Lyle Lovett - Nobody Knows Me Lyrics

And I like cream in my coffee
And I like to sleep late on Sunday
And nobody knows me like my baby
And I like eggs over easy
With flour tortillas
And nobody knows me like my baby

And nobody holds me
And nobody knows me
Nobody knows me like my baby

But it was a dream made to order
South of the border
And nobody knows me like my baby
And she cried man how could you do it
And I swore that there weren't nothing to it
But nobody knows me like my baby

And nobody holds me
And nobody knows me
Nobody knows me like my baby

And I like cream in my coffee
And I hate to be alone on Sunday
And nobody knows me like my baby

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Lyle Lovett Nobody Knows Me Comments
  1. Chygurl Stylez

    I still cry to this song from 90210... After Dylan’s wife died..

  2. Robert Rose Jr.

    Amazing performance

  3. magnethomewood

    I just discovered Lyle yesterday when someone doing a concert played one of his songs, and I love this song so much. I don't know how I could have gone so long without knowing about Lyle, he is awesome!

  4. Mike Lord

    A good companion song that comes to mind - 'north of the border' - is When My Baby Calls My Name, by Stephen Fearing.

  5. JohnnyC Major

    Are all his songs.. 40 bpm?

  6. Bully Billy

    this is my pretend girlfriend song! or inflatable girl song

  7. roberto martell carlos

    Hasta siempre. Dilan ...luke perry ....

  8. Dave Walker

    Maybe the most beautiful cheatin' song ever written.

  9. gerard haubert

    Is that Willy to his left?

  10. Shipfixer

    Oh man! Bless ye heart!

  11. Tamara Taylor

    Lyle I so love you and you have a face of a Comanche a great warrior! You are a great man with a great song! I love you!

  12. Norma Isabel

    Hola ,lo leí en inglés pero hay palabras que no comprendo,lo podrían subtitular?
    GRACIAS. Yo amo Beverly Hills 90210.

  13. Geoff /// M Nelson

    What a performance! Beautiful really

  14. Ronald Fields


  15. William Maloney

    Nobody knows me..... like my Baby...... and I swore there weren't nothin to it....

  16. A Smith

    I love this song. Always have, always will

  17. Eddie Sanders

    Great song !! That's talent when you can sing and play like that when its just you alone !

  18. Donn La Rossa


  19. elle marsh

    Lyle. No need to say anything else. Mmmm.

  20. Stuart Deutsch

    This shit right here. This will break your heart.

  21. frank theriault


  22. Diana spellman

    always love the one youre with... everyone else just uses you for THEIR convenience... no-one knows you like your baby...

  23. Zachery Lovett

    this is my dads cousin,

  24. MsLuvmusic81

    BEVERLY HILLS 90210!!! SO sad


    MsLuvmusic81 Dylan McKay sobbing

    Tupac The God Shakur

    Yeah :(

    alex c

    @FOXAMG63 I was too....even at 34 when I watch now

    kristin ellis

    now its really sad with luke gone!

  25. Jeff Gunther

    As he said in a performance I saw, 'this is a cheatin' song'. I hadn't picked up on that until he mentioned it. Gorgeous!


    +Jeff Gunther man, I was wondering what happened south of the border!

    Jeff Gunther

    Of course some boys just look across the border to learn the ways of love 😀


    +Jeff Gunther LOL!

    Jeff Gunther

    As you probably know, that's a line from his song North Dakota. If you've never heard it, check it out...killer duet with Rickie Lee Jones. On the Joshua Judges Ruth album :)

    Mike Hegarty

    A cheatin song about Mexican food. Lol. Only Lyle.

  26. Magnus Kannegaard

    I love this ist remind off my ex fionce


    I'm so sorry Magnus.

    So many here seem not to understand that this relates a personal tragedy. For me it wasn't an engagement, but a lover and best friend for 42 years stupidly pissed away forever.

    Thankfully this is an anonymous board. Even so, let's you and me just leave it at that.

  27. Bonnie Speeg

    Lyle, you can come over here and get those 'eggs over easy' anytime.

  28. Joonas Havukainen

    Amazing song by Lyle Lovett ! You know you've written a brilliant song when Willie Nelson is sitting next to you and sheds a tear.

    Vincent Corpus

    Joonas Havukainen He wasnt crying. He was itching his face


    right under his eye...


    @Vincent Corpus he was pretending to itch his face!

  29. Juke Joint

    Nobody Knows Me ...

  30. Brianne Bailey

    thank you so much. I don't want to sound silly, but, it's the simplicy that is perfect.

  31. james williams

    ..first heard it on Beverly Hills 90210... and later in the movie 2 days in the Valley, graveyard scene... sad powerful song..

  32. *K131399*

    great version of this tune 

  33. bender138

    That was a songwriter's special,and I will be sorry to my dying day that I didn't record it.

    Rodney Crowell performed one of his songs that left Willie and Lyle speechless and looking like they were going to cry,and both had heard that song a thousand times by everybody they knew. Willie had even recorded it himself. There were a few moments of absolute silence when he stopped singing,and everybody was looking at the floor.

  34. To3by

    I was there too & if anything, he sounds better than ever.

  35. Susan Dyer

    I heard him sing this song last night in Portland...brought tears to my eyes. His voice still rocks.

    Geoff /// M Nelson


  36. kywomanlml

    Perfection. Thanks for posting.

  37. Andrew Lowe

    just a beautiful song, perfectly rendered. surprisingly simple to pick, but tricky to master. a moment in time and space that has passed from this world. I remember it well. thanks for posting this.

  38. LennyJohnson5

    Brilliant; two vastly different artists, but I always see a parallel with Tom Waits - a sensitively poetic lyricist and a superb musician rolled into one. Loved Lyle since seeing him at Cardiff Arms Park in 1992 supporting Dire Straits.

  39. niemawolnynazwy

    ...after 10 years i've found out that my heart still belongs with you, 3500 km away from where i have raised a family with another beautiful woman. And i can see now how so much of the bitterness of my life has come from the feeling of being alone...i had forgotten this feeling of wholeness, like being suspended in time, in space, drifting through eternity. together all the madness disappears, everythings so simple and true. i'll miss you forever...nobody knows me like you do....

  40. Nicholas Kierstead

    Made Willie Nelson cry. Says enough.

  41. DidjeridooGirl

    I've known this song for years, and have listened to it I don't even know how many times. I've always found it moving, but this version made me tear up! I never do that!

  42. robert fulton

    the first time i heard this song was in the movie 61, love it

  43. bastardmaker

    is willie wiping away a tear, around the 2 minute mark?

  44. im4out again

    good stuff..

  45. missisfreddiemercury

    weep alarm ...

    i just heard the song on Beverly Hills 90210, episode "One Wedding and a Funeral" ... I am dying right now!

  46. Hall Boylston

    Lyle Lovett is the consumate story teller. The songs he writes and the way he delivers them is pure genius I believe. Lots of folks refere to him as a songwriter and I guess he is...but I truely believe he is basically a poet...and one of the first order. He is unique. Not many artists can consistantly deliver the quality of work that he does.

  47. justryd

    I was wondering if anyone else saw that. Thats priceless.

  48. eclecticpyrat

    Rooster boy my ass this is one of the most talented artist of the past 30yrs

  49. Keith Hallgren

    My brother in law once thought Lyle was a country singer until he started listening and now things he is simply one of the best performers and musicians he has ever heard. Few can match Lovett's lyrical brilliance and his music paints another brilliant picture on it's own. I love the guitar on this... I always picture a quiet room with a clock ticking away the minutes of a quiet Sunday morning.

  50. Johnny Shamrock

    Just beautiful.Talented man.Has written some great songs.

  51. simon rickman

    Lyle, Australia loves you too

  52. ImpersonationFilms

    very underated song should have a billion more views also i think the world would be a better place if everyone listened to this song everyday

  53. jojo gatismo

    @1:59 willie wipes a tear from his eye :)

  54. Trúc Lúy Vlogs

    this man really knows how to use a capo

  55. TheLelogol

    :) true song.

  56. mikeshumar

    Willie Nelson is sitting next to Lyle, with his broken cigar box guitar, and thinking to himself: "Man... I suck!!".

  57. Jess Lang

    Quite possibly the best song ever to come our of Texas.

  58. csx4

    simply brilliant.........what a voice!!!!!!!

  59. shorty 760

    aww luv this song reminds me of 90210 back in the days sad

  60. musikmakerify

    90210 !!!! I like the song very much. Reminds of Luke Perry/90210 !!!!!!

  61. kelleyrawlings

    Honestly, the most beautiful song ever. <3

  62. 199992red

    You are a ladies man Lyle. Saw you with John Hiatt last month. I could watch your show every night! We loved you both!

  63. Brad Douglas

    @tinnitic been looking for that ever since it was broadcast! i became a Lyle fan that night 'Her First Mistake" was unforgetable

  64. rockinred101966

    @tinnitic i so agree just tried to find it

  65. tinnitic

    Can someone PLEASE post " Her First Mistake ", done this same night...

  66. indigosow

    shivers! I get shivers, it's so pretty. Touches my very soul.

  67. neo robertson

    @stedrod nice

  68. BrainBabe63

    Sublime...this man has the voice of an wonder Julia fell in love with him...he could sit and sing to me all day long...and I would see him as the most beautiful creature on God's green Earth!

  69. Anne Kristoffersen

    Love this a lot!! <3

  70. indigosow

    unbelievably profound and moving. masterpiece.

  71. Jon Turnbaugh

    @joshde82 Me too man... Now I am a huge lyle lovett fan.. I just saw him in concet..

  72. blumoonrisn

    One of the best!

  73. BK Fulkerson

    thank you....that's all I can say.

  74. IntuitSpirit

    Mr. Lovett does justice to this sweet and simple song!

  75. cwtmusic

    love this song...

  76. tinnitic

    Lyle did "Her First Mistake", this same night. anyone see a copy of that anywhere? Such a great tune!

  77. ScratchnDent5

    i m a huge lyle fan, and i love what you wrote here. you r obviously a big fan as well, and you truly get it with this guy. he has such a great touch and his sound on this is so great and it typifies his live shows. his guitar has a distinctive sound and goes so well with his voice..... funny thing on this performance is his voice actually cracks a little and you can see him holding in a grin..... this guy is great and i'm so glad to see other people geting into his music. thanks

  78. 0blivi0s


  79. joshde82

    Great song so simple and can conect to everyone!!! Great job on posting it....i first heard it in the movie *61

  80. gstlb

    The intimacy of this song is overwhelming. Austin City Limits... is that Willie wiping away a tear about 2:00?