Mabey, Stephanie - I Know You're Out There Lyrics

I take my notebook and tear the pages out
To write down my thoughts in a message
Where I encrypt every line
As the people pass on the street below
I smooth out and fold all the edges
Then hold them up against the sky

And I let em go
Hope you'll find each word I wrote
On these paper planes scattered in the air
Oh, I send them off 'cause I know you're out there

And I picture you discovering
Each note all the others step over
'Cause you're the kind who finds the clues
And you'll know every one was meant for you
'Cause you've got the secret decoder
Oh, they'll lead you to me soon

So I let em go
Hope you'll find each word I wrote
On these paper planes scattered in the air
Oh, I send them off 'cause I know you're out there

Oh, I know you'll see
The heart beneath
Each line you read

So I let em go
Hope you'll find each word I wrote
On these paper planes scattered in the air
Oh, I send them off 'cause I know you're out there

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Mabey, Stephanie I Know You're Out There Comments
  1. Oxulus

    Sin leads to hell, Jesus leads to heaven. Jesus is coming soon, all of you Repent before he comes back and you’re unprepared for his judgments on your sins.

    Mooneytoons yuh

    Oxulus tea tho

  2. Rachel Tiffany

    When I was younger I thought this was about a girl committing suicide, and leaving her notes for someone to save her. I younger self might've needed a hug.

  3. Pipoy 1999

    man what happened to the original?

  4. Woah Okay

    Omg thank you so much for uploading this, I’ve been looking for this animatic for a long time!! The original artist/uploader, uzaneko, must’ve deleted their videos.

  5. Kid Man

    Good song but I can’t help wonder why she’s littering

  6. coo bie

    I’m so glad that I at least found this, even if her animatic of the zombie song is gone for good. 😢 I was and still am in such love with that video. Nostalgia man.

  7. kaboomdock

    Thanks for reuploading. I thought I commented this when it was first reuploaded. But I guess I didnt. Thanks again! <3

  8. Kakyoin Be reroing

    This is under appreciated

  9. Grit

    Finally I found this :’)

  10. Lucifer morningstar

    Arrested for litter

  11. Kay

    I thought I was the only one who mourned over the loss of this video

  12. Aeolian`

    They removed it. I have it on a playlist. So glad I found it

  13. Darkstar17

    Thanks for resubbed this, I wonder what happened to the original video

  14. Waifu For Lifiu

    When I was younger I would listen and watch this on repeat , thank you so much for reuploading this. It’s a blast from the past for me!

  15. egg salad

    Sometimes I wonder what happened to the original video creator man

  16. PavoNinja

    Daang I miss their channel

  17. Garret Gaston

    And also, if want to see The Zombie Song Animation also by uzaneko, then here you go!
    It's a repost by someone else!

  18. Garret Gaston

    For every one wondering, the original channel this video's from is uzaneko. I know because I'm still subscribed to them.

    White Sky

    Wtf happend to them?

    Garret Gaston

    @White Sky I don't know either?! One day the just stopped uploading video's, and never came back. It's been one of those mysteries that no one could solve! The account is still active. I know that because those two video's had been up since 2012, and only recently did the become private.

    White Sky

    Thanks for telling me. I hope thy are fine.

    Garret Gaston

    @White Sky I'm the kind of person that it I know something (not a secret) that someone else doesn't know, I make it my duty to tell them. There have been so many people over the years that either didn't know why she stopped uploading, or more recently a lot of people have been wondering were her videos went. And just like you, I tell them every thing I know to the best of my ability. So, your welcome! It was my pleasure to tell you!

    Garret Gaston

    @White Sky Also, if you didn't see it, there's a link to The Zombie Song that uzaneko drew.

  19. Muffin Doodle

    Hi! Just wanted to say that I remember watching this animatic a long while ago and being so inspired by it, (I think there was a ''the zombie song'' animatic by the same creator that I also remembered), and so I decided to furiously scroll through different youtube searches (I forgot the name of the song so I put paper airplane song a bunch of different ways lmao) and eventually found this and I'm pretty happy I actually found it but sad because I guess since I can't find the original upload that the video doesn't exist anymore,, that's sad,, but I just wonder if you know the name of the creator so I can search or know where you uploaded this from..?

    Izzy :0

    It was made by the former YouTube uzaneko however if you wish to see more of uzanekos work she has a tumblr and twitter and is known as etherane, she has also created a game series called Hello Charlotte, I love the games and their art in general

    aidan u

    i did this exact thing and im so sad it got made private :(

    Cup Of Tea

    Ah yes I remember watching this 2 years ago I think it just crossed my mind earlier and tried finding it again xD

    yEe YeE

    Stephen maybey

    Gwendolyn Desmond

    It's Stephanie Mabey