Lynch, Stephen - Denzel Lyrics

Some folks live a single life, so lonely
Thank god I've got you and you've got me
But if we had a pass for one night only
Who'd be on your list? Who'd be on your list, I'll give you 3

I'll take Rob Lowe, DiCaprio, and Denzel
I'll take Anne Hathaway, woah and Beyonce, and Denzel

Why are you looking at me funny?
You don't think Ann Hathaway (What the fuck)
I'm man enough to say Denzel is a honey
And also I'm sorry but I don't subscribe
To the hetero-normative idea
That human sexual expression
Is binary and one is either
Gay or straight but rather that
One's orientation is more fluid
And most people identify
Between the two extremes on a continuum
So if I saw Denzel at like
An airport and he winked at me
And walked into a bathroom stall
We both know I would follow him inside

Anyway, Jon Snow, and Barack O., and Denzel
Give me some Rachel Dratch, and Cumberbatch, and Denzel
And Denzel

And Denzel
And Denzel
And Denzel
And Denzel

And Christian Bale (And Denzel)
And Chuck Lidell (And Denzel)
Barbara Mandrell (And Denzel)

Denzel (Oh Denzel, oh)
Denzel (Oh Denzel, oh)

Denzel, Denzel and Lin-Manuel
Denzel, Denzel and Geri Haliwell
Love you Big D
You're the one for me

Denzel, Denzel, Denzel
And motherfuckin' Steve Carrell
Dave Chapelle, [?]
And Kenan and also Kel

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