Lynn, Vera - White Cliffs Of Dover Lyrics

There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

There'll be love and laughter
And peace ever after.
Tomorrow, when the world is free

The shepherd will tend his sheep.
The valley will bloom again.
And Jimmy will go to sleep
In his own little room again.

There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

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Lynn, Vera White Cliffs Of Dover Comments
  1. I like Highways

    Imagine being born during the First World War, living in the second and is alive to tell the story today. Inspiration

  2. Roy D'Oliveiro

    Just love this song- first heard it when Jim Reeves sang

  3. Alexander W

    Happy 102 birthday Vera!

  4. john weaver

    Great singer from an era gone happy birthday vera

  5. James Garbutt

    My beautiful nana sang this to me in her hospital bed as she slowly gave way to dementia. It took her in Feb 2018 she didn't speak to anyone at her bed side I was visiting from my town I moved to. She didn't say anything to me and as soon as I held her hand she started singing this to me. As I said bye to her for the final time she pulled me to her and whispered she loved me and that was it she passed a month or so after

  6. Oasis4life 01

    The king never left 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. goose green

    Rule Britannia! Long live the cause of freedom! God save the Queen!

  8. martel hinds

    R.I.P. XXX England thanks you for the love and hope that you spread.Thank

  9. Me An INFP

    I’m seeing the white cliffs of Dover for the first time this Saturday and I had to come and re-listen to this song. It’s what made me interested in seeing them in the first place years ago.

  10. ChEaH

    Sidemen video anyone?

  11. SlimJim

    OK Justine, you won't be, I hope I'm not. Good God I L O V E this song and I love Vera Lynn. What a fantastic song. My Uncle Steve loved this, he was a medic in Patton's command during WW2.

  12. Justine Garcia

    Please don’t let me be the last comment to this beautiful song😭😭

  13. stephen miles

    there's one lady who will be treasured for the joy she gave through her music to so many people all those years ago me as a pensioner now looking back over the years I have to say sometimes a song can transport you back for a while in your youth away from stress and take you places that are too beautiful for words with those you love or just enjoying the inner peace of your thoughts music is the key to life and whatever your thoughts are in this material world we're in, music will always bring people together....your one of those people and we thank you dearly

  14. tyfranklin1

    My father always talked about the popularity of this song when he was in England in WWII. Hearing it brings tears to my eyes.

  15. n00bk1ng3r665

    103 baby

  16. Sara Wilkinson

    My parents met on V E day. My mum was 18 and my dad was 23 and serving in the Navy.
    My mum told me that London was absolutely going crazy that strangers were hugging and dancing in the streets.
    I can't even imagine the relief that was felt that finally, after 6 long years, WW2 was over.
    London took such a terrible pounding from the bombing raids.
    My mum told me that one night she was supposed to attend her friend's birthday party at the local pub, but her mother (my nan) had a bad feeling about it and told her not to go.
    That night the pub took a direct hit from a German bomber and everyone inside that pub was killed.......if my mum had gone, she would have been one of those poor souls.
    Both my parents are gone now, but I salute them and their generation.........folks were made of strong stuff back then.

  17. Julie Pownall

    Those beautiful cliffs of Dover & the lovely vera Lynn the good old days 🙂

  18. Betty Spearns

    Wow now 102. Loved so much! 💕

  19. Dean

    Playing this on Brexit Day, knowing yet another European power looking to strip nations of their sovereignty has fallen to the union flag, and freedom!

  20. Diane Anderson

    A tear in my eye .8th July 2019 still listening to this classic.

  21. James Beal

    Nanas funeral song 😢

  22. cbonklisse

    I am glad that the majority of her generation is not seeing what's happening to the nations of the western world they fought so hard to save.  She's from my parents generation.

  23. Tony P

    What an amazingly beautiful voice

  24. Gary L

    My father, mother, grandfather and grandmother would cry when they heard this song, I know now why. It took me years and countless losses until I understood. I'm 60 now, I want my friends back. They are now forever beyond my reach. I now know what a waste war is.

  25. TheFenghuang

    Thanks Yogscast!

  26. Liam Gobindram

    Apartment, fancy homemade dinner, champagne, nice girl, dim lights, candles, romance.

  27. Kirsty Mullen

    75 years since the D-day invasion,and thank you to all who helped and all the fallen we will never see a generation like them again,love and respect from a British girl ❤️

  28. Tony P

    Beautiful. RIP to all my Vietnam buddies. Till we meet again.

  29. Elizabeth Phelps

    Makes me cry such a Powerful Song.My Grandad was in WW2 .

  30. Philip Meers

    I've listened to this song more times than I can remember, but this time the tears are running down in my cheeks.

    A wonderful song, a wonderful singer.

  31. Richard Hawkins

    Rallied the lads it must have very powerful message just you wait and see inspiring and patriotic

  32. Laura Coggs

    I am 18 and love listening to her as my grandad was in the war and I grew up with her

  33. ColaWhiski

    ... it is important to keep reminding ourselves of all these brave young people, those of all nations who have sacrificed their youth in the hope of a world without war and oppression, forgetting to kill them once more .. honor and respect ....

  34. Daveed 308

    This brings me to anger knowing our hero's of the sea, land and air died for us so that we can be free. Our government has aloud Islam to slowly take over our great land, there or mosque up and down this fair Island, sharia is in many of our cities slowly making our great land Islamic, is this our future, do we just let it happen and let our hero's who died for our freedom, die in vain. A new Battle of Britain is about to start. The enemy has quietly entered our land, and they are quietly conquering us.

  35. Gary L

    Have we reached tomorrow yet?

  36. Ron Mortimer

    My Dad fought in WW2 (Canada) and he remembered Vera Lynn very well. He;s gone now (1994) but some of the stories he told us about those days will never die.

  37. phil porter

    from my home town east ham 😎

  38. Harry Warren Fans

    Dame Vera Lynn celebrated her 102nd birthday in March, 2019! Kudos to a beautiful woman!

  39. shoknifeman2 mikado

    102 years old!!! Her recording of the White cliffs of Dover gave the World hope, when all seemed hopeless!

  40. grace mataafa

    I enjoy listening to this song 😍


    grace mataafa she’s related to me believe it or not I’m not joking my great nans cousin

    grace mataafa

    @Sam wow 😍

    grace mataafa

    She's really has a lovely voice 😍

  41. Theodoros Tzemos

    one of the best songs

  42. Steve Heywood

    Dame Vera Lynn turned 102 on March 20th...God bless her.

  43. vladkornea

    1942 Britain. Fascist and Communist dictatorships have enslaved most of the world. The United Kingdom is the last unconquered Allied country remaining. The democratically elected National Socialist German Workers' Party is relentlessly bombing English cities (the Luftwaffe bombed London more than 70 times). The only silver lining is that the peaceful and prosperous semi-Capitalist Constitutional Republic across the pond has recently joined the war effort in response to Pearl Harbor. Keep this historical context in mind, and then listen to this song (and grok the lyrics).

  44. davis d_ambly

    Happy 102nd birthday to Dame Vera Lynn this 24th of March 2019.

  45. Bitter sweet

    Seit heute ist sie 101 Jahre. 20 März 2019 wurde sie 101 Jahre alt.

  46. Charlie Eldridge

    I love this song and also I like her because she helped and cheerd the soldiers up and THIS SONG IS AMAZING!

  47. Douglas Kay

    This song more than anything inspired us during the war.

  48. Magic Medic

    Keep in mind, that she's still alive. What a wonderous generation.

  49. Roland Deschain

    Yeah I was born in 93 so I don’t relate to this song the same

    Owen Macarthur

    I was born in 2007

  50. LGranthamsHeir

    'The Orville' Episode 'Deflectors' brought me here....

  51. Kirk Fraser

    Tears streaming down my face!

  52. MrLowrevia

    Soon england will be under sharialaw

  53. cricketbat09

    Enjoying this classic, in 2019. Our brave armed forces fought all through WW2, yet we ended up with the awful, mongrel, society we have today.

  54. Jon Esry

    tough for democrats

  55. George Bobb

    I viewed the White Cliffs of Dover from the flight deck of the USS RANDOLPH in July of 1966. I remember it well.

  56. Jessica Yeich

    101 years old, still beautiful music .... amazing how you can transport back.

  57. Christeos Pir

    The war was over almost a decade before I was born. Why does this song always make me cry?

  58. Royal Irish

    2019 and we are told we cannot survive without the EU ruling us, how many young men that fought in 2 world wars would be rolling in there graves if they knew our great nation was to be defeated politically by the Germans.

  59. craigslistrr O

    In the end, it was the Muslims that conquered GB without firing a shot.

  60. Hot Rockin'


  61. Irish Field

    So great souvenirs to me adore this ever will stand time ever thank you

  62. Emma Lucassen


  63. Emma Lucassen


  64. Brian Critchley

    A voice from eternity. pure perfection.

  65. King Tutt

    Sing Dame Lynn.

  66. Rachel Meek

    Great tune, gets me hard everytime

  67. True Faith

    Moreover.. when British men were British,& British women were British

  68. Anton Benix


  69. Mr Fixit

    True British. When women were women and men were men.

  70. Marcus José Freire Fernandes


  71. Rebekah Brown

    I can tell get through this song without crying, it was my grandfather and favourite. He was a veteran

  72. Dayen Paul

    proper lady

  73. Ted. w.

    Love this woman voice,She was NO1 during WW2

  74. Its Katelyn

    i am in music club in school and we are doing this song and my music teacher brought me hear my the link


    She's truly a national treasure to the Brits.

  76. mark thomas

    Omg if jimmy could see britain today i weep

  77. Karl Johnson

    Simply an iconic Lady! Thank you for giving us today.

  78. Bill Bright

    Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile!

  79. Nightcore Of Myth

    Check out my Nightcore of this at:

  80. Crazy Cat

    Since I've been in my 30's my music has changed Vera's music relaxes me.

  81. Dayen Paul

    Being English now is racist 😢😢😢

  82. Øystein

    101 years!! Woah!!

  83. Nightmare Foxy

    I love Vera Lynn. She has a beautiful voice

  84. Rene LeClerc

    Sure hope someone uses this recording in a popular movie.  "Shape of Water" has introduced thousands of young people to Vera Lynn's version of "You'll Never Know."

  85. Cathleen Pintek Becskehazy

    There is no song like this, as we continue to have wars all over the globe.
    This song touched so many hearts, still tugs at mine, and still the fights continue. We humans learned nothing.

  86. Abhishek Maurya

    0:01-0:11 Can someone tell me songs which sound like this

  87. Doverboy21 1

    I’m so glad I was born in dover


    respect always...what a voice and what a strong woman she was... amazing

  89. Mark McElroy

    Such a sad song.

  90. Juan Manuel Parada Contreras

    Toda una hermosa tonada sobre los acantilados de Dover de parte de Vera Lynn.

  91. Eddie Brophy

    A song of freedom, and of the resistance to ,and the defeat of, evil.

  92. Peter Grossett

    There are blue birds there now. We dont need another war. Just to see blue birds again. Marlene Detricht was much more moving, in my opinion

  93. Eileen Woodman

    This sounds weird but my mum and dad were living next to very lynn it is not fake

  94. Glitch Droid

    Y does “dream a little dream” have more views than this

  95. Thomas Mulroney

    I saw England's amazing Queen Mother singing along to this. Perfect pairing.

  96. The Grand Supreme

    One day we'll all be free! Keep praying for freedom and human rights all over the world! No more feminism, nazism, slavery, or any other type of oppression! Have hope and keep up the fight guys!

  97. Night Fury

    My beloved late Grandmother used to sing this to me as a child when I was upset or couldn't sleep...I am 40 years old and knew this song from my grandmother only before I came here and looked it up about 3 years ago.

  98. Mandi 1818

    Played this song and sang it to my Nana as she was passing away. Beautiful song