Lynch, Ross - Heard It On The Radio Lyrics

What up?!

Summer in the sand
He's a drummer in the band
Droppin' the beat
She's a DJ at the boardwalk

A smile and a tan
And her sandals in her hand
Rockin' the shades
You could almost see their eyes lock

What could be better
Than a party and the weather
With the both of us together
In the backdrop?

Everything was right
And the day turned into night
With the music and the lights
That's where we stop

Oh, I heard it on the radio
Sing it out loud
Oh, Coming down to see your show
Uh, Uh, oh
Everybody now
I heard it on the radio
Oh, Ohoo
Uh, Uh, Oh
Everybody now
Coming down to see your show
Play it back, play it back
One time yeah
I heard it on the radio

Board and a wet suit
On the day we met
You said, I think of you as catchin' a wave

Shorts and a jet ski
All the other summer things
Kickin' it in the sun
All day

We only got time for each other
And we only got time for the summer

Everybody knows
If you gotta let it go
Takin' a chance
Makin' it go your way

Oh, I heard it on the radio
Sing it out loud
Oh, Coming down to see your show
Uh, Uh, oh
Everybody now
I heard it on the radio
Oh, Ohoo
Uh, Uh, Oh
Everybody now
Coming down to see your show
Play it back, play it back
One time yeah
I heard it on the radio

Listen to the story 'bout the party
'Bout the glory, 'bout the summer that would raise the bar
Anyone will tell you
It was chill, it was stellar
The best time we've had so far
Everyone together
Always goin' "Never better"
And the good times go on, and on, and on
Never will forget it
Doesn't matter where we're headed
I'll remember when I hear our song

Oh, Heard it on the radio
Oh, Coming down to see your show
Uh, Uh, Oh
Everybody now
Heard it on the radio
Oh, Ohoo
Uh, Uh, Oh
Everybody now
Coming down to see your show
Oh oh, oh
I heard it on the radio
Oh oh, oh
I heard it on the radio
Oh, I heard it on the radio
Everybody now
I heard it on the radio
Oh, Ohoo
Oh, oh, oh
Everybody now
Coming down to see your show
Uh, Uh, oh
Uh, Uh, Oh
Play it back, play it back
One time yeah
Uh, Uh, Oh
[Fades out]

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Lynch, Ross Heard It On The Radio Comments
  1. Twenty one chemical discos

    I refuse to believe this was released in 2012

  2. Mateo Malecic

    I missed old Disney bring back old Disney

  3. natethegreatgaming t

    The kids of 2020 will never know how good, this show was and how catchy the songs were

  4. Kelvin Martínez

    is the bes

  5. Sociopathqueen

    oh god still attracted to this and to him. he looked so cute with blonde hair.

  6. Zoey Ausar

    I love him

  7. Taylor Gillespie

    I just binged the whole series but i seriously can't believe its been EIGHT YEARS since i was watching this series when it came out

  8. Besir Ciftci

    Türkler burda mı Austin Ve Ally Çok özledik be 😪

  9. TheFamilitchiChannel

    Lol I love how from the very first second with his "what up" he captures our attention he has great stage \ camera presence

  10. Duckling Rage

    Yeah old Disney was so good like what the heck is coop and cami ask the world? I don’t need to watch it to know it’s bad 😂

  11. Rosan Nijhof

    When I was young I didn’t have disney channel only Nickelodeon now I have Disney plus so I can watch all the old shows. I get disney channel when I was I think 10 years old now I’m 15

  12. Dana Garcia

    I refuse to believe this was 7 years ago

  13. Emma LiJin

    Best Disney song ever

  14. K C

    How old was he here? 16?

  15. Loud Anne

    N O S T A L G I C

  16. Bart2lo

    What have I done in the last 8 years it feels like I watched this yesterday during the ads

  17. Naomi Mazzoni

    Me encanta la canción de Disney Chanel

  18. joon

    nostaaaaaaalgia do caralhoo!

  19. Strawberry Senpai

    I miss this show

  20. Gary Franz Asuncion

    I broke my groin doing the splits when Ross lynch did that

  21. calle y poché New's


  22. Gabriel Marques

    I can say that I truly had an awesome childhood.

  23. Michelle Prescott

    When you actually stayed at the tv for the commercial... 🥺 I miss THIS Disney

  24. TheFamilitchiChannel

    Now if that isn't a legend right here

  25. Hannah Kelley

    Austin and Ally was my disney childhood show.Feel bad for the kids of this generation that will never know Austin and Ally.😥

  26. Taehyunggie Kim


  27. l Mendes

    Tnc o cara e bonito e talentoso

  28. Exploding_ Burger

    Everybody now

  29. Nacho Bae

    who else is still jamming in 2020

  30. paulu 11

    What a momento to be a live

  31. Shinny_moon

    I’m sad. I miss the old Disney channel:(

  32. Abigail Paredes

    Missing this with my soul😭💓

  33. Pudim do bobs


  34. GHOST T.V.

    My mom loved this song! 😫😫 that’s how much Austin And Ally is Missed bring it back!!

  35. Tabby Simiana

    l love austin and ally it was a great time to watch. Ross and his panther are a great for eachother

  36. Radhaisis Morales


  37. ポチャポチャポーチャ


  38. Cecile Seukeva

    Miss the good old days when i would wake up early as on a saturday morning to watch disney

  39. Fancy • CookieX

    Just me?

  40. Benja1275 ツ

    Oscu sos vos ?

  41. idil 78

    7 years ago?wow omg i feel old

  42. vera priv

    I hope you haven't forgotten it and you won't forget it!! Because it was one of the best series so far

  43. Cachinhos dourados Marisol

    Alguém em 2020? 😂 nossa 7 anos

  44. Turborun 23

    God damn I remember hearing seeing this in between shows back in middle school

  45. Leticia Caroline

    Ahh ❤

  46. Incognita ????

    La sigo escuchando en 2020 xd

  47. Norm Al

    It was at this point I knew I was a homosexual

  48. Constanza Andrea Araya Ureta

    Nostalgia nivel dios activada 😭

  49. M m

    kids nowadays will never know how good OLD disney was

  50. TheFamilitchiChannel

    This boy is like a ray of sunshine with his blond hair he lights up the world 💜

  51. Amalinalli JB

    Extraño tanto la serie 💔🥺

    Calamardo_Cara _Pixeleada

    Somos 2🥺
    Se extraña R5 también 💔:'c

  52. sycophantic teen

    It’s funny how when I was young I loved this song but didn’t understand a single word. I’m coming back here after a few years and now that I’m fluent in English the nostalgia hits 2 times harder.

  53. Jordan The Faggot

    This is almost 8 eight years old

  54. aa a

    7 years ago...

  55. Spooder Man

    No Oscar, no Grammy, no beach house in Miami , the sun don’t shine the sky ain’t blue ,if I can be with you

  56. Franco Gauna

    Who's in 2020?

  57. Dark Winter

    Austin and Ally is back ... Get the Disney app

  58. Rigo Martinez

    Austin Moon is a singer and love the beach on Florida.🌟🏖

  59. Sofia Vega

    Buena infancia☺❤

  60. Felipe

    I always love him

  61. CoLe KeMpF

    That boy dez

  62. kai_ヅ

    I feel to cry rn I Get so much tb's and I miss all Disney shows so much

    BTW I'm in 2020

  63. Onilocram Gamer

    I remember playing Club Penguin and listening to this as background music... Good old times.

  64. trapqueen

    2020 ANYBODY?

    Like this comment if Ross was your childhood crush

  65. the_originative_author

    When it’s 2020 and this is like 8 years old


    Ruth Smith

    the_originative_author to me it has 😂 I remember I had a a big crush on “Austin Moon” and always dance to the songs 😂😂😂

    Katie Nymann

    I don't like feeling old at 17 but here I am feeling old at 17 damn I miss the Family Channel days


    omg the nostalgia😩

    Moriah Ioannucci

    the_originative_author hey do u know anywhere I can watch this?

  66. Giselle Ramirez

    2020 🦋 and still missing Austin & Ally

  67. Blu

    2020 anyone

  68. jenna

    2020 on jan 1??

  69. Stixman415

    I played this alot in my kindergarten summer

  70. Sofia Azrak

    2019? Me acuerdo cuando pasaban está canción en la tele

  71. Izzy L

    This reminds me of my childhood summer

  72. Alicia Brigole

    Is r5 playing the band

  73. Thiago Rios

    2019 e que nostalgia disso!!!!

  74. sal ;;

    2028? just me?

  75. Catalina Torres

    Naaaaaaaaaaa muerooo

  76. Dj Nick

    This video makes me miss living close to huntington beach. My dad literally lived 5 minute walk to the pier. FUCK. He lives in san diego now with his family and I take the bus downtown to seapoint. Which is actually kinda better. Cause it's teaching me how to manage my money 👍

  77. Tolga Y.

    ohh God I miss Austin & Ally

  78. Daniel Lansiquot

    This was probably when I realized what music I loved

  79. Kaila Deasis

    Ross lynch is so handsome & so hot ❤😍😍😍i love him already

  80. Tahiyat Chy

    Man it’s so weird hearing his voice like this after listening to so much of his stuff from The Driver Era 😅

    ALSO please listen to their album *X* and their new singles *A Kiss* and *Forever Always.* I promise you won’t regret it! 😘

  81. Rodrihue Hu

    Bonjour Ross lynch music vidéo

  82. Mr Zero

    They need Austin and ally on Disney plus

  83. Ariana Zambrano

    Ush es súper guapo 🤤🥵😍🤗

  84. Byron Loyo

    R5 2:10-11

  85. William Broom

    I like how it starts during the day and then it's nightime!

  86. Rubi Estefani Ramirez Miraya

    Después de tiempo lo vuelvo a escuchar. Rayos estoy llorando, pasaron muchos años. Amé esta serie. Austin y Ally 😍. Ross Lynch ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. Rocio Silva

    Extraño esto:(((

  88. RedLabs Gaming

    Anyone remember when we all were waiting and watching the countdown on TV while we had YouTube opened on a PC constantly regreshing?

  89. Ester Alves

    L.o.v.e Ross

  90. Jenny Romero

    Victoria j Cortez

  91. Elgaardo