Lynch, Dustin - Unwind It Lyrics

I've been wound up too tight, I've been running just like
A Chicken with it's head cut off
I'm always on the go, I've got nothing to show
But a whole lotta nothing it's time
I Take a little time for me, yeah
I do believe

When life gets too tight it's time to unwind it
Kick back on the front porch with a cold one in my hand
I've had my nose on that work-a-day grindstone
Gonna get my chill on tonight and
Unwind, unwind, unwind it

Lightnin' bugs in the air like they ain't got a care
Man I could take some lessons from them
Think I'll call up my girl let the lest of the world
Keep spinning while We're laid back swinging
Back and forth in the hammock yeah
My baby knows it

[Repeat Chorus]


Nobody's gonna miss me if I disappear for a little while I bet
So here I go shifting to a lower gear, yeah

[Repeat Chorus]

Unwind, unwind, unwind it
yeah, unwind it
Whoa, unwind it

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Lynch, Dustin Unwind It Comments
  1. cocoabeachdiscounts

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  2. Brandy Womack

    i love you dustin lynch

  3. Angie Tullos

    gonna get my chill on tonight and unwind unwind unwiiiiind it. this song is like a part of me can't stop listening to it I love so much,Love u Dustin Lynch!!!!!!!!!!

    Gerd Stapf

    Angie Tullos dusf

    Dust in the wind

  4. Gabby Stanhouse

    Love love love it!!!! I Love YOU DUSTIN LYNCH!!!!!😘

  5. tough96250

    This is pretty much how I feel on the weekends. Get all wound up workin and going to school 5 days a week, and then let loose on the weekends!

  6. AlexIsACanadian

    Thanks for uploading this! One of my favourites! :)