M83 - New Map Lyrics

There's a hole in your heart, begging for adventure
Play yourself a new track, set traps for the future
On your own
Can you do it?
The unknown
Can you face it?

Shifting desire, shifting desire, shifting desire...

Rules of conformity, heavy clouds of reason
They're hiding the beauty of your free distortions
On your own
Can you do it?
The unknown
Can you face it?
With your soul, now you see it
The landscape is infinite

Shifting desire, shifting desire, shifting desire...

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M83 New Map Comments
  1. TheLoneWanderer

    wish i would meet people who love listening to songs like this where are you in the world

  2. Cristopher Tyler

    Probably,one of the best songs by m83

  3. Edward Sylvia

    3:07 - Favorite part.

  4. Mandalink YT

    This gives me the chills

  5. furasoul93

    hey i hope someone can help me: in the moment from sec 34 to sec 35 there is a synthi sound which reminds me SO HARD of another song, might be from the time like r.e.m. of something like that, but i dont freaking get it, which is so annoying. pls help me

    edit: great song though.

  6. Nathan Price

    The landscape is infinite, because we are infinite and we own the sky! I love the entire them of this album. So much about letting go and embracing the now

  7. Anymus

    You just wish you could make music like them

  8. Elisa Fuentes


  9. Dean Wong

    Everytime I hear "New Map", I just feel so alive.

  10. Olivia Haglund

    Damn I love M83

  11. Whatsausername?respondpls

    ( ・◡・ )♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪

  12. David Vicente

    Pelos como escarpias/hairs like nails

  13. Harry Cook

    I just got out of a shitty relationship with my best friend (who I liked, she was a girl) and I have been deppressed for 5 months about it because I really loved her so much .. but now I listen to this I am so happy I want to jump around everywhere! I am not trying to say a sob story, I am just saying how M83 make beautiful music, even though it has nothing to do with my story haha. Great album too

    Tommy Cipriani

    So what you're saying was you fell in love with your (female) best friend?

    Keep your head up, champ.

    Harry Cook

    +Tommy Cipriani forgot about this comment 😂 long story but don't worry it's over now. Cheers anyway mate, I have since😏 but I still love this song omfgg

  14. Gary Domeniconi

    Anyone else here thinking that the synthesizer sounds like the one of Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark in Enola Gay?

  15. Tony Williams

    yay!!!! still the last person.........still loving this song.

  16. Ahmad Aljfri

    lbp 3 beta

  17. Brother Maleus Praetor

    It's always a bitter-sweet feeling I get with M83. Music excellence aside, I somehow feel like my youth is slipping away.. in 30s now, so.. feelin old haha :(
    Fave part; flutes n sax.

    Kruthi KitkatKay

    what is so great about youth actually?? haha


    They have SO MANY songs that just make you feel nostalgic. Love all of them ♥

    Gabriel Tardi

    Totally Fave part. Flute's and Sax

    Herbert Dashwood

    Yea @ 3:00 is exactly the best section of the song.

    Fun Times

    How you doin now brother? Approaching your 40s yet? Hahaha.

  18. Adrian Anglemyer

    Oh my god the drums

  19. epicsauceness100

    "There's a hole in your heart, begging for adventure"

    Truer words were never spoken.

    Camila Zarza

    definitely my favourite lines ♥

  20. Tony Williams

    I would like to be the last person to comment but I'm sure I won't be, so let me leave by saying this: m83 is what real creativity in music is about. Its sad to see those that are so creative not get the praise they deserve. M83, forever in my playlist.

  21. Eric Paul Manuel

    sometimes.. you just have to need a m83 in your life.. once you embraced it... you got to live it :D

  22. NotOrdinaryInGames

    Reminds me of Mew.

  23. lenier gayton

    This has a take on me kind of feel to it

  24. Carolyn Croke

    This song is one where I can picture myself looking at someone I love, but I haven't figured out I love them yet

  25. SkruffyTheJanitor

    Sounds kind of like lawyers in love by Jackson Browne

  26. Norman Uduojie

    @Michael Armbrister Which movie?

  27. Daph Moraes

    2:55 this song is amazing

  28. Holly Eunson

    These guys are awesome!

    Boooty Lunch

    How do yu know they are not girls? o.O

    Victoria Purdy

    @Boooty Lunch really, dude? Really? Tone it down.

  29. lux

    the end reminds me  of a who song.....

    Tony Roedema

    Like a song on Quadrophenia

  30. astralgloom

    I freaking love this song!!

  31. MrKajithecat

    Ascent into heaven 

  32. Richie Estrada

    I love the drum tracks in this song. It just pops! 

  33. MrKajithecat

    0:29 that snap 

  34. ajax.

    Freeling = best documentary

  35. Blair Gilmore

    Finally on YouTube

  36. mike dworak

    skate to this every day :)

  37. mike dworak

    finally!! on youtube!

  38. Alex Hallmark

    All about that mustache!!!

  39. fruitsmoothie45

    This band is so underrated omg

  40. Gabynez NeGron

    3:01 .....I love that part till the end <3

  41. Thelian Nuñez

    My favorite biking song, love it :)

  42. Fab lex

    Melhor album

  43. Michael Armbrister

    I freaked out when I heard this song at the end of this one movie

  44. Richard Stopher

    all about: 3:01 !!

  45. Florian Megert


  46. Ιωαννης Ψαριωτης

    the song of happiness!

  47. DivaMaster

    Next single :)

  48. theandrew1319

    Why do I love it so much?

  49. Chris Martin


  50. nottwozero

    @reyra728 YES!

  51. Lorie

    ohhmygosshh , lovee it ;o;o

  52. Banjo BE

    sweet fill

  53. 玲良


  54. Bright Sky Films

    This is amazing.....the whole damn album!!