Mac, Annah - Girl In Stilettos Lyrics

[Verse #1]
Powerlines, Pohutukawa trees
Make an inbetween for everything I own
Got my license on the third time
Travelling down the gravel that really is a main road
People stare, sun in my hair
Window down, feel like something off a movie
Girl dreaming of her big break and all the money she'll make
(Saving money up for next year)

They're watching me
On the big stage, red, green and mellow
Young and free
Turn the lights on me, take three
Oh, but all they see is a girl in stilettos
When all I want is to get up there and sing

[Verse #2]
Thank God I don't smoke anymore
Leaves me one less thing to hide
And I don't really miss the 1950s fishermen
Trying to chat me up outside
I see people's stares, feel my own tears
Looking down it's like they all just wanna do me
Mr Understanding pulls up a chair, puts a hand on my shoulder
(Let me buy your next beer)

They're watching me
On the big stage, red, green and mellow
Young and free
Turn the lights on me, take three
Oh, but all they see is a girl in stilettos
When all I want is to get up there and sing

[Verse #3]
Three Februaries feels like a century
And things are spinning way out of control
Oh, you tell me wait a while but I'm not gonna smile
I've decided you're an asshole
People stare, sun in my hair
Window down and I'm watching lots of movies
Still dreaming of the big break and all the money can wait
(I'm saving up for next year)

They're watching me
On the big stage, red, green and mellow
Young and free
Turn the lights on me, take three
Oh, but all they see is a girl in stilettos
When all I want is to get up there and sing

La, da, da, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da

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Mac, Annah Girl In Stilettos Comments

    Reminds me when I got my first car.. pumping this CD lol..

  2. Jazz Rayne

    My search to find this song after 7 years was “new zealand female singer red dress old people bowls club” and wow google did not fail me 😂😂👍🏽

    CrowN _TRTS

    I have been cut off this song for 7 years and I was always trying to find it. Thanks to tvnz duke music I found it. 2020 has been a good start for meh

    Well slightly cause imma go in surgery soon

  3. Annabel Woodbury

    I can’t believe I have actually met her and got her audio graph! I even got a picture she’s sooo nice! And of course I love this song so much!!!!!!! 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠

  4. RJ Moore

    Sad this song didn't go further. Catchy with melody and a great hook. If you change the lyrics to dude in stilettos great too.

  5. Aaliyah Jackson

    Hey girl i heard that U working with my brother Mack🖤 you sound so lovely! Love Ur voice so much 😍

  6. Annabel Woodbury

    I can’t believe I was lucky enough to met her she is sooo incredible!!!

  7. LeGeNd MoHi

    Any kiwis here in 2019

  8. Pum Baz

    I didn't know this was a nz song

  9. Lucy Chisholm

    yooooooooooo this is my Maori teacher.... she slayinggggggg!!!!!!!!

  10. Josefa Bauer

    2019 anyone??? 😄😄

  11. tiare hapuku

    2019 YES KIWI

  12. Barry Brown

    After this video all the old timers started their own group called Hip Operations, they huge in the states.

  13. Chandi Karunaratne

    you are amazing annah from rehansa at clinton school

  14. Wiggy McDoll

    Noel fielding looks good in a red dress.

  15. Emma Mae

    Remember listening to this when I was young, always loved it

  16. AndyPantz89

    Hey Anna Mac, 2006 play it strange. Blue Butterfly, amazing song. I was on there too with 'can't you face the facts '. Good job to both of us! You're amazing!

  17. Tomoya Okazaki

    2019 anyone? Can’t believe I heard this song when I was 10, now I’m almost 19... time flys man

  18. yee

    I used to live where she used to, but then she moved, and I remember i got so sad cause she was the bomb and she did workshops for my school, but then a week later we moved to near where she lives now. And I'm getting 5 private workshops with her for Christmas and I'm so happy

  19. Terrible

    Sad thing is most of the people in this video are dead now.

    Mista Ballista

    That's just terrible

  20. Teori Johnson

    love the song not the vid

  21. Autumn Brown

    Still my JAM to this day. Love it Annah Mac 💕😍

  22. Elvis presley and his girlfriend julie locke wendy

    And plus you can't date a girl THAT YOUNG

  23. Elvis presley and his girlfriend julie locke wendy

    I'm from London and I know her
    Love it this song remines me of my ex boyfriend

  24. Kimberley FERNANDEZ

    I don't get the video, but love it!!!!! Where my kiwis at???

  25. Isaac Smith

    I don't know how bowls works so the end is kind of a guessing game for me

  26. Molly Webley

    Go kiwis!!!! 😍 New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. emu the moon bear

    Yesss NZ

  28. Shoota Ballinger

    I want to join this club. Sorry Annah as it's the guy with the white glove, he's tops. Team WhiteGlove

  29. Libby Begg

    I love you

  30. Hayley Bennett

    Whos from newzealand nelson

  31. yrblue

    This song is so dopeeeeee

  32. David Steer

    New world brought me here

  33. Rahat Tesfaldet

    Girl you rock

  34. Mike Harrison

    Kiwi UP!

  35. First Name Surname

    Love 1/07/12

  36. Savannah Clark

    This used to be my favorite song when I was like nine omg omg

  37. Georgie McLean

    Annah mac came to my school and signed my pencil case haha

  38. Jada Grayling

    This was my 9 year old shit! 6 years later...

  39. Mauro Gonzalo

    Lily Allen?

  40. o l l i d o l l

    Her and Lily Allen should sing together yaya jammin

  41. Sxhara

    i met her yesterday!

    Bri Daneile

    Sxhara she’s my Maori teacher

  42. Mackenzie Mcleod

    thanks for coming to my school

  43. McDonald Wifi

    Me too girl, got my license on the third try.

  44. Mokochino08

    Actually loving this song :-)

  45. Quaiton Mcfarland

    chur churr

  46. chloe

    I listened to this song ages ago, and I wanted to find it again, Finally!

  47. Hiddle Diddle

    I've been looking for this song four 5 years and I just found it 20 minitues ago I'm so happy and this is my fave song

    Quaiton Mcfarland

    Same lol

  48. Charlotte Owen

    where my kiwis at? 😁

    Mista Ballista

    Sorry I'm late but I'm here now

    tim deavin

    We are here

  49. Harry Pryer

    I've been looking for this song for four years. i forgot the name, the lyrics and the artist. all i remembered was the video but i could never find it. i am so happy right now

    Patrick Boyes

    omg same for me, i heard this song on the radio at the dog pound and havent heard it since and all i knew was 'young and free' 'pohutukawa trees'

  50. Hemi

    cant believe how shit this is lol

  51. baguette thought

    I had to listen to it 6 times to hear the 'asshole'

  52. Mark Greer

    quality kiwi music at its best.

  53. ojt169

    1:13 is John Key in the future

    Amelie Spinks

    So true

    Hiddle Diddle

    ojt169 Productions aye 😂😂

    I get it lol

  54. ojt169

    I remember this song used to be the shit

  55. Edward Jermendi

    this was my shit 4 years ago lmao

    Mista Ballista

    One of my guilty pleasure songs lmao

  56. Ben J

    I love you Annah!!!!

  57. azzy snow

    I ♥ This song so much

  58. Cate Whelan

    She comes to our school and does singing lesions with us hehe <3

  59. kydn oof

    I've never heard this song until now and I love it

  60. VanorstusTV

    how does this only have 300k views this is an amazing song

    Fergus Armour

    VanorstusTV the bigger question is how does she have less then 1000 subs?

    Hiddle Diddle

    VanorstusTV yeh ik I love this song so much I. addicted to it 😂😂

    Emma Gerrand

    VanorstusTV ikr

  61. Tianna Madison

    Omg I remember listening to this song years ago I always wanted to know what it was called haha

    Junhyeok Lee

    Same here haha


    Lol same

  62. Ali Ce


  63. 9000 FluffyFlowers

    I love Annah Mac - She's my Dream girl hehe. <3 From Auckland :)

  64. Paul Rajic

    She had way more subs when she made this song

    Billy Lewis

    people unsubscribed when they heard it

  65. Dick Harder

    SICk joint! That electric guitar riff is subtle but effective, and the percussion pattern is nice and Hip Hop with that deep kick. Nice work to the sister from Aotearoa ;)

  66. Marysia Karpierz

    Ale jesteś brzydka masakra

  67. Viv Ruth

    Brook Fraser is best female Kiwi songwriter hands down

  68. Viv Ruth

    Hey there

  69. Nina Baskov

    Does she have UK accent??'

    Jonno Lawn

    +Nina Baskov Nz

    Rawinia Tipene

    New Zealand Accent

  70. Shane Kaio

    Im a kiwi to my sis went to high school with her shes so cool!!

  71. God of Laziness

    Lol love this song havent heard this 4eva

    Eli gasolo

    +God of Laziness i know u AWESOME

    God of Laziness

    @cheniqua gasolo lol I know im awesome

    Eli gasolo

    Uh im awesome not u amika is lazy =p


    wonder what shes up to now

    Samantha Veale

    +MIKE HUYGGHES She released a new song last month :)

  73. Boyd Clark

    great vid.funny shit.Love Anna Mac

  74. Viv Ruth

    1:13 John Keys brother!!!

    Philadelphia Mete-Kingi

    +birdstuckinchimney hahaha yasss!!!

  75. Queenie Kepoor

    Kind of surprised they didn't play rugby in here xDDDD

  76. annelise luna bech

    Omg I love her work she is amazing I am a kiwi born and raised in the proud country that has Anna Mac, Lorde, Gin Wigmore & Ginny Blackmore all amazing female nz signers I love

    tama fenton

    Yeah I'm Kiwi Born Too.
    We Also have Stan Walker & Alot of Nz Famous Dancers

    Elly Robinson

    I know she's so great she is my singing mentor we writs songs together I'm only 12 too go anna

    Viv Ruth

    +Elly Robinson I'm only 7 and me and her make out in the back seat of my dads car and stuff

    Joshua Sidi Munan

    Annelise Luna Bech dont forget flight of the concords

  77. Cheyenne

    Still love this song after 3 years of it being made.
    Go kiwis

  78. Waffle Cone

    Phan Girling brought me here


    +Hermione Weasley same

    Hey Hello

    Hee hee same

    Sianna Scale

    Ayyyy Phamily

    Deborah Huang

    +Hermione Weasley Which video??

    Viv Ruth

    Philadelphia Mete-Kingi brought me here

  79. Paramorian Infinite


  80. Paramorian Infinite


  81. motu aiafi

    I went to this place before

  82. Anastasia Amor

    Catchy Tune lol :)

  83. Anna Butterflyee

    Love this song so much

  84. Abi Addis

    all bowling clubs hav dat one pervy guy lol

  85. Leah Gray

    Good times

  86. AJStuff

    my fav song :)

  87. theophania

    Love this!

  88. Salem

    I can't get this tune out of my head ... 

  89. Pieter Gustavus Harmszoon de Fartie

    Great song, great vid too, nice flow and lyrics this song has got it, you deserve better, this would be a hit in UK

  90. Memphis Duff

    1:25 dem ware house shoes sough

  91. Lisa

    Dis is my fave

  92. Brendon Walton

    Next time u do a bowls video anna.... im keen to star

    Clive Walton

    she might of been happy tooooooo see someone younger

  93. Tinn Wins

    She looks so Kiwi girl lol

  94. xDealah

    i use to do singing with anna in whyndam with her sisters :) you have gone far over the years

  95. divaantae jordan

    kia ora bro

  96. spotty dotty

    Boom, I'm a New Zealander too!