Lyle Lovett - If You Were To Wake Up Lyrics

If you were to wake up
And I were beside you
Would you gently smile dear
And whisper my name
And would you remember
The way that I held you
And would you want me
To hold you again

Time reaches to you
Just like a willow
That bends to the water
And clings to the shore
And there was a time dear
That once you did love me
And there was a time
You loved me no more

Rain on your window
Light on your pillow
The way you lie sleeping
Is it like before
For there was a time dear
That once you did love me
And there was a time
You loved me no more

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Lyle Lovett If You Were To Wake Up Comments
  1. Joann Brown

    Love this song so much i will never forget Bruce S. 💔😭 ....💙 JoAnn Houser

  2. Jon Tisch

    my favorite Lyle Lovett song

  3. Colin Sacks

    One of my favorite sad songs. Haven't seen Lyle live in years. I assume his shows are still good.

    Moonfaery 9

    omgolly, just home from one tonight. maybe my 10th? 20th? yes, of course still good. 'tis why I'm still up and on youtube....

  4. shaded and jaded

    World War Wake

  5. Bp jackson

    I love him just as he is.

    lance sutton

    Garth brooks

  6. John Rah

    I have listened to this song over and over. And played it over and over.

  7. Ida Fillmore

    Love this song !

  8. skookumchuck1861

    For my reference and anyone that likes to play along as they sing, capo first fret, E A, bar third A shape.

  9. Gary Smith

    Best fiddle ever

  10. battlehrfred

    just totally amazing... lovely singer and lyrics... ty for this great post of Lyle...

  11. David Smith

    The greatest fiddle playing I've ever heard Lyle Lovett rules

    keith s.

    he was not playing violin........go to Tiny Desk Concert.....see Mr. Lovett with a really beautiful fiddle player by the name Luke Bull , So beautiful  !!!!

  12. William Brown

    True "soul music"

  13. ledunkelgrau

    one of the most beautiful sad songs I heard in a long time


    "Love is the child of illusion and the parent of disillusion." - Miguel de Unamuno 

    If You can't walk the walk, get off the field...

  15. Lizzie

    My mom used to sing this song to me when I was little if I couldn't sleep, but not until I was older did I realize the true meaning of these lyrics...

  16. Feedurehed

    His NPR concert is a joy! Such a lovely, modest man!!

  17. Remington Riders

    Awesome song. When a loved one died over a decade ago, I spent days playing this version of this song and bawling my eyes out. I've listened to it four times tonite now, and I feel the same.

    This version is actually more beautiful than his duet of it with Tammy. Hard to believe, but that fiddle is amazing and adds to the whole oh-so-haunting feeling of the song.

    Thanks for a great post..

  18. Joe Hunt

    One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Lyle Lovett is wonderful.

    Augie Doggie

    The violin player is .....damn....

  19. brad42948

    Wonderful. Lyle Lovett is so often overlooked these days. Pure quality.

  20. Triguntri

    there was a time dear, once you did love me...there was a time dear, you loved me no more. Sadder words have never been written