Lynch, Ross - Better Than This Lyrics

If I could stop the world tonight
I would freeze this moment in time
Oh if I only could
Our bodies dance like the wind over and over again
In a perfect sky
Hypnotized by the sound
I get lost and then found
In your eyes

'Cause it doesn't get better than this
No it doesn't get better than this
Oh if we could stop the world tonight
I think that we should try
'Cause it doesn't get better than this
Oh, better

If we could have one night on repeat this is it
Over and over we dance to the beat to exist
We're gonna live while we're young
So let's wait for the sun
Before we go home
Lock it all in our minds
Memorize it tonight
'Cause we all know

That it doesn't get better than this
No it doesn't get better than this
Oh if we could stop the world tonight
I think that we should try
'Cause it doesn't get better than this
Oh, better


Oh if we could stop the world tonight
I think that we should try

'Cause it doesn't get better than this
No it doesn't get better than this
Oh if we could stop the world tonight
I think that we should try
'Cause it doesn't get better than this
Oh, better

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Lynch, Ross Better Than This Comments
  1. Ciará Castex

    I love the show and everything that comes with it but the song was good til the rapping part... 😒

  2. wapiti777

    Lovs you ross Lynch

  3. Misfit Turtle

    I'm in a conundrum....listen to Ross Lynch or Study for my Final tomorrow.....choices choices...this is such a hard decision but im gonna have to go with...Ross Lynch because it doesnt get better than this

  4. sky fio



    sky fio yes 🙌😂

  5. Griksilchi Sangma

    Doesn't get better than this 🔥

  6. Gfresh _98

    October 2019 Anyone??

  7. Angel Urtijo

    Ok 😍 I don't know what I mean

  8. FatBoyDiego

    Bus 🚌 York Frrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Blandkhalel Khalel Bland

    New songs ft Carly Rae japsen

  10. Taryn Sachs the Mew Mew

    2019 me

  11. Janelys Droz Martinez

    u are so cute

  12. Slavisa Kostic

    yall 😭

  13. Visător

    Love You

  14. Zee Saleh

    He was my biggest crush <3 still is, and im 22... :) lol

    ana luisa mariano oliveira

    Mine too.

  15. King Jaey The Animator

    🤟🤟Rock on dude!!🤟🤟

  16. Ashley Chang

    I love this song 2019💜💜💜💜

    Ashley Chang

    So Rad and cool🎸🎸🎤

  17. Huzaifa Ahmed

    2021 anyone..

  18. Kacper Kusmierz

    I love is song. Ross lynch is good😃😃

  19. AlexyCoCute ARG

    With umbrellas and the rain 😍

  20. AlexyCoCute ARG

    April 2019?? Arg?

  21. Khiaragi7 CANAL OFICIAL

    2019 by: Sherry Rivera

  22. Hi By

    April 18 anyone

  23. Kyubbi Sage876

    Austin & ally Haschak Sisters

  24. Chantae Thomas

    Ok I understand his confidence that the whole point of the song right now but that sounds a little bit over dropfull. Like I said sometimes it can it be very on points about confidence but when it comes up by that confidence it got too much of the rhythm. Like it's so weird about the rapping like how come you show that the whole concept the rapping even if he's trying to do it at by his picture way throughout by the being sensitive wise out by the lyrics about what he saying that the whole song to it. Like too. Swaggy to the crowd right.? 🤔


    2019 anyone ???

    Jason Smith

    Definitely Yes

    Jason Smith

    Soooo much memories they need to bring back Austin and Ally on Disney channel again agree or disagree


    I couldn’t go a year without this song not even gon cap

  26. Leetonya Hunter

    I'm addicted to this song like I love this song so much 😍😘😎who else love this song bc I do ooouuu I just love it so much

  27. Teodoro Mayamba

    Better Than This Watch Austin & Ally Series on Disney Channel

  28. jackie

    this used to be my jam damnnn

    Tiana Davis

    Still is my jam

  29. Veena Sulochanan

    Loved it!!!!

  30. mariana rosales

    me encanta esta cancion <3

  31. Teodoro Mayamba

    Wait Disney Music Videos

  32. Teodoro Mayamba

    Better Than This Austin Moon Ross Lynch Watch Austin & Ally Series on Disney Channel

    Teodoro Mayamba

    Zuri Luke Ravi Emma JESSIE

  33. Loranirachel Cruzlugo

    Love 💕 ross

  34. Loranirachel Cruzlugo

    Love ross

  35. nikole Lyons

    2018??? Love you so much I like the song you sing good Austin

  36. nikole Lyons

    This song is so cool Austin thank you for writing a song and I've been dancing off of it it's like when you feel down it will be okay and I feel happy that you did this song I meant to write it sorry Austin Allie I love your songs to I like the one where you say The Me That You Don't See😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  37. Jules Stylinson

    por qué no hay subtitulos en la parte rapida ?

  38. Summerplays

    I love end of the world songs

  39. Josefina Josefina

    I 💟💟💟💟loveee Ross💝💝 te amoo lindo

  40. Karen Post

    wtr rnto go

  41. Shannon Henchey

    you are hot

  42. _bcdias_


    ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙᴇᴏᴍɢʏᴜ

    baya monbebe me ARMY

    Michaela Karoni


  43. fatima chundooo

    I love this song and rossssssssssss like if you agree

  44. Kodyi love youbecause i love you i love youDix

    Ever for get you

  45. Zeph Beast

    I like chasin the beat of my heart s little more

  46. Zeph Beast


    Thatgurl.G 20

    Zeph Beast same im 14

    Firdaus •

    Austin and ally had to end bc the actors and actresses need to move on and do more advanced projects. Disney is just a starting place

  47. Zeph Beast

    I like the part where he says “ cause it doesn’t get better than this

  48. Kody dix viogs

    Love you

  49. Emily Whittingham

    i miss austin and ally

  50. Emily Whittingham

    im in love with ross lynch

  51. Lena Ngo

    ghththto lettuce cj voice to ovtnfh
    bfhfovfjfghfxhf u outfit
    fbfibdshdjeidi into
    Jennifer fjdkfjj jdob Vicki fj fog
    entiendo jfj vvhhf. nfj to
    vfhrke fjdkfjj outfit j g
    hehehe idjdj be 6c7h

  52. Amaris Gomez


  53. Moise Picard


    Leetonya Hunter

    Right like they do have the greatest songs in the world like fr tho

    Cata Mrad

    And Hannah Montana

    shae tanniehill

    I have killowr Denijkonre to
    Shake your head at home wi
    Something to.

  54. Amaris Gomez


  55. Catnoir 123

    I love this song it my freaivret song in the world i carnt stop singing to it and your so an Alwsom singer in the world
    im your bigiested fan in the world

    Firdaus •

    Favorite *
    Awesome *
    Biggest *

    Sorry I had to

    haha you don't get my name rose

    Firdaus • Great job, but you missed * you’re * I’m* and you need some punctuation.

    (No offense. I just needed to correct that, though you may be young, or something.

  56. Samantha Kingery

    i love your songs love you Austin

  57. Madison Stricker Gleek for life

    I love all of the Austin and Ally songs and R5 songs who agree,s with me

    Jason Smith

    I definitely agree 💯💯

  58. xX_Matthewthecashew12_Xx

    That should be a parody to the Total Solar Eclipse that happened earlier today so AMAZING!!!!!

  59. Hannah Rosario

    I love Ross Lynch. He saw cute😍😍😍

  60. Black veil brides #1

    I remember listening to him when Austin and Ally first came on I love his voice 😍

  61. Cassandra Meyers

    this is my favorite song rn

    1718 RACHiD


  62. Chris Mc Evoy

    My favorite Austin & Ally song is I Think About You, but like Better Than This too.

  63. Sandra Owens

    I love my friends Ross and riker lynch they are so cute

    ur mom

    Sandra Owens ur friends with them???!!!!

    Thatgurl.G 20


  64. Kelsey Woodard

    😍love him

  65. Natalie Givens

    I love this song I so much it is catchy I love u Ross lynch I miss a Austin and Ally so much

    Michaela Karoni

    And in 1 year we will missing Fairy tail

  66. sanjana sharma

    LOVE YOU ROSS LYNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JR how do Gomez

    sanjana sharma [email protected]@

  67. Petra Contreras

    Love this song Better Than This song love it love you ross lynch lol love your songs sooo much lol ☺☺☺☺

  68. Nicolas Veiga

    I love this video think you forever star 71

  69. stxifjcifodi

    The lyrics are bad,no offence,but his voice is awesome! :D


    stxifjcifodi really I think it’s pretty hot

  70. Audrey The Ausllyologist


    Aubre Worthy

    Your nasty

    prudence waithera

    i'm laughing so hard now coz of your comment

    Tyler Lavaio

    Audrey The Ausllyologist Hoe

    Cascade L

    You’re messed up

    Bermuda Inc


  71. Ethan Hughes

    There is no storm

  72. Francisco Rodriges


    Dakota Allen

    Francisco Rodriges ok

  73. Kayla Blood

    I hate this song😒😒 trash ass lyrics 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

    Silent Echos Of A Wisp

    Kayla Blood fuck you and how would you like it if I said this about you? Ya. Watch your crappy shit and leave this person alone, and don't forget Ross.

    Kayla Blood

    TheFoxChannel I mean if you said this to me , I wouldn't care bc with fame comes hate and dislikes . I love Ross I just don't like this song . so I advise you to be quiet and stop trying to save the world


    be quiet

    _Spam _

    Kayla Blood lol why u here than😂

  74. Kookie Monster

    love this song

    ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙᴇᴏᴍɢʏᴜ

    Kookie Monster Same army😂

    Michaela Karoni


  75. Emily Alvarado

    love this song better than this

  76. LaAsia Harper

    I love this song

    Mamie MM