaztaş

    Friends: how did you quit smoking ?
    Me: 3:45

  20. D G

    Too cute to get COPD, hunny

  21. Pet Shark

    it fills my soul

  22. Cooper Wilkinson

    Hey this guy sounds like Mac demarco

  23. William White

    Just vape! Problem solved.

  24. Harry Baker

    Cool this

  25. frank sanders

    We weren’t ready for you 7 years ago but I think it’s time!

  26. Sandor “the Hound” Clegane

    I forgot how much this song makes me happy

  27. Berkutay Korkmaz

    istanbul konserinde viceroy çalarken mac'a sigara fırlatan tayfaya selam olsun

  28. ちん風亭ちんぽう太

    i always smoke my ciga and weed while listen to this badass song

    Joe Mama

    ちん風亭ちんぽう太 I too smoke cigas. People who don’t should be fucking executed.

  29. the star of dave Thompson

    "puzzled peace"

  30. MoroseLoki C.A.

    This some spongebob shite. I love it.

    Joe Mama

    MoroseLoki C.A. Gary come home

  31. Joa Román

    I like mac and the song, but they disgustingly promote the cigar

  32. M e l x n e s

    Check also

  33. Ruth Rosario

    SHITT,This song transport me to Brooklyn every fucking time

  34. Grecia Jiménez

    Never forget the nice habits

  35. Arantxa Aguilera

    aw man i freakin love this dude

  36. Cristian Sanchez

    One of my favorite songs by Mac

  37. D T

    Its 2019 and it’s crazy when I think about how sad this song is but it makes me happy still

  38. Daniel Montoya

    He’s in a relationship with 🚬

  39. YahYah



    it reminds me Gorillaz ...but this is better

  41. Luke Iverson

    Is it bad that I want to smoke viceroys now

  42. Connor MacArthur

    0.5 speed = time and space bending

  43. Kek5kopF

    I love this shit

  44. Cambs TV

    This song like a mix between him and Suffer Little Children by the Smiths.

  45. Chronic Masterbater

    I get trailer park boys vide out of this

  46. Pablo JR. Cuevas.


  47. JDeyverson Soares

    E o cigarrinho ligado

  48. Devilman1977

    Man this guy has really grown on me.

  49. Victor Santiago

    Aaaaa orale va

  50. Wild Tokar

    Музыка моей юности
    beatiful ;-)

  51. Rob cris Burch lorcan

    No fumes p0rr0s
    Mejor fumate esta rola nene

  52. Robert Makins

    The hero we didn't know we needed.

  53. Big Dick

    I don't like cigarettes, but i wanna smoke hearing demarco's music

  54. Javier Ruiz

    Anybody else high af right now


    He really looks like a Volvo driver :)

  56. Meetra Surrik

    Best advert ever!

  57. TheAudiots

    This song’s little chorus riff melody tugs at my heart strings every time. :'( Mac has definitely inspired me and my band with the way we write music. We recently put out new music on our channel and people are really digging it. You guys should come check it out. You won't regret it. ;)


    TheAudiots what’s one of the most Mac DeMarco inspired songs on your channel?

  58. mastergmoore

    Me, in college starving my ass off, haven't listened to Mac Demarco since probably like 2016/17. In college studying for spanish. hears 3:33.
    Me: fuck am I that hungry what noises are these lol

  59. Gp Pa

    Smoking is stupid.

  60. Paulo Victor

    Just watch the comments...

  61. TMC jonnyy

    What music genre is this

    Rollin Rocker



    If y’all like Mac, check out Jonathan K... he’s poppin’ off

  63. Definitely not a robot

    wiceroje czerwone poprosze

  64. Alberto BQ

    mac decancer.

  65. depressogirl

    Always vibin with Mac 💕

  66. iluvnoah

    I was born in the right generation.

  67. Dixie Witch

    i feel like this could be a vintage smoking commercial and i love it

  68. SecretDoor666

    Esta canción me incita a fumar, JAJAAJA

  69. woden vg

    Mi Dios❤

  70. Gone Snowy

    21 seconds into the song I yell ,“ VICEROYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” every fucking time

  71. Oabile Gower

    Skeif hoo!

  72. Jay Keating

    Literally the best song in the world mate

  73. Brandon Wilson

    Thumbs up if you were also at the party when he put all those things in his butt.

  74. Condenado

    Viceroys are Ight. They’re fuckin expensive too. When I lived in Canada they were 13.00$ Du Maurie is where it’s at.

  75. Josh Ayala

    Perfect with my early morning folgers and hamiltons

  76. Massimo Amato

    This song is not a glorification of smoking. Notice the skull singing the lyrics as well as the shot right after of Mac smoking a cig. This is totally one of Mac’s best songs!

  77. beablu


  78. Lakea

    Jschlatt brought me here

  79. Pickle

    "2012 was the best year for music in the first two decades of the new millenium" - future documentary about the year 2012

  80. Austin Hill

    Quite possibly the best cigarette advertisment

  81. Hanif Zaini Abdullah

    144p for better experiences.

  82. Phoenix Mason

    Wow this feels like so old already lol

  83. Jack Miller

    I think this part is what ilumination hears like

  84. maria fernanda

    i LOVE THIS SIS💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  85. Renthal Haynes

    mom came in on me while i was in the ceiling.

  86. Gael Alexis Ramirez

    N I C E : D

  87. Scameffect

    Dislikes are : doctors, highly Christian people and caring moms and dads


    hey his mom is nice lmao


    I mean pretty much

    This channel does not exist.

    "highly christian people" could you elaborate

  88. Hector Santander

    There is nothing like having a cup of coffee while I smoke a cigarette while listening to this song doing my hobbies.

  89. Shiro

    I like listen to this while I smoke

  90. Juan Vallejo martinez

    Como se llama el filtro del video?

  91. strangebrew420

    "what happened to real music?"

    It's out there, you just have to find it yourself, it's not spoonfed to you like it was in the 20th century

  92. Jack Miller

    This is so so contagious and chilling omgggg I'm so high

    Jack Miller

    Yes this is

  93. Jordan daneil chicksen

    Mac is crazy for putting scenes from anti-smoking PSA in this video!

  94. Mamasita

    What kind of camera /editing do they use on these videos? I’d love to make something similar

    Mani Motard

    Fish eye lense Brahman 🤙

  95. Grant Hooper


  96. bri w.

    Mac is my daddy

  97. Maxbotnick

    Smoking a lollipop stick RN

  98. 田中家守


    Viceroy, early in the morning
    Just trying to let the sun in and open up my eyes
    Viceroy, as it's getting later
    Heading for the corner, already running dry

    And, oh, don't let me see you crying
    'Cause, oh honey, I'll smoke you 'til I'm dying

    Viceroy, don't take me for a fool now
    I'm only trying to calm down just trying to keep it cool
    Viceroy, as it's getting later
    Heading for the corner, I'm leaving it to you

    And, oh, don't let me see you crying
    'Cause, oh honey, I'll smoke you 'til I'm dying