Lynch, Stephen - Dead Sexy Lyrics

Hey Cleopatra
Girl I'm looking at ya
I like your sweet egyptian style
Forget old cesar
I'm a proven pharao pleaser
I'll make you flow like the nile
I know you're not alive
But baby that talk is jive
You're still dead sexy

Hey Jacky O
Girl you're good to go
Take of that peacoat and that pillbox lid
I'm no Onassis but I'm smooth like sweet molasses
I'll rock your world more like Lee Harvey did
Mama I now you're gone
But I wanna wanna get it on
You're still dead sexy

Hey Lady Di
My oh my oh my
That sexy british accent makes me purr
Yeah I'm no royal
But I can still make your blood boil
I'll drive you crazy like that french chauffeur
I know you're underground
But your highness let's get down
You're still dead sexy

Hey marie curie
Baby what's your hurry
Big science brain got me under your thumb
Something about ya, I really wanna in and out ya [?]
I'll make you glow like plutoniom
I wish you didn't pass
Cause I'd experiment on that ass

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