M24 - Mad About Bars - S4-E14 P1 Lyrics

Project X
Time to bring out one of the hardest out of the A
Long time coming
L1 The Producer
It's your turn

Drills get done a lot, they be skrring off
On the roads it's too much pressure for them, so they'd rather get birded off
I ain't been to the can but I've heard a lot, no way, I ain't tryna get birded off
A lot of man hung up their boots, they ain't in the field like Berbatov
We spill mans juice and say it weren't us, it must've been them
For the flickys it's nuttin' but love but I really adore that rusty skeng
They come to the A and film on Snap', you see me, I'm nuttin' like them
For the sauce you're nuttin' but a bad boy, in the flesh your nuttin' but wet
Opps get-got, that's ments, the GB's pull up, they hop that fence
In your white tee looking all hench 'til these skinny niggas leave that red
I need more bread, I need more profit
This scrum's moving like Jayla Foxx 'cause all she wanna do is cock it
Sweep that block, mop it, civilians screaming "stop it"
Old school days I was out with Twin, you was probably getting sent out shopping
Pounds off, it was a lardy ting, now I'm tryna grab that pound and cock it
I 'ear man talking 'bout Kings of Drill, you ain't ever done a drill in your life, just stop it
Gyal better lock this rocket, new toys, the mandem cop it
The drill scene, the mandem mock it
And now they show love cah the mandem poppin'
Don't make me pull this object out of the bag like Mary Poppins
Coming to win, no I ain't stopping, when we get that drop and fucking drop him
On Mad About Bars with Kenny, you know that I'm mad with my bars already
I done it in cars already, fuck off whips with a fuck off semi
Chest or back, I'ma kweff man's headie, I can vouch for the G's cah we've done it already
Mask on my face coming like Freddie, I got hungry so I took man's belly
Swing that shit, shelly belly, he got urgh, kweffy, kweffy
I'm in the field like Dele, Dele, this animal cookie is way too smelly
Successful drill cah that drill's on telly, this brownin', she's crisp like Walkers
Now I'm giving her the third leggy, them man are old and washed like Peggy
Are you gonna back your Bruce, bro? That drill got done, who knows?
Back that if he gets too close, them man lie and diss on tracks
And that's as far as the truth goes, she's saying I'm sweet like glucose
Squashed up car, full to the brim and I'm coming with two poles

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