Mabey, Stephanie - I Still Taste Fire Lyrics

I woke up with ashes in my mouth
It took a while to spit them out
I remember laying my head down
Did I go up in flames again?

Oh, I still taste fire, oh
Oh, I still taste fire, fire, fire, oh

I know it had to start somewhere inside
I swear I felt my heart ignite
When it finally let you go last night
Did I go up in flames?
Something changed

Oh, I still taste fire, oh
Oh, I still taste fire, fire, fire, oh

Thought I'd always remember what it felt like
To want you
But it's all kind of hazy now
Almost like I burned it down
Thought I'd always remember what it felt like
To want you
But it's all kind of hazy now

Oh, I still taste fire, oh
Oh, I still taste fire

Oh, I still taste fire, fire, fire, oh

It had to start somewhere inside
I swear I felt my heart ignite
When it finally let you go last night
Did I go up in flames?
It had to start somewhere inside
I swear I felt my heart ignite

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Mabey, Stephanie I Still Taste Fire Comments
  1. Krinh

    My boyfriend plays this song literally all day

  2. Ciel Phantomhive

    Im surprised this song doesnt have many video views.

  3. eric


  4. A e s t h e t i c g o d d e s s

    why tf is this underrated like WTF THATS IMPOSSIBLE!

  5. Tyler Wilson

    wow... she deserves way more subs. you go, girl

  6. Vesmé

    I really like the song and the video works very well for it. Some great visuals!

  7. Tim Namhay

    Duz any body wonder why she light her chair on fire?

  8. Kiara Pinto

    THEY BURNED A BOOK!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY????????????😫😫😫😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  9. ten pajonk

    Your music is amazing!

  10. Octopus Empress

    God I love your music so much!

  11. Bella Perez

    Melaine Martinez colab with her ❤️❤️❤️ I'm a crymabey ❤️💛💚💙💜

  12. Christine Tomer

    This is so beautiful

  13. Jasmine Bowermaster

    This deserves so much more credit tbh

  14. JLly N.w

    The zombie song and this is amazing,keep it work u do,your voice sound amazing and writen text is so beuty ,good luck,i be always your fan ^^

  15. Clofish

    oops I'm obsessed

  16. ferhat turuç

    That was interesting.

  17. christmas cookie

    This was awesome and I'm so glad I listened to it and looked at it. This song has inspired me to make a story.

  18. e q u i n o x


    Rhinstone AJ

    FoxyShadows xd

  19. Sophia B

    You guys.... once more people see this she will literally explode! Once you get discovered you will be covered in fame for you natural talent!!

    Crystal Garrett

    Sophia B | Was 'literally' the best word choice there?

  20. arianalyrics

    I love this! I love the beat!

  21. Moreentje


  22. TheDark Rose

    I'm surprised you only have 22k subscribers

  23. idk man

    this is a really cool video

  24. jão

    I will be dissapointed if you don't get famous and stop your carrier... I'll try my best to make the world realize the big and bright star that they have right here, like seriously... (sorry for my bad english Steph :( )

  25. Saaya Hayase

    Need. More. Views!!!!!!

  26. ChaosHound

    i don t know why but i prefer when you play it only with your voice and a piano. But obviusly , the twice are bequtiful to heqr

  27. Scarlet Flight

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  28. Ooakie Doke

    I've been subscribed for as long as I can remember. I'm so in love with this song!. Good job. Good work. Keep up the amazing work!. 💜

  29. Manci Lang

    I love it! I'm listen this in every hour! Just love it!

  30. Kat Hada

    i just found all of her music! THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING. My new obsession ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Ella Bug

    Kat Hada I KNOW RIGHT??!?

  31. Volvox

    Woah. You have the most beautiful and angelic voice

  32. Megan Burtt

    You're so amazing, lady. Your fan, Megan

  33. Alois Trancy

    Dude your songs are awesome and original in an amazing way c:! Thank you, you inspire me >_< <3

  34. Bridgette Darlington

    This is so beautiful. Would you mind making instrumentals for your songs. I especially need one for this song.

  35. Isaiah Brown

    I don't know why Stephanie Mabey isn't as well known as Dodie Clark. They're both equally amazing singers.

  36. Pile of Guzness

    And then you find songs like this that make you remember why you listen to obscure songs and let autoplay take you on a journey (came to this from The Zombie Song). I'll put this on my "Things to buy when I'm not broke" list :P

    rob dennis

    same actually

  37. fullrewrite


  38. Sydney Larsen

    What's on your face though?

  39. r0sedread

    her voice 🖤🖤

  40. Alaira Hillstrom

    This song is so cool I'm gonna show this to everyone!

  41. Terrilyn Lofing

    awesome video and song.

  42. British Nutter

    Your voice is amazing ❤️

  43. Marcy Bug

    god you're amazing!!!

  44. Jay Britton Fisher

    I'm happy that you've made more music!  You're one of my favorite artists and I've bought your album quite a few times for family members and friends.  (I would have bought CDs if I'd seen them available, but MP3s work.)  I appreciate your creative sound and lyrics and great voice, and that I can I can comfortably listen to your music with any audience.  The new videos are well-done also.

  45. Diana Bookworm

    Your singing is beautiful and the video is filmed really awesome!

  46. GAC995

    Ugh just 12 more days left...

  47. Foodie Kids

    I'm going to request this song be played along with Zombie Song at the next Halloween Party.

  48. Cecilisneat

    I just found you and now I'm binge listening to all of your music.

  49. Emmy Gilbert

    I can't tell if the acoustic version or this version is more stunning!

    Emmy Gilbert

    Love you stephanie!

  50. twentyonetears

    OMG so beautifoll!!

  51. Ren RN

    Wow. This song is so beautifully haunting!

  52. Calvin Burris

    Visually stunning. Beautiful song. Well done.



  54. Crybaby Draculaura

    Love your voice.

  55. Crybaby Draculaura

    This is so catchy! 👍🏾❤️💜

  56. Cell31 Studios



    don't understand it but, cool video

  58. Kelciii

    I heard your song on catfish and I was freaking out. You're so awesome!!!!

  59. Tulsa M Moosa

    ❤️ Stephanie's songs are so different, unique, and thats why I like it 😜

    •{Bonsai Beanie}•


  60. LoonerFlight

    So excited! I've been hooked on your music ever since I heard The Main Attraction. As a trans lady, it's helped me through a lot <3

  61. Julie B

    Wow, amazing!

  62. krystal senpai

    Why are you so perfect?!

  63. Allen Krehbiel

    Wow, way to go Stephanie!  That is all around killer work!

  64. Eleanor Blair

    !!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  65. Royal Fire Music Group

    This is absolutely stellar! Great melody and production calls. The video is as good as the song too!

  66. Ozz Freak

    If this Song Should be in the top 40, Amazing!!! I'm sending it to everyone i know

    Stephanie Mabey

    !!! thank you :)

  67. ShadowPC

    Omg I absolutely love this song

  68. TaylorMinksMusic

    WOW!!! This is amazing. I've already listened to it about 6 times. I can't wait for the EP release! SO glad you're back from the dead ;)

    Stephanie Mabey

    😂💛 thank you!!

  69. Neha John

    love your voice...

    Stephanie Mabey


  70. Grace Lile

    ahh, I've been waiting 10 months for this (and it certainly doesn't disappoint!) I have loved your music for nearly five years and it just keeps getting better, you're a wonderful artist!

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you so much, Grace!!!

  71. qtrolazyg

    Ha! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Stephanie Mabey

    😊 thank you for watching!

  72. Andrew Peterson

    You rock. Dream big and live life.

    Stephanie Mabey

    ☺️☺️☺️Thanks, Andrew!

  73. Thekla H.L

    i have no words for how beautiful her voice is 😻

    Stephanie Mabey


    TheDark Rose

    bchbchcringe oh I know right

    King Mere Moth

    bchbchcringe oh Well I have no words for how sexy she looks covered in ashes

  74. chire

    AMAZING! 😍

    Stephanie Mabey

    thank you! ❤️

  75. Dilek Yavuz

    I hope millions will watch you

    Stephanie Mabey

    thank you, Dilek! 😊

  76. Techno C

    Yay! I'm so glad you're writing more songs!
    I love your style!

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you so much! 😊💛

  77. Snow Hail

    One word: outstanding

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you!

  78. Michał Żmuda

    Great song! Greetings from Poland.

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you, Michal! ☺️☺️☺️

  79. Miyah Bates

    This song is awesome and I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!! Can August 26th be here now!?

    Stephanie Mabey

    <3 thanks so much, Miyah! haha, I wish it was here already too!!

  80. vivian p


    Stephanie Mabey

    hahaha thanks!! 💖💖💖

    vivian p

    No problem!

  81. Bart Olson

    Great job Stephanie! You sound fantastic as always

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you, Bart!

  82. Missy Army Veteran Forever!

    I love this song! I'm so glad my son had me listen to your music.

    Missy Army Veteran Forever!

    If I Were a Zombie is now my 2nd favorite song. This one just moved up to my new favorite song! 😍

    Stephanie Mabey

    +Missy Army Veteran Forever! SO AWESOME! Thank you 💖

  83. sheisaxombie

    The Spotify link doesn't work :x Can't find it there yet! But I love the song!

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you!! 😊💛 This song isn't out yet, but the Spotify link should go to the last album. I'll check into that today. Thanks for letting me know!

  84. marburge

    I have never experienced an artist with a body of work so breathtaking, I'm pretty sure I already have every album, brb checking to find what I don't have and fix that.

    Stephanie Mabey

    haha :) thank you!

  85. Taxylor

    Love it. As per usual. 😍

    Stephanie Mabey

    🙆💖 thank you!

  86. Gigi Copeland


    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you!!! <3

  87. Amavere

    10/10. Loved it!

    Stephanie Mabey

    thanks!!! :)

  88. Karim

    This is too sick. Keep it up Steph!

    Stephanie Mabey

    thank you! <3

  89. highpalmtree

    This is further than good and beyong perfect! Great work!

    Stephanie Mabey

    thanks so much! :)

  90. Claire Reed

    Awesome song Stephanie <3

    Stephanie Mabey

    thank you!!

    Ecks Dee

    +Stephanie Mabey PLZ make more

  91. Jason Jones

    Killin' it, as usual, Stephanie. This, I think, is by far your best work. I love it.

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you, Jason!!

  92. Ty Grenier

    It must have been fun shooting this one!

    Stephanie Mabey

    😂 it really was.

  93. Saige Bischoff

    Beautiful song once again!😍😍

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you, Saige 😊💛

  94. Jane

    very professional. very artsy. just what you are and what you represent.

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you, Jane!

  95. Juan Mendoza

    Awesome! I've never seen so much ashes on someone! haha. Great work, Stephanie!

    Stephanie Mabey

    haha 😊 thanks, Juan!!

  96. Mariah Stavely

    Eep!!! This is so pretty!!! You really are my hero Stephanie. I hope I can create music as good as you one day! ^-^

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you, Mariah!! 💖🦄

    Mariah Stavely

    +Stephanie Mabey It is no problem!!!

  97. 123karismith

    mind boggled....I will be replaying this until it's burned into my monitor!

    Stephanie Mabey


  98. Emelie Feuer

    this is great! Jeez, I love your music so much <3

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you, Emelie!! 💖

  99. dorwinrin

    Go you, Stephanie! This is wonderful.

    Stephanie Mabey

    Thank you!!!