M24 - Do It & Crash Lyrics

Do it, do it, man I put work in the streets like Stizz
Slap on a tap with smoke, with smoke
Man better pray that the fuckboy lives
Like 'course I did, came with a shh and my guy got hit
And if he ain't worth the corn, then man will get beat like TG did
Oh shit that's rude I know, I know
AM and Skengdo link up So man better catch the flow
Like them man try come round, then we went back like a merry-go
Chef, splash, splash I swear this shit never gets old
Like shit den what! fuck around and get got
Like how many times have I lurked with a long coat, like man's not hot
AD hops off a bike and shoots Don't you know my guy's too on

Don't you know my guy's on job, man I've done dirt on blocks
And had the fuckboys running in shops No lies, I'm talking facts
Nuff opp boys have been got Smashing cars, look at that pussy
All now ever been touched Step over there with my raincoat on
Cah all now nothing ain't dropped

Everyone's bad, it's kinda sad
Everyone wan try rap bout gang
These yutes, them man these skengs them bang
Now you wan act like you don't know
Bare tweeting, I don't know about that
These guys go nuts, it's green we fly
I laugh when they talk bout chingings
Countless man on your team's been crashed
410 and we know its crash see these bells they're ringing
Diligent men stuff tools in a bag and man stay sinning
But I ain't sin squad, shouts gunner and that
And my team's been winning Jay fresh 100 bought a party
And truss it was dirt to the max, been in the field from young
Put in the work, I was flipping them packs
Then I got my hands on a shank, don't bother
Try run so you're onto the gang
Box man up that's the only debt
If he ain't curled up then I done the job wass
Uh, milage, hella milage
Better move or you might get crashed
Bro said Skeng go get this dough
Bunny first lifestyle no gang
I hear you bro, I'ma get this money
I swear ima get these racks
And that chick she's your chick
But she wan be round gang
Add a K on the opps, did it already
Man saw me and just dashed

Push that work man's gettin' it gone that shank don't bend that devilish one
Coulda backed my shank on a idiot's son
That's bare ching ching like asian cunts, Dudu dudu
Tits and bums, that's things that I like I don't want no cuffs
Everyone knows that I ain't that buff, get the fuck out my face
But you wan act dumb I don't want love
I just wanna get my funds up Get a 1-2 corn like bum bum
Dudu dudu, hunter, wheel it back, selector
She was in the bando, avec moi 12 inch rambo, protector
Dudu dudu, ejector You don't wanna end up like Teddy
Chop man's throat like opps from belly
Thought you would've learnt already (Already)
Saw two guns but gang got many sorry who's name got tarnished
How you getting mocked by the tings you're clarting?
Stop this talk 'bout Spartans, man can't see one, Leonidas
And if you really wanna talk 'bout arts and marksmans
Bros in the box like cartons
Courtesy of the yutes that parter with the bacon
But can't stop tarking
Darling, come take a trip with a martian
Ugly, but I'm still rassing she's calling me bastard
I was just laughing, noddy or leave no bargain

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M24 Do It & Crash Comments
  1. Frxshie_482

    2:31 is the mood for 2020

  2. Reuben Mcpartlin

    Good one for a zoobieeee

  3. STR.

    drake's war and my melodic recognition brought me here

  4. Yannis Bernard

    2:41 : The guy says (she was in the bando "avec moi") did he speaks french ? 😅 🤔🇨🇵


    Yannis Bernard Well observed Sherlock

    Yannis Bernard

    @FADEL SHITTU Yeah 🤘🔥

  5. Peter Pinheiro

    M24 prime when it started

  6. Ose Brown

    This song is toooooo good

  7. Sub plz

    Old tune but still sick ✌️ ❄️

  8. timdennehy89


  9. Paul Ilissabeth

    Am’s bars are too mad

  10. SavageYute Music

    Da Beat Is Cold🥶🥶

  11. warg1 bredrin

    Does am have control over his eyes or suttin?🤦🏽

  12. Brody jaquays

    USA fireee

  13. Bapt Dps


  14. Ricky Edwards

    This dont start till 2.17

  15. Bando Baby

    Still waitin for the beat to drop

  16. Jose A

    Was hannin from da bay🌉

  17. East Boyzz

    😤😤😤💥💥💥 old tunes still bang 💪🏽💪🏽❤️

  18. Tayjay 21

    Who’s listening in 2019🤧‼️‼️‼️

    josh's utube


  19. Jsjs Hdjdjffn

    Ben Simmons with a bally at 3:06

  20. Jsjs Hdjdjffn

    The Asian bar tho 😂

  21. Jsjs Hdjdjffn

    Tune of 2017 deffo

  22. dot d

    me and skengdo play ps4 together

  23. CrackyBlackz

    Anyone in 2019¿

  24. Olly Sharp

    Skengdo bodied his verse I can’t lie🥶

  25. Devel Productions

    Everyone check out our remix🔥

  26. Rid Abdirahman

    m24 is the only one who isnt ballied up


    Just dropped a sick interview with Skengdo & Am on my channel that you NEED to check out!!!

  28. Jamie Wallace 16

    If you read this have a great day 💯😂

  29. Osman Ceylan

    Am got best verse hands down

  30. ツMealyz

    #150 should just join up gangs Allie?

  31. Smartiny

    How am I only finding this now

  32. manu _133

    Isnt m24 a sniper?

  33. Weelvrick Redz

    She was in tha bando avec moi 🔥🇬🇧

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  35. Rayan


  36. Bongo Noella

    Am part is cold

  37. StarAdept

    I love this song mann

  38. wale adenii

    I’m from Chicago birthplace of drill music, and have gotta say, it feels more like that’s a lie after listen this🤷🏾‍♂️. This is lit🔥🔥 🇬🇧

  39. SwoshEdits

    legends say skengdo still has the glasses on

  40. Mason Paxton


    Gangmember toon

    Wt heck I was just scrolling down and saw this

  41. SetTrender

    Back when Skengdo didn’t ruin songs :(

  42. Owen Sykes

    One of the goodens wth skendo g

  43. Dan iel

    Am was the hardest

  44. 1 1

    best drill tune of all time

  45. Nepali Warrior

    i like 410 but why they hating on asians racism in 2017 whack bro.

  46. ADcombat Insider

    where’s skengdos jacket from

  47. lauren andrews

    Absolutely sick!

  48. Dagmawe Checol

    Is it only me or is AM locking around like 30 times

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    man must floss with a mattress

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    0:24 The duplication glitchhh

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    AM went hard🤘

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    Forgot how hard this was ❄️

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    M24 actin tuff with 410 fk off

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    hardest drill track. after Losk/Mizormac -DJ Khaled

  59. JD Visuals

    Am went in like fuxk

  60. Eloiserich1 x what ever

    the beat isssss arhghh

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    Did this nigga just have french bars?? Lol next level

  62. baller O

    when am came in tho

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    BRUH.., Mans really dissed harlem spartans

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    wym come take a trip w a Martian 🤔

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    Any chance bzi6$ $ $ tsv6602

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    one of the best drill tunes out there

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    I don’t want love 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ I jus wan get my Funds up 👏🏼😂

  69. CoolioMarcus

    Rah, who’s that? It’s Jarvis 🔥🔥🔥

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    Am was looking for opps for throughout the whole vid

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    This beat is so coldddddddddddddd 🖕🖕🖕

  73. Antalya Hutton

    This beat is so c

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    M24 got caught with his mom 😂😂

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    Jeeeez this beat has a nostalgic vibe for me ❄️😅

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    Anyone know a place where I can listen to “Sroad D duppy no hook” ? It would be appreciated

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    These man look hella comfortable

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    Am’s verseeeeee 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💕

  79. D_Money0121

    can't rate m24 ever since he hid behind his mother.....low it

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    peak when do it and crash has more views than do it and dash 😭😭😭

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    Who is that guy he Is so beautiful.

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