Lynch, Dustin - Rock You Sweet Lyrics

Just holding your hand, while the sea breeze blows
And the waves roll in, swaying those boats
Girl it makes me think
I'd like to rock you sweet

Up ahead on the dock there's a little jam band
It's not a far walk if you want to dance
In your bare feet
And I could rock you sweet

and if we get on a roll
Start feeling something deep
Baby just let go
And I'll rock you, rock you sweet

How'd it get so late, I don't wanna go home
There's a hammock over there big enough for both
You can drift off to sleep
While I rock you sweet

[Repeat Chorus]

And if we get on a roll
Start feeling something deep
Baby just go
And I'll rock you, rock you, rock you, rock you

[Repeat Chorus]

Rock you sweet
Rock you sweet
Rock you sweet
Rock you sweet

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Lynch, Dustin Rock You Sweet Comments
  1. Jacqueline Barger

    Rock You Sweetie

  2. Jaclyn Martz

    I love him so much and he’s my man and I am ready to see you soon in March 8

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  6. Kaitlyn Carr

    Dustin wish. You would. Rock. Me to sleep. And i love you

  7. Dean Jackson

    what a beautiful song I Absolutely Love it

  8. Jennifer Townley

    Such a beautiful song! Would love for some one to sing this to me.

  9. Raina Hood

    He can rock  me sweet. Mmmm lol

  10. Sydney Sullivan

    so describes me and my boyfriend

  11. Shaunna Farnicorn

    amazing song omg mine and hubbys new song ♡

  12. Cierra Nicole

    When I saw him, he was all like "I wrote a song about getting freaky close to the water" So needless to say this is on my make out playlist for my hubby and I hahahaha ;)

  13. Cierra Nicole

    I think they meant in his younger days and I can see it a little bit. You need to chill, your horrible for being ratchet over a comment. Be humble towards people, you just may get it back.

  14. dropthaneedlenspinu

    You could "rock me sweet" any night or say for that matter. I would still love his music even if he wasn't this good looking. That's just a bonus!!! Keep em' coming! :)

  15. Beautiful Loser77

    Back at zo Bob...I personally think u don't have anything better to do then comment on everyone's video or on What people have commented on....just because I said he looks like a young John Travolta doesn't make me horrible nor is it a bad compliment towards Dustin.John back at one time was a good looking man and Dustin is a good looking man. Have u ever seen urban cowboy???Well hmmmm.........

  16. zo Bob

    you destoyed it he looks nothing like john travolta no not at all ur horribal for thinking that

  17. Sydney Sullivan

    Crush my crush

  18. Sydney Sullivan

    He is soo cute. I love this song I wish my crish would sing it to me

  19. Crystal Steber

    Cnkc uh jghgghhjfigfgjffufu I fufyiug g BBB vvlkkmskjhojlkmoeimmmmmmm,,mmmmmmmmmuquujjjjjjjjjmhhhhhhhhxgg

  20. Rachel Medellin

    My new favorite song! His voice is sooo awesome!

  21. Aaron Gore

    This song is good for the girl i love hope u read this tiff

  22. Beautiful Loser77

    He looks like a young John Travolta. He's very goodlooking and his voice is amazing.

  23. Abigail Audet

    My favorite song ever!