Lynch, Dustin - Your Plan Lyrics

Hello, it's been too long
My fault I haven't called
Thank you for picking up the phone

I've been swimming around
Trying hard not to drown
Waiting on my life calling to sound

And I'm hangin' on best as I can
Cause I know this whole crazy ride's in Your hands
It's Your plan

This is my white flag wave
This is me handing you the reigns
I know You can steer my hurricane

And I'll hang on best as I can
Cause I know this whole crazy ride's in Your hands
It's Your plan
It's Your plan

So I'll hang on the best as I can
Best as I can
Cause I know this whole Crazy ride's in Your hands
It's Your Plan

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Lynch, Dustin Your Plan Comments
  1. Lynn Lynch

    You did an awesome job Dustin on this song

  2. Drew with American South Designs

    I heard this song for the first time a couple of days speaks to the soul for sure. It's amazing when a song, as a prayer, speaks to you, in that moment. It's amazing how it finds you in that moment and gives you the reminder that we are not in control of our lives, but HE is. It's been on repeat for a couple of days now.

  3. Sherry Herd

    such a sweet voice

  4. Ve A

    Such a beautiful voice! Totally fell in love with his voice.

  5. Hunnybear Gensheer

    Reminds me that I need to find the Lord again...
    I listen to this when I am feeling overwhelmed.

  6. Danielle Kramer

    I love this song too! My fave of his as well.

  7. clea wallace

    love this man's voice

    Louise Powell

    hi o


    Louise Powell

    v hey there guy how you doing I'm way too old for you honey I live on a

    you're way too young for me

    Louise Powell

    I used to be a long time ago I'll send you a picture when I was we can be we can be friends my pictures when I'm

  8. Missy oneils

    hello it's been to apex

    Missy Nichols

    its it's its just hurricane season

  9. Kimberly Lee Cenerizio


  10. Macey Reas

    love Dustin !!!!!

  11. John Tucker

    Wedding in two years I am working toward

    Missy oneils

    not anymore

  12. djjrifau

    Planning this as the first dance. At the my wedding

    Luke Lack

    Was it??

  13. Chere Cook

    My boyfriend sent me this song before we got back together and it made me cry because it was exactly how I felt about him... I love it

  14. Lauren Rodrigues

    This is probably my favorite song of his.

  15. Kathryn Faulkner

    i love dustin lynch songs and his looks aint to bad either!!!!!!

  16. twobit138

    This song brings tears to my eyes. Reminds me that my life is in Gods hands and I need not worry. What a wonderful song to hear after seeing my 11 week old daughter go through 2 surgeries in a week.

  17. Travis Free

    This song makes me think about my baby and reminds me about my dad when he used to be in my life

  18. MsLandlubber

    He's Purty!

  19. sherry chapman

    This is a very pretty song

  20. BlackRooster02

    dang this song almost made tears fall down my eyes :(

  21. jewbowl225

    this song is so beautiful