M83 - Splendor Lyrics

What have we to show?
Barren feelings and dust for crow
We can't ever know
When it's time to go

That's the way to see the end
Glowing out along the river bend
It's not goodbye my only friend
Yesterday started over again

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M83 Splendor Comments
  1. Make high school bathrooms Juul free again

    Hearing this song made me reminisce to when me and probably some of the best friends I’ve ever had would play soccer at the courts outside our school. But I remembered one such occasion in particular. We stopped playing soccer and were just chilling and talking on the courts. There was a softball game going on in the fields by the courts. So we went over to check out if there was food being sold. And it just so happened that the family that worked the food stand were packing up. They decided to give me and my friends a free popsicle and a hotdog. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met honestly. But anyways, we thanks them and walked back to the courts, and just ate our food and talked about whatever. I’m in high school now, and me and those guys don’t talk or hang out at all anymore, but whenever I’m thinking about life, I like to look back on memories like those for the nostalgia.

  2. Биологицал Шасте

    Anarchy Radio sent me here

  3. john quick

    OMG i must know base all my feelings on this now

  4. Lilly Bivar

    Essa música me lembra o Yonlu

  5. Harri Elmer

    i feel like i just went to my own funeral

  6. PorkchopMcFlop Froggo

    Thank you tony 😭
    Thank you nat 😭
    Thank you Rodgers
    Thank you Thor
    Thank you banner
    Thank you Clint
    Thank you fury
    Thank you marvel endgame made the world a better place it brought us together.

  7. Maxime Collet

    I hate myself for not going further than midnight city earlier. What an album.

  8. Uncle Suzy Carlos

    I sadly see Captain America scarifing himself to this song in Endgame. It’s awful and beautiful at the same time.

  9. Jenna Simpson

    the first like 40 seconds will never not remind me of background minecraft music


    I guess they just strg c and strg v it😂

  10. AnimeBoss 12

    This song is dope

  11. FROSTBYTE 87x

    Doesn't matter what you did, or what you were. If you go out there, you fight and you fight to kill. But if you step out that door, you are an Avenger.

  12. nckhrt

    I'm the man who killed the avengers much?

  13. Lemuell Faulcon

    Who else is here after watching Mr. Krepshus' latest edit of avengers endgame?

  14. Christopher Nunez

    We lost all of us..

  15. Señor Trotsky

    This sounds like minecraft music

  16. Kendal M.

    Mr Krepshus' brought me here, what about you?\

  17. Bone bone

    I'm The Man Who Killed All The Avengers

    Jordan Armbruster

    Ok starlord

    You living another life

    @Jordan Armbruster No, that was Vanos

    Chins Productions

    Who killed the avengers*..... Adding the "all" makes you sound stupid.

    Harri Elmer

    ​@Chins Productions *facepalm*

  18. Matt Dav

    "I'm the man who killed the Avengers"

  19. Big Moist

    We don’t get to choose our time.
    Death is what gives life meaning.
    To know your days are numbered.
    And your time is short.

  20. -SN3AKY-


  21. Single Jokers

    Not here cuz of Avengers Endgame! I'm here cuz I love M83 & this Album


    Single Jokers shut up queer. You’re not special. You’re the loser that has to comment this

  22. Jar Jar Binks

    Anyone else here from Mr krepshus' new trailer?

    Bing Bong

    Hi Arthur


    Yes sir

    Jar Jar Binks

    @Bing Bong hey dad

  23. Alex

    Y’all what movie is this song in?

  24. My two cents

    Sounds really similar to the song 'For the damaged coda'

  25. Big Boss

    I've listening to this song when I woke up by the night. It's totally a magical scene when ur home is a barn in Kansas

  26. Amanda Carey

    all of m83's songs make me want to live. truly live

  27. Nelson Medrano Ordóñez

    M83 makes music to watch the stars and meditate about the immensity. Maybe that's why their name cames after the Messier 83, a galaxy 15 million light-years away.

  28. Hali Aldridge

    I was listening to this song when I found out my grandma passed away... 'it's not goodbye my only friend. Yesterday has started over again'

  29. Da Balooga

    This song makes me recall all of the beautiful memories me and my ex girlfriend made. And towards the end it makes me remember how we fell off, how i started mistreating her and how her and i will never come to be again. Im sorry hannah.. I hope you find solace somewhere..


    Da Balooga Hannah’s somewhere getting dicked down real deep and hard. While you’re here crying

  30. zemc77

    The melody gets me so goddamn emotional...

  31. Da Balooga

    Fuck 2017

  32. Omni Stellar

    I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to this song without being moved. It's just impossible. So power, so magnificent. Obsessed

  33. Floyd Brennan

    Lost a couple of really good friends this week and this song is more fitting than ever. Currently crying an El Nino as I listen to this. We truly are dust for crow and we absolutely have no idea when it's time to go...


    Floyd Brennan I'm really sorry for your loss

  34. Anna Kakhniashvili

    I dream of dancing to this song with that special someone or enjoying the view from the mountain. We are having fun as we laugh and stare deeply into each others eyes deeply.

  35. Mick Loving

    Listen to these songs at night or while high they ar 10x better

  36. Firstname Lastname

    Пусть ваша музыка будет всегда!!!

    Nancy Drew

    Firstname Lastname очень чувственная песня

  37. Casey Baldwin

    I love M83!!!

  38. mvvagner

    very powerful stuff

  39. Interestingy

    This song is an amalgamation of everything divine and perfect.

  40. Matheus Fermach

    I love this side of the internet...

  41. Amélie Alves

    Today my cousins left us for living one year in USA, on my way to the airport to a last goodbye, I was listening this song and crying like a baby...

  42. Thom Kinrade

    Am I the only one just listening to the music and enjoying it without being in a state of trance, heaven, or tears?

  43. Olivia Haglund

    This song is too beautiful to exist for humankind to hear

  44. meriame lamkaissi

    who came from mbc 4? rahma

  45. OkenWS

    Driving to work the morning after the Bataclan, 'Wait' and this song made me cry. I never cry... amazing stuff from M83.

  46. Paulina Robles

    No sé por que me recuerda a la pelicula "Las ventajas de ser invisible"

  47. Wicaksono Gitawan

    Very nostalgic

  48. Acacia Dragoon

    There are some songs that are just so powerful. When I think of this song, I'm immediately brought to tears thinking of the impossible. A quiet breeze of wind. A small house stationed on a tall mountain. A gleaming pink sunset. The clouds slowly vanish and the radiant light disappears behind the wide horizon.      If only I could forget the world behind me, and witness something pure with my someone special...and just...live.

    Sidney Smith

    there is something really pure in life: The love of God

    Stéphane Dubedat

    ThePwndClone the World is beautiful, the humans aren't

  49. Simon

    it sounds a lil bit like coldplay

  50. Stéphane Dubedat

    Thank you humans, That's beautiful :D


    French humans to be exact.

    Stéphane Dubedat

    wikisaiyangmail who cares ? We are citizens of the World, fronters have no other legitimity that wars that defines fronters..

  51. Daley Warner

    When I heard this for the first time, tears came to my eyes. Something about it reminds me of what heaven would sound like. My boyfriend died a few years ago, and this is such a pretty song.

    cathy jo brock

    Both of my oldest daughter's boyfriends passed away in a car crash a few years ago.............. its ironic and beautiful at the same time how you said it reminds you of heaven, I feel the same. It makes me feel more comforted listening to so many of their songs. I just came across M83 today, I love their music....... hang in there, they are our Angels!!!


    sorry for your loss.

  52. Jay Bird

    makes me imagine m83s last ever performance, and remembering everything they've done and all the places they've been.


    Wait...... They are done with concerts?????

    Nolan DoubleU

    +indie rock baby no but say they were having their last concert. This would be played after Outro. I know it. Just how it would go down.

  53. wOw

    I love you.

  54. gluefrog78

    What have we to show?
    Barren feelings and dust for crow.
    We can't ever know.
    When Its time to go.

    That's the way to see the end.
    Glowing out along the river bend.
    It's not goodbye my only friend.
    Yesterday started over again.

    Just a Drop Out Otaku

    Where's that from?

    l o v e

    this song XD it says m83


    @Just a Drop Out Otaku it's this song's lyrics 😊

  55. Ariana Asbury

    Can you create a 1 hour version?

  56. 24pablox

    i cri everitiem.

  57. AAllaire27

    In a way, this song sounds a lot like Because by The Beatles. Or is that just me?


    AAllaire27 I agree!

  58. seraphim

    When I listen to this song I feel like I'm looking up at a pink crescent moon and a lavender sky, simply sitting on the roof of a small house in the middle of a huge flower field. It's just me, in a dream.

    Liam McCarthy

    When I listen to this I just see my entire life up until this point. Makes me kinda sad the past is the past but also ready for the future. Idk how to explain really

  59. Kuzog

    When I listen to this song in my head I was transported to a small town that was snowing. there was Christmas lights everywhere and people that we so good to eachother, I was there with my special someone. there was also trees around the town so it seemed like it was isolated from the world. during the song I felt very happy when I was with that special person admiring the lights and the snow (never actually seen the snow in person). at the end we hugged and kissed and then we just laid on the snow looking at the stars. I wish a place like that exists

    Lalilulelo B

    wow, you teletransported me in that place! <3


    This comment made me emotional

    hayley deves

    This is exactly the same dream I have when I listen to this song. I would add a little chapel filled with choir children singing and candles glowing. Pure , so emotional I want to cry....

  60. Joseph Sundal

    My APUSH book brought me here


    +Joseph Sundal lol how did that happen?


    Joseph Sundal ?

  61. Norru

    Reminds me of Christmas


    Me too.

    Nolan DoubleU

    Skiddzie I only listen to this song around Christmas time. Since it's November now i'm here

  62. joseph Razak

    Wow. This song gives me the feels

  63. Bdots44

    Thanks youtube comment on The xx- Intro

    Jorck the Outcast

    me too brotha XD ✌


    same here

    sharanya yapa

    +Brian Same here

    Giorgi M

    Can someone copy-paste the said comment here? :)

  64. Cilton

    This is so amazing. Best song I heard in my life... *near crying*

  65. KirbyKoot401

    I listened to this album and especially this song when I found out my grandmother passed. Brings me back to that sad time. But just an amazing song and gives me a lot of feels.

  66. Johnny Trash

    You may like to turn your attention to 'Gregorian Chant'. This is the earliest form of choral chant, something this band may not be aware of. Or they maybe aware of it if they have formally studied tonal Western scales.

  67. HomecomingNick

    I think I'm slowly falling in love with m83

  68. Hailey 2088

    I love how you can just feel their music

  69. Amy Ashley Gomez

    'Yesterday started over again.'

  70. Imphepho

    So much love for this! And that choir...

  71. IraNuntius

    this is genesis - esque

  72. Premnath Kularatnam

    Music Is Man's Way Of Communicating Feelings That Cannot Be Expressed. 

  73. iamDeltoida

    reminds me of Edward Scissorhands soundtrack (:

  74. John Pflueger


  75. DeAndre Watson

    Seems weird, but I visualize the end of an epic conclusion to a movie listening to this where peace has come to a country that has been wartorn for decades but a new age is coming to rebuild all that was lost for so long, to create anew for their children and their children's children.. swear I'm not high.


    +Lianza Dulcero lol Glenn's "death"

    Lianza D.

    +Funnystuffbro HOE NO. I DO NIT ACCEPT HIS "DEATH". well because it is not following the comics but god I kinda cried it is like noah's death all over again with the revolving door and being eaten alive.

    Lianza D.

    +Lianza Dulcero *not


    DeAndre Watson


    Nicholas Blakeney

    Sort of like Daft Punk meets Kings College Choir. Like the soap and 18 year olds imagery, very intriguing.

  76. Matthew McEwen


    F o o p a

    what's wrong

  77. magicgirliy

    I don't know why but this song makes me really happy and content.

  78. Pat Deesawat

    So high

  79. Vanessajennifer

    all time favorite song by this amazing band

  80. Victor Rocha

    This song makes me feel like I'm in a dream ... A dream so good ... A dream so perfect. I'm slowly leaving the human world ... I'm becoming a whole new world ... in my dreams

  81. DeathStarZz

    Best song when leaving the heart

  82. Luca Giancola


  83. Daniel Robinson

    and he's tasty on top of new talent

  84. Manuel Obi

    Love M83, their music is just amazing. I love the piano at the beggining :)

    Candida Chontal

    Manuel Obi yessss😭😭😍♥️♥️♥️♥️

  85. Matt Forbes

    These guys are like an alternate woodkid amazing

  86. Ryan Kaiser

    this song makes me feel like a little kid again for some reason

  87. Moshi Moshi Heart

    Is it just me or does this song make me feel im in the Shrek world.

    Victor Rocha

    I think it's just you o.O not so sure about it :P

    Moshi Moshi Heart

    Yeah, the beginning, reminds me of it. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

  88. Isaiah Rangel

    beatles of today forsure. the way this music impacts my soul gives me hope for today. the truth is the truth no matter where, when or how. and m83 has revived that fact in my consciousness

    Daniel Robinson

    close to Lennon 


    I swear, this song sounds inspired by Camel - Song Within a Song

  90. Carlos Freire

    There isn't enough I can say to properly thank m83. You have put together a masterpiece of an album. You are truly in a league of your own.

  91. Shaira Martinez

    Gahhh, I love this song, but is it just me or does anyone else get reminded of Christmas when listening to this?

  92. Elwing H

    This group is just the prove that magic truly exists. This group... is probably one of the most poetic ever.

  93. M. JIB

    Thank you, Battleborn.


    Same here man

  94. nolanception

    I'm so glad I discovered this band omg. 

    Adli Diah

    OMG!! ME TOO!!!


    He is playing alone xD


    oh well

    Camilo Muñoz Ramirez

    nolanception saeta

  95. Joshua rodriguez


  96. CosmikZombie

    It really sucks that when I listen to this song it makes me cry due to memories. God dammit...

  97. Perylian

    Surrender your soul, and surrender your heart listening to this. dU_Up

  98. umjess

    repeat repeat repeat repeat

  99. Franka W

    ahh, chills. This song is so magical.