Lynch, Stephen - Medieval Bush Lyrics

Come fair lady to mine bed we go
And verily sweet pleasures we shall know
Yet where thy belly meets thy limb
I beseech thee give a trim
For thy bush doth overflow

My lady doth have a 70s muff
A 1470s muff, hmm?

Zounds! It's as prickly as a Christmas wreath
Think it might hide some baby birds beneath
Pray shave it off to make a coat
There are fur balls down mine throat
Short and curlies twixt my teeth

I sayeth not thy vagina is hirsute
But it lookest like thou hast Buckwheat in a leg lock, hmm?

But soft what hair through yonder girdle grows
To be or not to be put in cornrows
Oh it is beastly and unruly
And it smelleth of patchouli
And that offends my nose

I sayeth not that thou art furry down there
But it doth resemble Fidel Castro eating a London broil, hmm?

Medieval Bush

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Lynch, Stephen Medieval Bush Comments
  1. Lori Ackerman

    Bob and Tom afford and bequeath the most risque of music

  2. Tammy Fite

    My favorite !!

  3. T M F

    what is a lute? it's missing an f

  4. ken winston

    So critical. get in there and and enjoy.

  5. Dennis Morris

    bob and tom, u aren't real navy seals, I'm sick of ur stolen Valor, u monsters!
    may God have mercy on ur souls...

    Michael Gammell

    Dennis Morris what the fuck does this mean you fucking idiot lol

    Don Nelson

    Dennis Morris what the hell

  6. superjet113

    Craigs Moms bush..

  7. tim spaargaren18

    he's like a better looking, more funny mike birbiglia

  8. thegrimdemon117

    i can spell the host's laughter

  9. BillHicks420

    Wow, their laughs are horrible...

    Sachariah Hill

    How can you have a horrible laugh XD


    ever heard of jimmy carr [email protected] Hill


    @traumaaofficialpage Yeah, holy shit. His laugh is weird as fuck.


    +BillHicks420 he does a backwards laugh, he sort of inhales rather than exhales whilst laughing. or so he says...

    Alex Allen

    It's the smug yacht club laugh..... I want to punch them all in the face

  10. Walt Pervis

    Ugh bob and tom suck

    dan schutz

    So do you

    Marcello Capone

    Nice one Chippah.

  11. The BOB & TOM Show

    Watch comedian Stephen Lynch sing B&T classic Medieval Bush. 

  12. JMG71586

    Wow...  that was hilarious!

  13. Phillip J

    that's the shortest introduction I heard from tom so far. funny song

  14. dominic norton

    Screw Bob and Tom.

    dan schutz

    +dominic norton that's the point dumbass

    dominic norton

    Well that's the saddest point I have ever seen, Teach the young boys how to be a man. I know it sounds sooo damned hard, but there is plenty of fun as well.

    Мой член

    dominic norton ok buddy, go play now

  15. The BOB & TOM Show

    A tribute to the muff mannequins - Stephen Lynch - "Medieval Bush"

    "American Apparel Pubic Hair Mannequins Stop Pedestrians In Their Tracks (PHOTOS)" 

  16. Herky61

    i thought he ment George bush in the title

  17. Marco772009

    hat is this real song?? ive heard it before

  18. namekman01

    steven is so good a comedian, he doesnt need Bush

  19. Q Lawrence

    He reminds me of Cicero every time he does that.

    Yeah I know, I've been playing too much Skyrim, but imagining that little jester singing this just makes it that much funnier to me. xD



  20. Nicholas Daily

    That is just what the hell!!! It just I mean it funny as hell and bad at the same time

  21. oTALKu!

    the one line that made it for me was 'short and curlies twixt my teeth'. lol XD

  22. Steampunk_Timelord


  23. Jose Hernandez Martinez Antonio


  24. peezryce

    bob and tom suck but stephen lynch is hilarious! as far as radio shows go its all about the FBHW!!

  25. kaitybell


  26. Matthew Logan Schwartz

    i understand the "... barely"

  27. Queen Alpacalypse

    I love the bob and tom show!

  28. 123BananaApplePie

    Because his great,great,great,great,great,great,great grand father knew who Fidel Castro was :P

  29. NomTheFood


  30. Nick Dempsey

    Canned laughter.

  31. Jake Dobransky

    i love stephen lynch, but everyone on bob and tom need to go kill themselves.

  32. Lelouche DFO

    My favorite thing about Sir lynch is his facial expressions.

  33. stillpulseXistrolln

    its his great great great great great great uncle... dont try and ruin the song u douche.

  34. Monk.

    Part of his uncles act was being a psychic xD

  35. malooknii beaverstick

    i think you have to have that laugh to work in radio lol

  36. RasberrySwirl33

    pretty sure 90% of the people here don't care about/ know who Bob and Tom are. We're here for Lynch. Stephan Lynch.

  37. debbieswinyer

    Great loved it! Thanks for the smile!

  38. xTechN9C1ANx

    i laughed lolz and it's the internet, that's impossible for most people to do that

  39. Marsipulamis

    Yeah the hosts weren't ready for that one. Their discomfort is almost as funny as the song itself.

  40. Mulloway69

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha *fake laugh* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  41. timenyart

    your an idiot who doenst understand the basics of our political system and probably shouldnt be alowed to vote

  42. Ren De Verloren

    Such a great song. Such a great artist. Such a horrible show. I always hate when shit is on 'Bob & Tom' with all their artificial laughter. ~gag~ (but props to Stephen) (yea, 90s, bitches; props)


    what do you mean artificial because they dont laugh at everything you do? they sound like normal laughs to me this isnt a sitcom by any means.

  43. Lord Henry

    03:23 That's the fakest laughter I've ever heard...

  44. Raymond Smith

    More than one Bush

  45. VigrondX

    can't stand their laugh. they play on the radio every morning, and every time they do the same exact laugh every 10 seconds. i can't stand it.


    they are playing no laugh.... if you've ever seen other skits on here they alone debunk this claim look at the title of the song by dvn on bob and tom they couldnt control themselves.

  46. MrCombatarms5

    2:05 for song

  47. z26fireman

    @TheKnightwing1197 Bush wasn't voted out, he reached a term limit.

  48. PyroWolf13

    someone didnt know what a lute was xD

  49. Ursa Major

    Those people weren't laughing NEARLY enough. I'd be dying if he was singing that on my radio show xD

  50. CSk401

    Write it dowwwn ena nemops!

  51. nageljeuk

    @ImperiousViking That's because they fake it.

  52. Feral Xemnas

    i just realized that hes talking about vag hair

  53. mahtexas

    Stephen is cute.....

  54. ParadoxTrance41

    Turn on closed captions. 2:59 im pretty sure thats different than what he said

  55. 525halo

    there was a midevil version of George Bush....

    i wounder if was a shitty "king" then ....
    once a bush all ways a bush...

  56. tedslacedup28

    unfortunetly i had to have sex with a girl who had a 1470's muff...... not fun at all

  57. wolf mutt

    Emotions, you lose them if you're a radio host. The mic eats yous soul

  58. stillpulseXistrolln

    well thanks to this bastard i have to change into non-pissed-in pants....

  59. valkolakk

    I love Stephen Lynch's love songs lol

  60. Metalhaid

    GAWD Lynch is SOOOO freaking funny...!!

  61. GarageGamer

    That laughter was interesting...yes that is the word: interesting.

  62. takeaimnfire

    Haha, great ending... "Wow, you're really anti-lute."

  63. Sgt. Bob

    The radio-dude (bob or tom) has ZERO expression in his face when laughing... looks so weird.

  64. Slimer2x3

    2:07, somethin tells me I already know where this is goin'...

  65. Crazybenjiwoo

    @scottsloan84 C) thinkings hating Justin beiber comments are witty/funny.

  66. Engeldemuerte

    The facial expressions make this 10000000000000 times funnier XD

  67. Abyssmouse

    How is this fit for the radio? XD

  68. Call Me Clay

    "wow you are really anti-lute" XD

  69. Lolingerification

    wow Fidel Castro was in the medieval times? lol

  70. callieoop13

    @scottsloan84 LOL soooooo true! but there should be another option C.) hes a lint licker! lol

  71. Mike Yamaha

    this is one of my fav songs of all time. just saying.

  72. bochman416

    9 people still think its cool to have bush

  73. Hunter Smith

    Hahahah A A A A wtf fuck type of laugh is that... Dracula from sesimey street

  74. Daxana

    Oh that bush...

  75. ImperiousViking

    All the people laughing have that typical radio laughter...

  76. axelcosgirl

    ...And to think I came here expecting a political song/rant on the 43rd Republican American President. What a shock!!!!!

  77. Supernatural Crawlspace

    Stephen Lynch is great! Been a fan for almost 10 years.

  78. T Rav

    I love the hosts' forced laughter!

  79. Christian Thayer-Yates

    That uncle wouldn't happen to be Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, would it?

  80. Oliver Dunne

    8 people like bush.....and/or lutes! xD

  81. somethingdiffrant

    I love how the other peoples' laughter sounds medieval and jovial.
    Hah hah haaaah....

  82. Marcus56173

    I love how his right eyebrown keeps twitching as he sing ^^

  83. AntiCyberGreenBunny

    @james89027 Well if they die from it, then we all die from it, you see. It spreads like wildfire, my friend. And... We don't want that.

  84. TheUnP0ssible

    a FOURTEEN seventies mahff hmmmmmmmmmmm?

  85. bradwolf07


  86. zzzaaazzz55

    rofl he should have performed at ashton kutcher and demi moore's wedding

  87. ecmorgan69

    @breakidnwn Only around Italians - It's the best word to use besides "troglodyte" :)

  88. Dan

    damn, that girl needs to funny....yet so disturbing

  89. ecmorgan69

    @MDMH92 To show off my articulation skills :)

  90. ecmorgan69

    I'll never be able to use the word "hirsute" without snickering again...

  91. Heather Schroeder

    hehe bush...

  92. YellowCerberus18

    Wow, the anit-lute movement is really gaining ground, huh?

    Yet we continue to ignore the cries of the anti-bagpipes movement, who just want the noise to stop.

  93. james anderson

    i wonder if that got on air.

  94. shnos

    wow hope so

  95. Cindy_jah

    Haha, awsome. Great to see some new songs also.

    Is he doing tours in Europe soon??

  96. Marketing, Publicity & Promotions by Crates Media

    Yeah; I'd noticed the same upon hearing the Mozart piece on my playlist a couple weeks ago. At first, I was annoyed at Lynch for not having written his own score... but reflecting on it later, I have to appreciate the amount of original shit he's written over the years, and the originality of even this song here, despite its "roots".

    For what it's worth, we're all "standing on the shoulders of giants". This is truly a unique and funny song on its own, even if much of it was borrowed.


    The Beni

    Cool story bro

  97. rapidfireonthetarget