Mabey, Stephanie - Wake Up Dreaming Lyrics

He sells office supplies in his name tag and tie
Oh, they complete his secret identity
Unknowing citizens shop for ballpoint pens
To them he's just the guy who rings them up

And he can't shake the feeling that this whole world's asleep
He's full of vision no one else can see
But soon he'll make it real 'cause he knows how to keep believing
Wake up dreaming

On fifteen minute breaks, he fills his sketchbook page with
Characters sworn to protect the earth
And they save human kind from evil masterminds
They're his only hope in a sea of envelopes

And he can't shake the feeling that this whole world's asleep
He's full of vision no one else can see
But soon he'll make it real 'cause he knows how to keep believing
Wake up dreaming

And he keeps sketching fire escapes and back doors
Knows there's got to be more to his life

'Cause he can't shake the feeling that this whole world's asleep
He's full of vision no one else can see
But soon he'll make it real 'cause he knows how to keep believing
Wake up dreaming

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Mabey, Stephanie Wake Up Dreaming Comments
  1. eddwayne

    Brought here by kwame rigii, wow then this song ..

  2. SafeRouteDown

    Been listening since 2011 and it's still wild to me that one of my favorite songs has so little attention. Whenever I need hope, I sing this in my car.

  3. Beep Beep Lettuce

    You’re so talented eeeeeeeee 💗

    Can you post the piano chords pleasseee

  4. 김찬진


  5. trashcanfullofsoil

    Saw your name in a magazine for a pizza place gotta say 10/10 less douchy then I thought.

  6. Jasmine Solis

    You’re so amazing

  7. ten pajonk


  8. Emily Marie Art

    I love your voice and the video editing!

  9. alkoholizer \m/


  10. alex williams

    epic singing voice. she should try and get on the x-factor she should become famous :P she's that good

  11. Juan Mendoza

    How is it that I just saw this video! beautiful talent! You are the best!

  12. Julie Cook

    You have a gift! You combine notes that have a minor, somber tone yet the lyrics are so positive and uplifting! It feels like real life...struggling to maintain a vision as we face rough spots. I love the lasting impact your songs have on my thoughts and feelings!

  13. Adam Amott

    I just listened to this like five times in a row. Amazing talent! Thanks for this!

  14. lahi403

    I am so amazingly in love with your lyrics and your dulcet voice singing those lyrics. There's not a day my kids and I go for a drive that we are not listening to you in the process. You're truly my favorite artist...not ONE of my favorites, but my absolute favorite. Please continue sharing your music with those of us lucky enough to know of you. (I share on my social media hoping others I know will adore you, too, so fingers crossed)


    I completely just fangirled all over the place! I did, really, it was rather embarrassing. I wasn't exaggerating when I said you are absolutely my favorite. My 17 year old daughter introduced me to you via The Zombie Song, and that was pretty much it. I'm sitting here doing schoolwork (returning for Master's), and you play in the background to keep me from losing my cool. I sound like my 17 year old daughter now. But really, you're amazing. I'll shut up now.


    I'm just going to say thank you, and you're welcome, and try to retain my adulthood in some form. I am a dignified adult. I am a dignified adult. I am a dignified adult ;)

    Truly looking forward to new music from you. I'll soak it up, too.

  15. Paul Jensen

    Love it!  Great talent!

  16. Angel Taz

    Story of my life. lol.

  17. Gigi Copeland

    Stephanie keep writing songs! I miss you. I listen to all of your songs every day because they are brilliant! Thanks, gigi

  18. tele

    cool song, cool video, cool text, beautiful motive
    * but zombies are not enjoyable :(   ...not all

    Lumi Quartz

    I think you may have commented on the wrong video

  19. Ryan Davis

    Come back 2 years later and this song is still perfection :)

  20. Greg Butcher

    Beautiful song, very very talented Steph.

  21. Jessica Harpers

    Awshum I love it

  22. herewegoagain

    So, I saw this about a year and a half ago but then completely forgot about it. I woke up from an amazing dream yesterday morning with this song stuck in my head, I only knew the 'Wake up dreaming' parts of this song,so I searched those three little words and fell back in love with your amazing music. Thank You, Stephanie!

  23. Lesa Sanders

    Your vioce is amazing and unique. I have never found anouther singer who beats your work in music. Keep up the great job. I would to see were this leads you. :D

  24. TonytheCapeGuy

    My friend and I were hangin' out, and for something interesting to do she and I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, sharing stuff we've seen that the other had not.

    She showed me your Zombie song, and I decided to look at some other stuff of yours. I have reached the conclusion that I shall subscribe for these reasons:

    -You have a very pretty voice. :) It reminds me of, and yet is still distinct from, Regina Spektor.
    -You seem like a nice person. ^_^
    -I would love to see what happens next. :D

  25. B Powers

    ((Slow clap)) That was... wow.

  26. Ryan Davis

    You have such a unique voice; it's amazing!

  27. micheal davis

    a coworker of mine told me to listen to this song. and i see why he did now. it sounds exactly like me...

  28. DrTerminus

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice by a beautiful young lady! I enjoyed this version just as much as the other one on your website. I would suggest you include this one along with the others there. Keep up the good work!

  29. Liz C

    i don't quite get this one but i like the tune

  30. MrJamgusmc

    Just an incredible vid and a great song.

  31. Life is Deranged

    this must have took a long time to make. Having all those videos in tune with each other and the timing must have been awful to deal with. Awesome job! :D

  32. Jared Harbaugh

    1 dislike good

  33. Jared Harbaugh

    i love it

  34. Aby Kitten

    You are amazingly talented, keep up the fantastic work!!

  35. MsAmieG

    I just found your videos this evening and I am so happy I did! I love your voice and your songs are wonderful!

  36. puteraslayer

    Stephanie Mabey wow nice vice you got there. From Malaysia keep it up...

  37. Anarchy Is Freedom

    i love the zombie one

  38. SafeRouteDown

    You have an amazing voice! I'm very excited for your album to come out, and your obvious passion for what you do has inspired me to take a leap of faith and (for once) follow my dreams :)

  39. Morgan Stecken

    I Wish I could meet you, you have an AMAZING voice Q~Q;;

  40. Foxgurl995

    You are an amazing singer and songwriter! You should definitely have more views for your songs. I'm taking a theater class and I plan to sing this song to my class mates. If I do well, I might have a solo spot in our Scene Night! Keep up the good work Stephanie, I believe in you~

  41. Thomas Chludzinski

    Oh man, discovered you like a week ago, and just learned about your public funded album. I was about to donate to the cause when I realized it was all funded and then some! haha, I guess a pre-order will do. I'm super digging your sound, and am glad that it has gotten you the funding and attention it deserves!

  42. Taylor Smith

    Dope video. Great voice.

  43. PhantomRolePlayer

    :D Oh man that was so sweet. I love it. I would totally buy your album. Is it on iTunes?

  44. DrAllisonChase

    i really REALLY like this song :) The Zombie Song was the first song of yours i heard and i fell in love! You're voice is amazing and you seem like a very nice person, i can't wait for new Mabey things to come <3 Kelsee

  45. Jim Tocci

    oh wow... this is incredible... I'm gonna share this with as many people as I can!

  46. katiekearl

    this is gorgeous! i love this whole video... you sound great :) your voice is so soothing

  47. Mague Makeup

    how could i get your album?

  48. Mague Makeup

    stephanie mabey is an amazing singer I Love her voice

  49. TheABCStation

    My niece shared your zombie song on her blog, which is how I found you. I'm hooked! Wow! Beautiful voice, beautiful girl!

  50. Laura Grace

    I work at OfficeMax and love this song. I am sharing it with my loves there who also have secret dreams.

    Thanks for this excellent song very specific to my life.

  51. golfhack2007

    I listened to this song like 25 times today at work. Just listening to it in the background of what I was doing. Epic.

  52. Matt Whitney

    Stephanie, M. Day has sent this link to me. In china, couldn't get a good bandwitth to hear it- Finally got to tonight. Absolutely Floored! Brilliant. I like people that actually put music in their music! Not a lot of us LDSM actually do that. Regards and envy: M. Whitney

  53. 123karismith

    Obviously one person clicked on the wrong button....

  54. TBredBass

    Very nice. Beautiful voice. Keep it up and you will go far.

  55. Stephanie Mabey

    @dpnoguy Well, now, that is exceedingly rad news. Thank you. :)

  56. Stephanie Mabey

    @lopeax15 Thanks! I'm crossing my fingers that this one will break 300. hehe.

  57. Stephanie Mabey

    @mryantaylor why, thank you, sir.

  58. Stephanie Mabey

    @thinkthinful Much appreciated! This was my first time really editing something like this together -- so glad you dig it!

  59. Stephanie Mabey

    @MrMatthewMurphy I can't tell if you were wincing while typing this, but thanks for watching either way. :)

  60. Stephanie Mabey

    @kaleyweremusic You're my favorite. Don't tell the other kids. Hope everything is going great with you and your music, ms. Kaley Were! I truly appreciate your support.

  61. Stephanie Mabey

    @barqs27 you are too kind. (seriously.) thanks so much :)

  62. lopeax15

    you deserve many more views, good work ^^

  63. MrMatthewMurphy

    god she sounds like Regina Spektor

  64. Kaley Were

    I am becoming seriously obsessed with you. Your song writing is really incredible. I can't believe you're not famous already.

  65. Jason Webster

    Genius much? Love her!