Lynn Anderson - Kiss Away Lyrics

Kiss away kiss away guess that's all that's left to say
Please come back and kiss these tears away
Smile again let me smile again make my life worthwhile again
Please come back and kiss these tears away

Only you can change these sad and blue days
Only you can make them I-love-you days
Oh, kiss away kiss away still there's nothing left to say
Please come back and kiss these tears away

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Lynn Anderson Kiss Away Comments
  1. Primrose Haran

    this is really a beautiful song and beautifully sung thanks for this


    Thanks and you're welcome!

  2. marcus Brazil

    Nice !!!!


    Thanks, Marcus!

  3. Milton Moore

    The only other
    version I have ever
    heard of this song
    is by David Houston, from one of his LP'S.
    But I think Lynn's
    version Trumps
    Davids. I like it
    better than any
    other ballad she
    ever recorded, and
    it's right up there
    with "Rose Garden" as a recording that is perfect in all respects. This is my "pick of the day!" I am sure this video will
    get many positive
    comments! With
    gratitude! 👍👏😃

    Melody Goodman

    You need to listen to Tammy Wynette's version.

  4. CountryBoy Williams


    Shirley Wood

    Hello BeMisty
    I am a big Lynn Anderson fan. I can not get enough of her music. So if you do not mind putting more Lynn Anderson I would love that. Brent takes my request for Lynn Anderson but I also like it when somebody puts up her songs on her albums that were not released as singles like You and Brent. And my name is Shirley.


    Hi Shirley! I'll post some of her music if it isn't on YouTube =) Thanks for stopping by! ~ Bianca

    Shirley Wood

    Nice to meet you Bliance.
    Thank you so much for the Lynn Anderson songs.

    Shirley Wood

    Sorry i mean Bianca

    CountryBoy Williams

    Shirley Wood 😃 👍