Lynn Anderson - Only Baby That'll Walk The Line Lyrics

Everybody knows you been steppin' on my toes and I'm gettin' pretty tired of it
I'm gonna hitch you on my head with a plenty corn bread
If you had any sense you'd quit

Cause ever since I was a little bitty teeny girl
You thought you was the only man in my world
But now you better do some thinkin' then you'll find
You got the only baby that'll walk the line

I keep a wolkin' every day all you wanna do is play I'm tired a stayin' out all night
I'm a comin' unglued from your funny little moods now honey baby that ain't right

Cause ever since I was a little bitty teeny girl
You thought you was the only man in my world
But now you better do some thinkin' then you'll find
You got the only baby that'll walk the line

I keep a packin' up your clothes nearly everybody knows that I'm just a puttin' you on
'Cause when you start a walkin' and you can hear me start a squawkin'
And a beggin' you to come back home

Cause ever since I was a little bitty teeny girl
You thought you was the only man in my world
But now you better do some thinkin' then you'll find
You got the only baby that'll walk the line
You got the only baby that'll walk the line
You got the only baby that'll walk the line

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Lynn Anderson Only Baby That'll Walk The Line Comments
  1. Bradley Spencer

    I like how they’re jamming out and gettin’ down to a quasi-country music song.

  2. francisco mezzovilla gonçalves

    Cuti demais esta música. Linda.

  3. A.J. 232737

    I love the song but those people can not dance.

  4. dairatekozou


  5. Melinda Burge

    Those funky dance moves

  6. Neil Hershey

    I love u lynn

  7. Justin D. Anderson

    Trailer park boys... did I say enough? Fucking ray & luce dirty dancing lol

  8. Potus 2020

    Use to hate that shes hot.but I was a kid in sounds better that I'm in my50 ,

  9. Mike Hancock

    Great gal and great [email protected]👍👍♥️♥️🙂

  10. Billy Grind

    2:20 Brad Pitt in white shirt haha

  11. daffidavit

    As of 2019 it's been said that 50-60% of marriages end up in divorce. Those who remain are unhappy except for maybe 5-10%. It's no wonder the millennials are holding off or not getting married at all. So sad. But why would any reasonably minded person get married in today's age when it's so easy to pull the ejection seat?

  12. jgal4000

    I love the musical accompaniment to this song - very well done with great crescendos mixed in and just a general hip flavor to it. Of course, Lynn did a fantastic job with this song also.

  13. Ignacio Hernandez

    I love this song, it's beautiful!!!!❤❤❤

  14. Rich Short

    RIP Lynn 💕❤

  15. Brady Barrows

    This only one of them many old country songs I used to listen to when I was young.

    Kiko Man

    Maybe 'cause it wasn't just a country song. It crossed over to be a big pop hit for her as well. Was a hit all around the world.

  16. Сергей Чимев

    Пусни и няма да съжаляваш !!!

  17. William Hutchinson

    shut up & go make me a sangwich.🥪

  18. József Tamás

    Like, ha te is a Valan c. film után jöttél ide.

  19. Armando Hernandez

    she also had some marijuana plants growing in her rose garden too.

  20. Gerry Schmid

    I am responsible foe viewing this over a million times !s

  21. Larry Mayo

    I beg your pardon, SHE DID PROMISE ME A ROSE GARDEN!

    andy moore

    Oh bugger.....

  22. neatodd

    Those kids dancing are drawing their pensions now


    Or dead rip

    mads15 Degree drift

    Not yet, they aren't (2019)

  23. Blacks Eat Free Or Bang On Tables

    My ancestors once said, when the sun shines dance like you hate the fact you were born, so that you don't end up hating eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerybody else...

  24. Mike or patty Rhoades

    just listen to the words ok!!! Love ya! BUT!! Love ya!!👍👍👍💖💕

  25. Aaron Olson

    Thank you Lynn Anderson. I was 17 and in high school. Thank you BBC. Go Brits!

  26. Phillip Cole

    loved this song for years …….


    O from in Brasil...essa música foi regravada aqui com grande sucesso...pelo fever..grande cantora, grande mulher linda mulher

  28. maritonmae x

    In other words, quit bitchin'. It is what it is. It's up to you.

    Larry Mayo

    "Just stop your bitchin, I ain't going into the kitchen."

  29. maritonmae x

    I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden.

  30. maritonmae x

    Yay-ess. Who's listening in 2019? Asses. Git on. And swipe left or right. This is just a great song.

    William Hutchinson

    maritonmae x it was written by a man but
    only a defiant womern could make it a hit.

  31. La King 7301


  32. Oliver Torres

    2:23 the guy in white button shirt is like the morning-after pill acting.

  33. Thelma LAWLESS



    Musica interpretada por The Fevers no Brasil. E tem uma parte da música que passa na música de uma banda de rock ou pop, não lembro qual é.


    Lembrei: é o grupo Kon Kan, com a música I Beg your pardon:

  35. Iyori T

    This song was very popular in Japan in the 70s.
    I saw the real thing for the first time 😳
    Thanks 🙏

  36. GS Factor

    2019 ? Almost 2020


    Lynn Anderson was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, however, she was raised in Fair Oaks, California. She was the daughter of country music songwriters Casey and Liz Anderson.
    Lynn Anderson's great-grandfather was born in Aremark, Norway. In later life, Anderson met her Norwegian relatives through the Norwegian TV series "Tore på sporet".
    Anderson became interested in singing at age six. She had her first success in the horse show arena in and around California, where she eventually won a total of 700 trophies, including the "California Horse Show Queen" title in 1966. In her teens, she performed regularly on the local television program Country Caravan.
    Source : Wikipedia

  38. Morten Fredrik Mørch

    A fantastic song I will never will get tired of. Brings back so many memories, me and my girl together then, and still together now, just a little bit older. A timeless song that will never die. One of the best ever

  39. Stephan Asdf

    Yes, waste more time.
    AliExpress purchases, when the seller decides to send faulty factory reject goods.
    After intentionally being sent faulty phones, I'm supposed to take a video. You only do that if the seller unintentionally send you faulty phones. I don't give a toss what the reason is. You have created yet another setback. Your problem, not mine. If I don't receive a full refund, then I'll only be speaking to people when absolutely necessary.

  40. James Brady

    Semper Fi . . . you know why . . .

  41. Presley Presley

    Remember this song in the 70s. Gosh, Lynn Anderson. What a beauty. Great voice!

    Kiko Man

    She was the most beautiful of all the country queens.

  42. Lorraine henderson

    U never promised a rose garden still waters run deep And I am broader than Broadway xxx

  43. Lorraine henderson

    Along with sunshine I beg pardon I never promised u a 🌹 garden on a silver platter love shouldn't look b4 u leap I beg your pardon just as soon let u go still

    Arto Crossan

    sing up Lorraine ;)

  44. Sun Valley

    I have come to watchi this for my first time despite I was born in... 1964 :)

  45. Fritz Möller


  46. Joseph Anandadas

    should be played at every wedding

  47. Grandas Girl

    Also Mamie's birthday

  48. Robert Harper

    Bless you.

  49. Lynita Sample

    Maybe that'll help you not be high

  50. Callie Brooks

    My Mum sang this to me when I was young and still sang it beautifuly in her 80s xx Love you Mum xxx

  51. Preppy

    A Real.....woman!!!

  52. Spitha Roo

    Look at that kids, fully dressed, no shaking her arse in your face and yet she's captivating. Oh, and she has a great voice. That's what you call classy.

  53. Trucking Annie

    Gotta dance to this

  54. Marilyn Courtney

    Gd old tune she had a great voice

  55. Stephan Asdf

    This was back in time when I was at primary school being bullied everyday for being a c*cks*cker. I didn't promise you a rose garden, but I promised to swallow instead.

  56. GILBERT Hernandez

    You know, we all have our moments of greatness. They eventually fad away.
    Sad huh?

  57. GILBERT Hernandez

    Are those the proper moves for that song?

  58. frank gugli

    belle chanson

  59. Kelly Foster

    Trumps campaign song

  60. Daniel bouwmeester

    Leuke muziek tijdtje

  61. Jane Doe

    zombie dancers lol

  62. Terra Beh

    My daughter doesn't understand how much This woman influenced her. I am so glad Lynn seeped into her soul. She hates I didn't lie and tell her life was My Little Pony Land all full of sparkles. Now that she is an adult? We shall see.

  63. Angie Smith

    lynn is hot!

  64. john page

    Sadly Gone. But not forgotten. Rest in peace.

  65. Bob Jones

    She was such a success in the 70s and sadly just couldn't lick her issues with alcohol!! She also had a ton of great "Country" hits!!

    Kiko Man

    She was Billboard's Artist of the Decade 70-80. Huge star in her day. In spite of her struggle with alcohol in later life, she was still a favorite concert attraction right up til the end and released a new album to rave reviews only a month before she passed at 67, in 2015.

  66. BadLeaders

    Alcohol ruined her life like it has so many other people.

    Kiko Man

    She did battle alcoholism in her later life, but I wouldn't say it "ruined it." She was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2004 - 34 years after winning one. She still headlining decent sized, mainstream venues right up 'til the end and released an album to rave reviews only a month before she passed. Point taken; however, it was a struggle in the latter part of her life - a very public battle.

  67. theothertroll

    a song written for a man to woman sung by a woman - fucked up ~

  68. Lucia Maria Costa


  69. Busyboy 42

    She was fit!

  70. Ivor Scrotumic

    No tits hanging out, no arse twerking, no acres of bare skin.
    Just a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. No gimmicks needed.

  71. ATTRIA joy

    I was in pre school when this song came out

  72. Knumbugs

    The song that they were too lazy to think of an ending for. Personally I'd have repeated the intro as an ending.

  73. Woody

    Some songs never die like Neil Young's song "Rock & Roll will never die"

  74. Tapajara

    People who sing about roses don't realize how thorny they are. Lay down in a bed of rose bushes some time and find out what they are really like.


    Ha! Stupid people! They also sing about something called "love".

  75. thedavecorp

  76. Gilda Pat

    2019 November 20 😯😯😮😮😮😀😀😀😀😀🙏🙏

    kassandra mesi

    Same brthday...20/11

    Glynn Evans

    @kassandra mesi hi kassandra, I luv this track too Also do u like Billie jo Spears and lynn Anderson 🌟🌟🌟was taken from us so prematurely and inspired many other artists too ..Kind regards Glynn n Greetings from Stourbridge West Midlands UK 🌷🌷🌼🌼🤗🤗

  77. Redblade

    That is some wig she is wearing!

    Kiko Man

    not a wig. she was known for her beautiful , long blonde hair. can't you see it growing out of her scalp? duh?


    @Kiko Man
    Ok, she's not wearing a wig, but most do!
    Click the link below and you will see a nice picture of her:

    Kiko Man

    @Redblade You're an evil asshole. You do know she's now deceased, do you not? Have some respect, fuckwad.


    @Kiko Man
    Oh, I knew that would get your goat up!

    Kiko Man

    @Redblade Didn't get up my goat, as you say. It only confirmed you're devoid of any common, human decency and an attention whore.

  78. Diana James

    i was 7 years old when I first heard this song. My parents were playing it. ah good memories

  79. edwin granados vargas

    Que cancion mas hermoss

  80. Pertti Tapio

    Tuon ajan melankoolista menoa. I hate that, bad memories, bad Song.

  81. Frühdemenz Demenz

    Die arme Lynn wird damals auch gedacht haben, Jesus, wo bin ich denn hier gelandet...Großartiger song, auch im Jahr 2019 -)


    Was ist falsch daran, dort zu sein?

  82. Valeire Doyke

    Great song

  83. Bakewell

    The beginnings of my love for Country and Western music....lovely!

  84. GILBERT Hernandez

    Love her hairdo

  85. Katie C

    I have loved this song my whole life ❤

  86. chris bond

    So bloody damn good I had to listen twice,,, oh what memories ..

  87. darius kaulinskas


  88. Sylvia Campos

    Me I love this song

  89. Michelle Post

    I remember when this song was new, and I'm not yet 60. As a child, I thought she looked alot like Meredith McCrae of Petticoat Junction, the blond who was Billie Jo.

    Kiko Man

    It was the hair ... it was the same. Lynn was prettier, I thought.

  90. erzsebet horvath

    nagyon Jóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó

  91. davesbigplay

    The guy in the white coat is tripping on some bad mushrooms, haha!!!!!

    Marlene Stergiou

    davesbigplay 🤣😂😅😏


    @Marlene Stergiou ???????????????????

    Busyboy 42

    The babe at 2.22 shared the same mushrooms LOL. And she's fit!


    Bellas canciones y bellas épocas de grandes recuerdos.

  93. Chad Gilmore

    Get rid of those kids they all look like Nazi experiments 🥺

  94. Za Prunes

    I didn't exist when this song came out so if history teaches us everything what makes you think there's life after death.....

  95. 宮川正孝

    大好きな楽曲! 私は高校時代のE S Sクラブを思い出しました。

  96. bignosycat

    on Netflix, PHIL, this song came on so had to revisit before deciding if I wanted to watch the movie. I loved this song when I was a teen it is nice to revisit - this voice brings back happy times.... money in the jukebox a bottle of mountain dew and a fantastic burger at the Little Joes diner - old school! Not a care in the world...

  97. Joy Campbell

    My mom used to sing this to us when we would complain, miss my mommy.

    Sparky 55

    Same here my mom used to sing this to me, God I sure miss her 😥

    GILBERT Hernandez

    Oh Joy 💔

    GILBERT Hernandez

    @Sparky 55 😥💔

    Pawan Iyer

    Hugs. She knows you miss and love her

    Jimi Barker

    Yeah mum's are the best

  98. Steve Eaton

    This was the USMC Motto in the 70's thru 90's! Anybody else remember it ? I had a BIG poster that my G.F left out in the rein when we moved once. Semper Fi.