Lynch, Stephen - You (Prettier Than) Lyrics

Hand in hand we walk the city
'neath the darkened skies
Stealing kisses in the shadows
Away from prying eyes

Hiding out from those we know
Secrets whispered, voices low
Pulses raising, hearts aflame
A love that dare not speak it's name

Well we just can't let people see
That you're not hot enough for me
Don't tell our families or our friends
Say one word and this thing ends
It's true
Cause I'm prettier than you

I'll take you on a special date
Enjoy your company
If someone we know happens by
Just hide behind that tree

To a late night picture show
Or planetarium we'll go
A midnight picnic in the park
Anywhere that's really dark

Well we just can't let people see
That you're not hot enough for me
But I'll enjoy this right or wrong
'til someone better comes along
My boo
Someone prettier than you

I wish I weren't a shallow man
I wish that I cared not
I wish I weren't so superficial
I wish you were more hot

It should not be a shame to see
I love your personality
What we have is good and true
For you've got me
And lucky you

But we just can't let people see
That you're not hot enough for me
So close your eyes and sing along
At least I wrote you a love song
It too
Is prettier than you

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Lynch, Stephen You (Prettier Than) Comments
  1. Daryl Vaughan

    Part time singing comedian, Full time Savage!

  2. Daniel McGillis

    Cause you got me and lucky you. Classic.

  3. David&Amanda Phetteplace

    Guatemalan child? 

    Ciobanu Bogdan

    +David&Amanda Phetteplace I`ll take it only from the derriere!

  4. Christopher Struble

    This is a story of my roommates life for sure

  5. Rik Van Schaaik

    Holy shit! So much inside jokes! :D Loving it. :P

  6. Jason Pack

    It's okay. At least you tried.

  7. Jason Pack

    Listen to 'Waiting'

  8. Shamus Leckie

    nice, I had no idea he was a t-rex fan

  9. ukwarrior89

    What what what?!

  10. Likeyoucare

    That's not a rumor, on his live DVD he specifically says it during the commentary.

  11. donatello7783

    a lot of guys have whores for wives I guess

  12. hummingpockets

    Hahahaha! Nice one.

  13. God's Chosen Juan

    I played this for my wife a couple weeks ago..... Now I'm playing lullaby for my kids because they want to know where mommy went.

  14. hummingpockets

    My husband and I sing this to each other. Does that say something about us? :D

    Radu Benea

    It says that you're both cool people who can take a joke and know not to feel insulted by it! Great for you, keep it up!

  15. IrishEggroll

    This seems to perfectly describe Romeo & Juliet.

  16. Joe Hand

    both top comments exactly the same, by the same person, that guy is good

  17. benbunny1

    @xcalstudx It is

  18. Joey Miller

    @millslack1 HAHAHA that is god damn hilarious ;)

  19. kyleide


  20. Fleshrac

    The single dislike was given by a person with a bag over his head...

  21. Lonny Hostage

    This song sounds way too much like a true story

  22. Alexander92207

    My girlfriend sang this for me. Gotta be the nicest breakup ever.

  23. Timelaw

    The funny fact, and truth, is that even though his music is meant for comedy, the music itself is really satisfying. It's like better than most shit I hear these days. This is what I listen to when I don't listen to my "regular" music, which is hard rockish

  24. IronSunriseForge

    i couldnt stop laughing at this song, the girlfriend came to see and listened to the song and kicked me in the nads D:

  25. Silverone43

    @pehpehshaw indeed!

  26. Oalym

    I'd dedicate this to myself, but I'm single. Still.

  27. FudForLife

    @chrantheman I know, isnt it terrible

  28. chrantheman

    @FudForLife And even moreso girls. xD

  29. FudForLife

    Unfortunately, so many guys are like this.

    Jack Pierce

    You're right.........women should start being more picky, too. Make men up their game as much as men have forced women to.

  30. Taylor Brett

    So true!

  31. powermasterjazz

    A nice romantic song! I like!

  32. Camil Pop

    1 ugly girlfriend disliked this song

  33. Feylan Winters

    @Crazewhiteboy92 He would most likely let you.

  34. ohbugger54

    @MultiFeezy no Ive done it to, yeah didn't go down well

  35. Zoë Godaert

    so sweet and insulting all at once.

  36. ffssdd666

    @millslack1 Atleast I wasn't the only one to have that crazy idea haha.

  37. madame w

    This song is so fucking wrong on on many levels.

  38. millslack1

    Played for my wife...hasn't spoke to me for about 2 days.

  39. MegaZeroBlues

    lmao that fucking violin lol

  40. UncleGhost.95

    Am I the only one stupid enough to play this on a date? lol

  41. William Kroth

    lucky you......holy shit thats funny

  42. T Rav

    My wedding song!!!!

  43. Vernetta Sanders

    that 1 person is his ugly girlfriend

  44. pehpehshaw

    Lyrics of a devil voice of an angel

  45. kevin hayden

    LOL i love this video!

  46. JustAnotherYorkshireman

    @pytho777 must have cursed it :(

  47. Vince P

    @LadyOpenshaw you just had to say something did you? :P

  48. JustAnotherYorkshireman

    0 dislikes = WINNING

  49. Odin Thorsen

    I can't really see myself dating someone that weren't attractive to me... I mean they don't have to be gorgeous but at least cute or somewhat pretty...

  50. Ryan Pulliam

    @mikailclark2000 well looks aint important soo yeah

  51. Ryan Pulliam

    @Crazewhiteboy92 ooooooookaaaaayyyyyy ummmmmmmm whatever tickles your pickle

  52. TheLegalizeWeed

    @malignor All I have to say to that, sir, is lmfao.

  53. BeefCake361

    at first i thought he was talking about a guy

  54. Killahnoobz

    @Crazewhiteboy92 And he's prettier than you.

  55. malignor

    Despite my man-crush on him, I wouldn't... unless, of course, he had two broken arms and needed to write his name in the snow.
    But I'd write my own.

  56. Remunial13

    His songs are better than most of the shit i've been hearing on the radio for the last decade.

  57. Zachary young

    @iLikeRiceXD sort of like you you realize we all aren't your parents we dont touch little boys

  58. Zachary young

    @Crazewhiteboy92 r u gay or something

  59. Zachary young

    @iLikeRiceXD neighther i am a homophobe

  60. Zachary young

    @DawnsRage WTF is wrong with you

  61. Ignotum

    @Crazewhiteboy92 dont we all?

  62. Zachary young

    @Crazewhiteboy92 wht the hell r u talking about that is so gay

  63. Tea Tea

    @shadowfox0900 That is fucking awesome. XD

  64. Dawnsy

    @Crazewhiteboy92 would you fondle his one nut? ...
    I would
    Im a guy 2

  65. FathomLordKarathr

    @Crazewhiteboy92 ummmm o..k

  66. J3rryVlieger

    @Crazewhiteboy92 you sure you don't mean i'm a gay?

  67. Josh Freilich

    @gigsworld101 She has a good sense of humor. ;)

  68. Misaki Hayakawa

    Why are there so many haters commenting? This is in no way, shape or form Stephen's worst song, moral wise, I love it because it's something I can show someone else without them hearing "That's an ugly ass baby" or "Altar boy, oh altar boy!"...

  69. Robert Singleton

    You don't carry a barbie backpack?

  70. ioana

    that's funny

  71. ioana

    ow my... how bloody gay is that?!

  72. Cody Begley

    I rofled.

  73. ioana

    @Wellwellwellwell1 - actually he is a tranny :D

  74. go2URroom

    that was actually a dude lol

  75. Pfheonix

    Ah... Well that is unfortunate.

  76. Pfheonix

    WELL FINE! I'll argue! Happy? You just destroyed a little boy in Central China's dreams by arguing! Why can't you just leave him alone?!?!?!? *Parodying the emo chick who defended Britney*

  77. Pfheonix

    Nothing. People just see it as different and are afraid of it. They don't like it because of that difference. And no. I'm not trying to start an argument.

  78. therealhyperwire

    My GF loves this song. She says it reminder her of us!

  79. therealhyperwire

    Lol... awesome