Mac DeMarco - Annie Lyrics

Annie knows when it's me
Knows how I'm feeling and gives me her healing
Oh Annie, sit down beside me
Let me confide in you, you know when I'm blue
You know when I'm lonely and, honey, I'm lonely

I'm going down, going down, going down, going down

Annie, daddy won't let me
Daddy won't let me go and that's why I feel so low
Oh Annie, sit down beside me
Let me confide in you, you know when I'm blue
You know when I'm lonely and, honey, I'm lonely

I'm going down, going down, going down, going down

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Mac DeMarco Annie Comments
  1. trevor costello

    Just want to announce this... Annie is a psilocybin mushroom. A migic mushroom. In case ya
    'All were not aware.

  2. Diogenes' Lantern

    Too many idiots don't realize that this is about alcoholism. It's quite obvious from the "reverse" sounding guitar part, and the lyrics.

  3. fcccomenter

    He needs to cover anna (go to him)

  4. Jamie Ure

    I cant seem to find A N N I E

  5. ownerslament

    I lived with a girl named Annie , always could talk to her and had this weird relationship with and lost her forever
    Forever goinnn downnn

  6. ShareEndorphins l

    Thats intro is amazing!!!

  7. Emil Belaccio

    NRMAL 2013, Mty, MX. On the poor secured backstage, was Mac walking around after his show, then a friend and I saw him and call him throug the fence, he didn't think twice and start to walk toward us, secretly on the dark, just the three of us, kindly share some words and shake our hands, was a great impression to me, what a great guy. That day we go to nrmal fest and his music was unknown to me, I wish I had enjoyed his act a little more, but after that day, he left me with a great love for his music and a human moment that i will never forget

  8. Blazingbag 4200

    I love this man ✌️

  9. Marcos Ceglán

    Annie are u ok?

  10. ale

    sounds like pro ana lingo

  11. Mattie Tanner

    Annie = drug?

  12. Mattie Tanner

    I adore this 😭😍😍😍


    Sounds like a track The Stranglers would play. Love it

  14. allgoraro

    my son introduced this to me. Thank you, son!

  15. GamerPlayerHater Hester rester

    Sounds like ita going backwards in some parts

  16. Jack Auld

    Does anyone know the origins/ meaning behind the song?

  17. Dr Lecter

    Annie M7.

  18. Gus Motherwell

    Wouldn’t this song sounds good on a microtonal guitar

  19. Isadora Lima

    it realy looks like Cream

  20. Maureen Dunn

    Wit dees nuts

  21. Maureen Dunn

    On Annie I'm gonna come up strong in ya mouth

  22. Zachariah Van Ruiten

    Had a girlfriend for 4 years. Her name was Anna, I would replace “Annie” with her name. I remember summer of 2014, I dedicated this song to her and we always vibes to it. We broke up May of this year, song is still great nonetheless.

  23. Timbo Rudy

    I'm g
    I'm go
    I'm goi
    I'm goin
    I'm going
    I'm going d
    I'm going do
    I'm going dow
    I'm going down
    I'm going dow
    I'm going do
    I'm going d
    I'm going
    I'm goin
    I'm goi
    I'm go
    I'm g

  24. Timbo Rudy


  25. _23Nostalgia _

    Bella Hadid brought me here! Like if you agree 🤟🏼🖤

  26. Camila Garcia

    Bella Hadid?🚶

  27. Annie Parkes

    My name is Annie :,)

  28. Eduarda Andrade

    amoooo demais

  29. Selia Martinez

    Annie knows when it's me
    Knows how I'm feeling and gives me her healing
    Oh Annie, sit down beside me
    Let me confide in you, you know when I'm blue
    You know when I'm lonely and, honey, I'm lonely

    I'm going down, going down, going down, going down

    Annie, daddy won't let me
    Daddy won't let me go and that's why I feel so low
    Oh Annie, sit down beside me
    Let me confide in you, you know when I'm blue
    You know when I'm lonely and, honey, I'm lonely

    I'm going down, going down, going down, going down

  30. FLY AWAY

    This is so frking awesome yeaaaaa freakin cool like yess heck yea specially when that distortion reversed music plays or whatever lol freakin cool

  31. luisa agudelo

    if this was a smell it would smell like a swimming pool

    Big C

    luisa agudelo ammonia. ;)


    Is this a complement or an insult


    @LargePlop yes

  32. Charls //

    I'm going down.

  33. tohnk

    I like how he said hes going down but hes really actually going up?

  34. annie young

    i literally only listened to this song because its my name but honestly im in love with it

  35. Brandon Traver

    this sounds like the ren and stimpy intro

  36. Andreas Mp

    The following recording of moving visual images is a truly magnificent and astonishing sight to gaze my ocular lenses upon. Salutations from the geographic latitude of 41°00'0.00" and longtitude 20°00'0.00" E being also familiar to a significant percentage of the living population as Albania

  37. lovessucker x

    daddy wont let me go and thats why i feel so low...

  38. Doicomeoff SB

    esta re drogon este tema

  39. Ian Edwards

    how's annie??

  40. Robert Hkyeng

    I found tgis amazing artist because of Poppy's Cover.


    Little Sunshine same :')

  41. BornDante

    God fucking damn her name is Annie

  42. Gawen Breteche

    Definitely some influence from the Beatle's 'Anna' from Please Please Me. Great song though!

    Jungle Ninja

    But so don't remind me of any Beatles just sounds original

  43. Abstract Mind

    You can tell Mac was heavily influenced by the grateful dead

  44. Malibooyah

    Had a cat named Annie; can't not think about that kitty when I hear this. :') this that jam

  45. J E

    this is nice

  46. obnoxious prick

    Who's Annie? The chorus leads me to believe it's a nickname for a drug. Or, Annie is a friend that he tripped with. Idk, maybe it has nothing to do with psychedelics. But that chorus gives me a contact high. Anyone have any info?

    Alex Garcia

    Its alcohol

    Anny JaDí

    I think the same, it's definitely a drug

    Aaron Marshall


    Big C

    Pygmalion - Anhydrous Ammonia (i.e., meth)

    Jamie Ure

    A C I D

  47. blakbl akblak

    those fucking chord progressions

  48. Eleck

    soy yo o esa wea se mueve ????

  49. Anne Madden

    This is my favorite Mac Demarco song partially because my name is Annie but mostly because it is a nice nice song.

    Annie Westerman

    same :-)

    Annel Alcantara

    aren't you anne? no i? lol

    William Cox

    I actually met "Annie." She's a pretty cool girl.

    Annel Alcantara

    we all are

  50. Victor Tr

    oh annie, let me come find in you

    Victor Tr

    +Philip Lawrence I know maaaann but I thought it was cool to make some changes


    +Victor Traest grammatically, your sentence makes 0 sense at all

    Victor Tr

    +Buller which one? the comment itself or the comment about the comment xpxd


    What I meant was "come find in you" makes no sense :)

    Drew Richardson

    already found her lol

  51. Annabanana

    It's like he's singing to me ! Welp that's off my bucket list hah


    I like your username




    +Annebannan wtf's happening here

  52. Autumn Silva

    Anyone know a tab for the intro???

    Christopher McCann

    Autumn Silva ultimate guitar has a good one

  53. Bree Bennet

    Got your back Mac great tunes.

  54. Murdoch Harris’s Autology [Moribund Institute]

    C'est ma copine.

  55. Marcos Solar

    Soy el me gusta numero 900 ! Awaaaaantiiaaaaaa ! jajajjajaja

  56. Left Leg

    oh Annie

  57. Eddie Sierra

    my girlfriend's name lmao

    Eddie Sierra

    @Ricardo Galo you're absolutely right, fuck her

    Safto Vooey


    Safto Vooey

    Holy shit, this made me laugh way too hard.


    Lmao damn

  58. Ryan Morin

    Gotta say after listening to Mac for a decent while now. Mac 2 is my fave album.


    Ryan Morin right

    Jon Demarco

    Mine too

  59. Gabriel Yhamel

    I'm going down....

  60. Andrés Poiré Couto

    Mac I love you.

  61. Foolish Swami

    I'm going down...


    Foolish Swami 2

    Jungle Ninja

    I'm only going down now see you there brother

  62. jaralloxd

    1:16 Binding Of Isaac? :o


    +braun80bbjamas "Buy the album..." JK, I don't know

  63. Monleon Q

    @venessa sausage

  64. phasmatodea1

    I hope Mac makes music until the day he dies… MORE MORE!!!! I love his music so much!

    Martin Anthonio16

    I hope he dies early, so he becomes Legends, next to Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon


    you sure about that chief ?

    pottu lol

    @Martin Anthonio16 the fuck, man

  65. WesPez Productions

    Intro sounds like Grateful Dead

    George Davis

    Mac is a big grateful dead fan.


    +George Davis who isn't?


    Me, they sound too lazily constructed to me.


    listen to the live shows and the endless jamming, how is that lazy construction?

    Jimmy Biggums

    Iamhereblossom “lazy constructed” HAHAHAHA The Grateful Dead Live at Avalon Ballroom on 1968-10-12 on listen to whole show or jam-drums-jam and tell me that’s “lazy construction”. Oh don’t forget to spark a fat j to make the show a lot better!

  66. paulstubeable

    @cooperlatimer awesome

  67. James Choe

    secxy asf

  68. BDG BDG

    this song....mind blown....

  69. RObert Paulson

    -feels so psychedelic 


    +Robert Paulson Eh, only slightly. Just kidding around. It does for sure brother.

    RockaBilly Rhino

    Slightlydelic don't be silly now. shush yourself boi

  70. James Graves Jr.



    @Jameren Gamersen FUCKY AS FUNK


    +ElmoWorld FUCKAS F YUNK

  71. Fionn McLaughlin

    The intro is miraculous

  72. Annie Solano

    My name is Annie :)


    damn, you cute


    Germán Buttazzoni gay

    moms against -blank-

    you’ve got a nice name :D

  73. cooperlatimer

    i was dating this girl named cami and she lived about three hours by bus from me and whenever i would go see her i would listen to this song and replace annie with cami.  we broke up on our one month anniversary

    si, tea

    @Miss Tahoe89 i do the same guit evri song but i replace et with peña

    Big Bud

    Lol damn you werent even together for a month? Highschool romance much? Or your just terrible at life? Ive been dating my latest girlfriend for over three years

    Will Hincks

    @Big Bud ❌ DOUBT

    Ficción de lo real

    cooperlatimer so stupid hahaha anniversary means cycle Year , maybe you want said first/Last random date hahaha

  74. gabrielamonken

    My favourite Mac song!

  75. chiara3000

    Nice, it has a really funky feel to it

  76. Gabriel Oliveira

    aew ana vai se foder pq vc não me ama?


    Gabriel Oliveira não sou a Ana mas te amo<3


    não sou Ana, mas não te amo

  77. theCrpldOrphnPrjct

    Mac really has a unique take on what a love song is. I don't think I've ever heard anyone who writes from the perspective that he does. Luckily he's on a roll; Salad Days was a mind-melting album so I've no doubt he'll put out at least a few more :) 

    David C

    Looks like you were wrong.

    Clean Water

    David C sadly to say

    Father Karl

    David C partially. This old dog and another one is enough

  78. Collin Wicker

    Yes! So funky.


    Fes! So yunky.

  79. Scott Mon

    Lou Reed

    Logan Blasdell

    If Lou Reed had a bigger cock

  80. theCrpldOrphnPrjct

    Who the fuck is this INSANE guy and where can i get all of his fucking music? This song literally gave me a hardon. Its so cool!!!! 

    Eugenio Conti

    +theCrpldOrphnPrjct all in the title my friend


    Exactly how I felt the first time I listened to Mac's music <3

  81. o dessa

    i love u

    Ágata Odara

    o dessa i love you too

  82. Keyser Soze

    if you find out let me know

  83. Andrew

    I always got the vibe it was about his guitar!

  84. Fintan Walsh

    For some reason, I think he's talking about his dog.

    Diogenes' Lantern

    Fintan Walsh alcohol...

  85. Thando 'Bugsy Valentine' Filtane

    sweet. mac demarco.

  86. Chris Parks

    wish i had the tabs on this. i love it.

  87. Hotel Lima

    Good song. 1:09 reminds me of the chauffer by duran duran