Lynch, Stephen - A History Lesson Lyrics

Ben Franklin went out one night,
Tied a key to the end of a kite,
Electricity struck so bright,
Write it down mother fuckas.

Isaac newton sat under a tree,
An apple hit him in the head
So said so holy shit thats gravity,
Write it down mother fuckas.

Pilgrims raced against the clock,
Lookin for a place to dock,
They said fuck it heres plymouth rock,
Write it down mother fuckas.

A dude named orville wright,
Told his brother said lets invent flight,
Wilbur said aight,
Right it down mother fuckas.

Abe lincoln led the nation,
Freed slaves from the plantation,
Thats mother fuckin proclamation,
Write it down [some weird word].

Ghandi is what you said,
An indian with a bald head,
And he was a little bit under fed,
Write it down mother fuckas

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Lynch, Stephen A History Lesson Comments
  1. Cockatiel Frenzy

    Donald trump wants to build a wall
    Mexico wants to see it fall
    Hell, don't we all

  2. JayZoop

    What came first, this song or Tenacious D’s “One Note Song”.

  3. Shwaznut_

    *W R I T E I T D O W N M O T H E R F U C K E R S*

  4. wink wonk awa

    I wanna be a teacher

  5. MR. SQUIGLE69

    Don't mind me just taking notes for my final

  6. Jessiebrine

    another, if its your first time with Stephen Lynch....
    thats sounds worse then its ment to be....

  7. yodaisgod2

    In fourteen hundred and ninety-two
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue
    Finding America was the breakthrough
    Write it dooownnn motherfuckaaaaasss...

    Clayton Tongate

    @yodaisgod2 Sorry, just had to do it. lol


    @Clayton Tongate LOL...I understand.


    +Clayton Tongate correct. the spanish had trade routes all over the americas (which is why the queen of spain agreed to fund the voyage when, literally, everyone else told him to fuck off) . theyd been there so long that when columbus went to st. augustine, florida he described the fort as been there for at least 40 years and taken at least 40 years to build.


    @Pyrain Oh look, another Debbie Downer.

    Robert Corbell

    Pyrain, Columbus was the first white man since the Norwegian Vikings landed in 1000 under Thorwald and Leif Eriksson in Canada, only to have their settlement wrecked and forced to escape after only a few winters by the Micmac because in typical Viking fashion raped the women and burned their shit to the ground. Columbus got the credit as he had the Dominicans build the first Catholic missions in his four voyages in 1492, 1494, 1497, and 1502 across the Caribbean under orders of Queen Isabella and the Inquisition after being told to find a trade route to Japan (which no white man had yet been to), China, and India and Indonesia, the latter two he and the crew all thought they landed in due to the loincloths and long hair on the tribal natives giving the appearance of South Indian Hindus or Indonesian Dayaks (hence the term "Indian" for Native Americans). It was Hernando De Soto's former lieutenant Pedro Menendez who in 1565 who landed in Florida after Ponce De Leon and Cabeza De Vaca had failed to capture it from the Timucua and Seminoles found Fort Caroline, which took FOUR years to build and was built by French Protestants fleeing religious persecution in Catholic France only to then upon completion be massacred in the name of the church by him and his men and have it given the holy name of St. Augustine. In fact, it scared the English so much, this is why they settled so far north in what became known as New England.,_Florida

  8. MRS4EVA

    3 Balloons?
    Pinkie Pie!


    no just no.

    Rose's Garden

    Fuckin bronies

  9. David Barrow

    this guy is a fuck buddy with special; ed.

  10. Baba Wethu

    haha, blew, i see what you did there

  11. Reckl ess


  12. Reckl ess

    That fucking blew.

  13. vampiremelon

    anne frank to hide away,
    cos people thought the jews were gay
    but she wrote her in her diary and said no way
    write it dowwnnn mother fuckers

  14. Cheshire Kitten

    I'd love to have had him as my teacher lessons would've been fun

  15. Filip Mirkovic

    somerandomguy365 what I said
    didn't know rhime instead

  16. Raven Keylock

    .....that's my b-day.........-.- @born4ko

  17. KID5500

    Michael Jackson's what they said
    Raped kids and now he's dead
    Now people say he's innocent
    Write it down MATHAFAKKAAS!!!!
    lol too soon?

  18. HayleyDrawsThings

    holy shit that's gravity! HAH brilliant

  19. Baba Wethu

    newton didn't get hit in the head, but he did describe watching an apple fall and looking up to the moon and wondering if moons fell too.

  20. jeff jeff

    Obama is what they said
    used the economy to get elected
    team six shot bin laden in the head

  21. Kevin Hall

    Ghangis Khan loved to fight
    For a fish he killed a guy
    Passed the great wall in the night

  22. spam head

    you suck

  23. Rasmus

    Im chewing some Gum
    my sister has a gun
    so i blew a bubble and ran
    Write it down hubba bubbas

    Write it down hubba bubba

  24. CowsAndTurtles

    2:04 "nyah nyah mee mops"

  25. Dylan Vaughan

    But Wilbur Wright totally said 'aight' all the time...that bits accurate

  26. bronc30td

    Write it down Yanamenops!!!!!!

  27. StarFighta123

    This is helping me study for my global regents thx!

  28. Cooties _

    it doesnt ryhme.

  29. Gregory Bogosian

    The key-kite experiment never actually happened and the apple landing on Newton's head never actually happened. I think that he got fired for inaccurate lyrics.

  30. Travis Turner

    Jack Black would have sung this song
    as long as he had a bong
    he prolly would hav made it more long
    write it down mathamemops


    Jack has a skit on his first album very close to this son, called “One Note Song”.

  31. Travis Turner

    Darth Vader was from star wars
    He's black but he's got no hores
    And he always incertid his sowrd
    Write it down mathafuckas

  32. josh marshburn

    @MrFrewty @MrFrewty ok, for a start, i made a mistake and corrected it on another vid of this song, secondly i had the top comment for this up until a few weeks ago on that other vid,Third just becuase u dont like it dosent mean others wont either, fourth why the hell are u commenting on a post i made a month ago anyway, either your trying to start something because your bored or because u are vary opinionated, and last but not least, why dont u explane exactly why it wouldnt be funny

  33. Aaron Chambers

    @joshmarsh1 Ok, for a start, it was Osama who was "buried at sea" and secondly, this wouldn't have been funny anyway.

  34. Aaron Chambers

    @TheNoorAmer Probably leave it to him.

  35. Max Lorenz

    Julius Caesar had a bald head, always made his men fight 'till they were dead, liked to wear the colour red, write it down mother fuckers!

  36. TheNoorAmer

    Fear crads got 1 moab a day
    He went into lobbys and they ran away
    killing people it was so funn-ai
    Laugh right now muva fukaz

  37. josh marshburn

    @joshmarsh1 shit, i mixed up saddam with someone else my bad.....

  38. josh marshburn

    saddam started a commotion, he came up with fuck up notions, till we throw his ass in the ocean WRITE IT DOWN MOTHAFUCKAS!!!!!

  39. xCr0wnedNorris

    @TheJack676767 Fuuuu-

    You're write. :/
    (See what I did there?)

  40. TheJack676767

    @xCr0wnedNorris it's write it down not right it down

  41. Sammy Hughes

    a politicain named gorden brown,

    his smile resembled a frown,

    made recession made the stocks go down,

    write it down motherfuckars

  42. lifeslegund

    he sounds like adam sandler jus sayin

  43. Ironmaidenissweet

    aztecs in my room
    they said i found a magic shroom
    then i felt like i was in doom
    write it down mother fuckers

  44. dWhiteLightningb

    Jesus was a real nice dude
    but some Jews wanted to act real crude
    So his hands and feet got skewed
    Write it down motha fukas

  45. xCr0wnedNorris

    I'll try and see how many of these I can make.

    When God created Adam and Eve.
    He said "Don't eat from this tree."
    Satan said "Hey this round's on me."
    Right it down, mothafuckas!

    Persians wanted Spartan land.
    They said "try and take it if you can."
    They stood their ground when the shit hit the fan.
    Right it down mothafuckas!

    Leonardo, what can I say?
    Renaissance he helped pave the way.
    Hey did you know that he was gay?
    Right it down, mothafuckas!

  46. Trollololololful

    @jrat100 Emanci-motherfucin-proclamation. I hope you've heard of the emancipation proclamation.

  47. cfostyfost

    you my just think it odd
    some sit, just stare, or nod
    but stephen lynch is a comedy GOD
    wirte it down, mothafuckas!!

  48. Jacob Talbert


  49. FSJO

    Y-You called the kids MotherFuckers..? Some of them were mother fuckers, yes. That is all.

  50. Tsume15

    I don't like that you're implying the pilgrims were lazy. lol

  51. black Xbutterflys

    @jaf17910 Some of them where motherfuckers, Yes.

  52. Joshua Fletcher

    You called them the kids mother fuckers?

  53. makaela howar

    some of them were mother fuckers, yes.

  54. TJ Fisher

    mee mops

  55. jacob Larson

    Some of them are mother fuckers!

  56. cutekittenlady

    Is this a CD?

  57. Matthew Parsons

    7 young youtubers are motherfuckers.

  58. 12ajax21

    Stephen Lynch found comedy he said "wow this shit's meant for me"
    his greatness is what we all see,Write it down motherfuckers!

  59. Alexandru Badea

    Sometimes he sounds like Jack Black! :D

  60. christian beck

    wow how i would fucking love to be in his class i might actually pass history if i was tought this way!!!

  61. glow2hi

    I love this song
    It as good as a kite
    Write it down motherfuckers

  62. sterlingdragon123

    Cleopatra was a Pharoah
    But she secretly was a ho
    I mean female, don't ya know

  63. chaor627

    he is much better than hanaman tana

  64. OtterNoises

    lol write it down yunya neemops lol

  65. coopmister00

    i don't understand. Why did he get fired?

  66. jaknife99

    I wanna hear richard the lion heart lol

  67. AntiCyberGreenBunny

    I wish he taught at my old school. All the kids in my class would understand what he was talking about, and my old teacher would get a kick out of this. I was also in 6th grade. xP I looove him.

  68. Allie Penne

    I would used him to study XD

  69. Cody Begley

    There's nothing funny about slavery.

  70. Demeter's Daughter

    He's actually free styling right now.

  71. kyle goldfarb

    theres nothing funny about slavery, well! lol

  72. Ro Dz

    i would PAY for stephen lynch to teach my child.

  73. Reaper

    Its Leanord Lemops! lol.....

  74. svenna99

    I find it somewhat funny that he says "In my story he did" when it's supposed to be a history lesson.

    (and yes, I know it's just a funny song and not serious, just saying)

  75. Mr Billney

    write it down, yananeemops!

  76. bennihana123

    Oh wow I didn't notice that was a guitar! I am slow. Thanks!

  77. diaboles

    playing his guitar? eather about to slap play it or doing an old elvice arm swing /finishing in this pic [duno what the heck its called]

  78. bennihana123

    What is he doing on the album cover?

  79. Owen O'Connor

    He came up with the Gandi one on the spot lol

  80. UnluckyGurl1313

    i laughed so hard that i fell off my chair.

  81. BluMunky87

    Wrte it down, muthafucka

  82. TrickDaddyNiCK

    anyone no the chords???

  83. TrickDaddyNiCK

    wtf is a "anaem-op"?

  84. CreepyEnzio

    At the concert i went to (Moor theater in Seattle,WA) For the Slavery one, he said Write it down MORGAN FREEMAN

  85. InitialDGirl07

    I saw him in Orlando last funny I love this one XD

  86. Kidprodigy07


  87. Alex

    He took some requests at the concert I went to and he actually made up some funny stuff on the spot. It was great when someone yelled out Calculus and he did it.

  88. Aaron P

    lol that was hilarious...