Lynch, Dustin - Small Town Boy Lyrics

I'm a dirt road
In the headlights
I'm a mama's boy
I'm a fist fight
Kinda county line
Kinda cold beer
Little hat down
Little John Deere
I kinda give a damn
I kinda don't care
You see the girl standin' right there

She loves a small town boy like me
She's my ride or die baby
She's my cool, she's my crazy
She's my laid back in the front seat
She's my with me to the end girl
My turn it up to ten girl
She could have anybody that she wants
Or be anywhere she wants to be
She loves a small town boy like me

She likes my T-shirt
She likes my old boots
Likes to slow dance
To some old school
She'll take a full moon
Over them city nights
And I ain't scared to get all up in them bright lights
Yeah I can smooth it out
I can slick it up
I guess that's why she can't get enough

Of a small town boy like me
She's my ride or die baby
She's my cool, she's my crazy
She's my laid back in the front seat
She's my with me to the end girl
My turn it up to ten girl
She could have anybody that she wants
Or be anywhere she wants to be
She loves a small town boy like me
She loves a small town boy like me

I'm her sure thing
I'm her go-to
I'm her rock solid
She ain't gon' ever lose

A small town boy like me
I'm her ride or die baby
I'm her cool, I'm her crazy
I'm her laid back in the front seat
I'm so with ya to the end girl
Let's turn it up to ten girl
She could have anybody that she wants
Or be anywhere she wants to be

She loves a small town boy like me
She's my ride or die baby
She's my cool, she's my crazy
She's my laid back in the front seat
She's my with me to the end girl
My turn it up to ten girl
She could have anybody that she wants
Or be anywhere she wants to be
She loves a small town boy like me
She loves a small town boy like me
Yeah, she loves a small town boy like me

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Lynch, Dustin Small Town Boy Comments
  1. Sarah Bandy

    Damn those Jean's are almost as tight as dwight yoakams

  2. Leah Laflamme

    Love ittttttttttttttttttttt

  3. Vickey Vickneswaran

    Good songs but human flings

  4. Emily Mannon

    I absolutely love this song Dustin is such a good singer

  5. Timothy Collett

    My son & me loved this song so much, unfortunately my son was killed in an automobile accident on January 3rd 2020. I will keep playing this song till i die! Small town boy from Whidbey Island Washington

    Sarah Bandy

    I'm so sorry for your loss my friend, ik how difficult it is to cope with a major loss, I'm praying for you and your family, that yall may have the peace and comfort that passes all understanding, stay strong ik it's hard but..stay strong

  6. goku the great

    If you are looking for the Narcos S2 song this isn't it. Keep looking.

  7. Shelby Sanford

    Good song

  8. Jonathan Darrah

    This song describes me

  9. John Nolan

    You are a good singer this is aj and jl.

  10. Shannon Cansler

    I love this

  11. WP_ Hicks

    This isnt country

  12. jasmine aroyan

    This song is nice but why do country songs always make me feel like I am unlovable because I am not a gorgeous woman

  13. TeleMA50c

    This is absolutely the best video I've ever seen. I don't think anyone has ever been less interested than Claire Holt is here. Who's the random family @2:38? Every frame of this is absolutely incredible.

  14. kayy kayy

    I think he put her pants on by accident.

  15. Lois Veton

    Is that Claire holt?

  16. Lizbeth Garcia Montiel

    Love this song💜💜

  17. George Jr

    Clair holt 👀

  18. Shakiyla M.

    Love a small town boy❤️❤️❤️

  19. Tyra Schkerke

    You were impossible not to spot at Nashville’s airport! You had your hat on! I am an Uber/Lyft driver and so far you are my favorite celebrity I have spotted..( I did drive Harry Styles 😉)

  20. Wendy Goodwin

    You are the best

  21. Delia Marsh

    My favorite song

  22. Imani Yates

    Love small time boy like me 2020😄

  23. Kimberlee Reynolds

    This is my favorite song I could listen to it all day.

  24. WSHL Hero

    February 5th who’s here

  25. Ashley Prentice

    I love you

  26. Emely Lopez

    I love her she's from my two favorite shows ,H2o,and The Originals

  27. J Money

    I love you music so much

  28. Kynnedy Johnson

    I love it

  29. Amanda Williams

    Were my Country music fans a😁

  30. Leandro Morente

    Top artist from the

  31. Angie Jones

    New to your music. Love your sound!

  32. tabitha marshall

    I love this song

  33. Lanie McQueary

    Where 2020 people at

  34. panda floofy

    I kinda give damn I kinda don't care that's me

  35. Saido ali


  36. Jennifer Nichols

    I love your songs ❤️😍♥️♥️😘🥰😍🤩❤️♥️❣️💋

  37. Jennifer Nichols

    I love your songs ❤️😍♥️♥️😘🥰😍🤩❤️♥️❣️💋

  38. Sherrick Official Personal Vlog

    Dude..... I just realized that is Rebakah Mikaleson from my favorite t.v show The Originals thats been in my favorite country song all this time.

  39. Rosemary Zweizig

    Love this song it’s mine and my man ringtone

  40. ANTHONATOR Gaming


    Thanks for helping ruin country.

  41. Brittany Moore

    L0ve it

  42. William Wright

    She loves a small town boy like me. I'm a guy that lives in Chillicothe Ohio and she a gal that lives in Charleston SC. Karen, I love you with all my heart and soul

  43. Inspiration R

    Is there such a thing as a "big town boy like me"

  44. Lachie GAVIN

    you're really good

  45. Peggy Creech

    He is pretty

  46. optiplex sarkodie


  47. Chuck Matthews

    This is the best country song out of all of the country songs

  48. captainlatch1

    Y they all blond

  49. Outdoors Life

    Country snap tracks needs to go

  50. TRUMP2020

    My town has 1,200 people

  51. Makenna F

    Bo burnham, pandering....

  52. Jessica Hartsock

    I like this song! It reminds me of you JH&JH lol

  53. Kobey Hare

    Hey cuz

  54. Dee Hutto


  55. Chattarjee Sunny

    Love this song. It’s 2020 and still listening 😍😍😍

  56. dellarese bethel

    This is a very nice song .
    Those who don't like it is just use to too much filthy cursing and bad talking songs in their life to realise the beauty of this song

  57. Jarmila Klímová

    Wow, amazing, beautiful, thanks

  58. Taylor Twins

    You are rally good ok I love you

  59. Katelynn Listebarger


  60. Dave Anthony

    This song is one of the best ever

  61. Sabrina Pennucci

    Small town boy cowboy 🤠😎

  62. Chris Renner

    She=he. Stop lying dude.

  63. Caroline Cook

    I am in love. With. This song

  64. jrduke45

    I love this song! I could listen to it over and over, it never gets old...

  65. Rosie King

    Small town boy from earth, tx❤❤❤❤❤

  66. smylebutta7250

    Small town huh? Almost 20K isn't small town.

  67. Rai Rai

    Best country song ever 🔥

  68. swisschris81

    With music this bad, I am surprised his own family name did not happen to him yet.

  69. Matthew Murphy

    Matthew morning is a

  70. synSe Slayer

    Ima country boy but I can still relate

  71. Luke Dellinger

    i thought she loved a small town boy like..i was wrong

    Luke Dellinger

    @The one That Truly loved you ..thank you i need it she wont speak to me and has me blocked on her phone ..i love and miss her so much and she is my best friend on top of it so desprate to just ssee her or hear her voice hug and kiss her would be a dream come true

    Luke Dellinger

    @The one That Truly loves you i dont understand..if you feel that you love him maybe you should just call him up and be honest .. my girl doesnt love me anymore and its killing me but it adds to the hurt that she wont just be honest about what she feels and what is going on..just be honest when you have to guess peoples feeling most of us will be wrong every time..communication is the key

    Stephanie symonds

    Luke Dellinger I am sorry

    Luke Dellinger

    @Just Me who,are you and what is his decition i tried to fight for my wife but she lied to me and blocked my number from calling her and then went out with at least one other guy that i know of .. not to mention she didnt have time to take 5 min out of her day to talk to me in the last 5 or 6 months .. she left and changed towns and cut me out of her life >>and hid her new life from me acting like i was trying to control it when i never tryed to change or talk her out of anything she wanted to do ecept cutting me out of the picture >> all i asked was to be the man waiting at home for her and to love and be loved

    Luke Dellinger

    @Just Me dont be sorry for love
    i too am the same way over the woman i had and lost

  72. Samantha Hasche

    Hi daddy miss you so much

  73. melissa oiler

    Justin Pullin & sophie couch
    Melissa momma

  74. anna marie miller

    Y'all are so cut together💋💋💋💋

  75. Kathy Cline

    hello she loves a smell twin boy like me

  76. Braylee.GraceLong Long

    Hello what you mean I don't know

  77. Braylee.GraceLong Long

    I will love the song forever no one can stop me you understand that I know I'm weird but you know it's just a good song I like it so do y'all like it to just text me.

  78. avery vasquez

    Might be the worst song ever conceived

  79. Alex H

    I really love a small town boy. He doesn't know. Lol only been dating about 6 months. Sigh. I can't help it...

    Alex H

    @Danielle vantiem well if he says ur a creep he's the creep don't waste ur time in him. Soooo many people told me that for many many years but with the guy I'm with now he treats me differently he treats me like a person respectfully when you find that you'll know I had an ex-boyfriend who treated me like crap everybody said he was bad for me he called me names broke up got back together at least six times I was sure he was the one looking back I thank God I did not stay with him he was a piece of crap and I deserve better it took time for me to see

    Alex H

    @Danielle vantiem my ex was like that. When he wanted to hang out it was all about him then after all that crap he said well maybe I made a mistake we should have just been friends in the beginning. Well it's too late for that. It does suck but if you think about it he's not really even being a friend to you if you think about what a friend really is your friend is supposed to be there for you and listen for you and if he wants to be more than friends then that's different that sounds like he wants you when it's convenient for him don't give that to him let him know you are valuable you don't have to say that to him he'll get the point when you stop contacting him and maybe even have to block him from your phone I had to do that with my ex as much as I wanted to talk to him and hear from him I had to stop thanks for talking to me as well.

    Alex H

    @Danielle vantiem I understand. That's completely up to you.

    Alex H

    @Danielle vantiem I understand. It's really difficult it seems to know what's going on with him.

    Alex H

    @Danielle vantiem but you're right it's never too late for true love

  80. Braylee.GraceLong Long

    It is a good song.

  81. Steph Greybull

    Fricking lookin good just kidding

  82. Khloe Fletcher

    Kissing 💐🌷😍😘😘😘☺️😘

  83. Travis Taylor

    Holy $hit country is awful now :( :(

  84. MAI EVE Gresham

    My sovereign choice is consenting to owning all the branches of the military, understood? My world, my rules is what I allow, understood?

  85. JaslTube

    i think its so funny how the videos that have millons of veiws only has some thosands likes lol

  86. star craizy

    La chica es de mako

  87. Georgia Baldwin

    I did in Los Angeles just the wrong seat but, with him till the end.

  88. Christina K

    2020 listening

  89. Leah Prinkey

    This would be my guy if they really knew me

    Luke Dellinger

    if your guy doesnt know you i think you need to ask yourself why he doesnt and i bet it isnt all him are not that intuned to feelings in general and for the love of god dont play games like saying one thing and doing another to test you man ..he is going to think and believe what he sees actions speak louder than words

  90. Sonic The Hedgehog

    I Adore This Song

  91. TiDes

    2020?? Anyone

  92. Ryleigh Sanders

    Its 2020 and I'm listening still

  93. Crystal Mccoy

    How nows it is 2020 everyone happy new years

  94. eatplaydecorate

    Hip hop meets country great song