Lynch, Stephen - Terrible Ghost Lyrics

Oh, I can't even wish for death
Because I drew my last breath
About a thousand years ago
Know all I can do is roam
Around someone else's home
Haunting people I don't know

I get sad every night
I look bad, wearing white
I'm a terrible ghost
A really terrible ghost

How I wish that I could quit
Cause I hate all this spooky shit
I'd rather smoke a bowl instead
I don't mean to be untoward
But fuck a Ouija board
I think I'll just go back to bead

And have a cry
Watch tv
My dad was right
He always said I'd be
Such a terrible ghost
Useless, lazy ghost

I dream every night
That I've learned how to scare a child or two
But then when I wake up, I realize
I still don't know boo

About being a ghost

All the other ghosts are dicks
Cruel to me
Don't get me started on those chicks
They see right through me
Man, when is it over?
This sad, sad song
Oh, eternity?
That's cool
That's not very long

I don't care I'm too forlorn, it's not fair, I never asked to be born
And dead. Then undead
Like I said, I'm a terrible ghost
A really terrible ghost
Fuck you dad

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