Lyle Lovett - I've Been To Memphis Lyrics

The sun comes up
In a coffee cup
Waitress please I've had enough

Lord I can't believe what I see
How could you be alone
When you could sit right here beside me girl
And make yourself at home

I've been to Memphis
And Muscle Shoals
And I love a woman
What I don't know

When the sun goes down
In another town
Bartender please another round

Lord I can't believe what I see
How could you be alone
When you could sit right here beside me girl
And make yourself at home

I've been to Houston
And San Antonio
And I love a woman
What I don't know

Sherry she had big ones
Sally had some too
But Allison had little ones
What hate to go to school

And I make my bed
Where I lay my head
And I wish I heard what she just said

Lord I can't believe what I see
How could you be alone
When you could sit right here beside me girl
And make yourself at home

I've been to LA
And El Paso
And I love a woman
What I don't know

Sherry she had big ones
Sally had some too
But Allison had little ones
What hate to go to school

And I make my bed
Where I lay my head
And I wish I heard what she just said

Lord I can't believe what I see
How could you be alone
When you could sit right here beside me girl
And make yourself at home

I've been to...
And where I go
I love a woman
What I don't know

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Lyle Lovett I've Been To Memphis Comments
  1. Tickettyboo1959

    This has to probably be the TIGHTEST band I've ever seen!...

    Mark Wilkins

    Tight and yet completely loose as well. If you know what I mean. The music felt open and spontaneous as opposed to slick, cold, and clinical.

  2. Andy Ives

    I heard this backup of LL with his large band at Red Rocks in Denver.   GOD what a show.  The gentleman in the hat has a bass that was out of this world.   Yes I have heard them with Francine also and LL puts together a large band that is a joy to experience.    Ahhhhhh,,,,  red rocks in July of 2019.   cant wait....    all joy and peace to those that read this but be there...  its a bucket list event.

  3. grumpy wine

    I would go to Memphis to be baptized in this song. Forget Elvis. This one is vintage Lyle and I've always admired the musicians that surrounded themselves with superior performers like Lyle with their accompany. The support people are the best and really deserve more credit. Saw Lyle in Victoria, B.C. a few years ago (acoustic tour) and his support was spot on ! Viktor Krauss on Bass and John Hagen On Cello and the four black gents (sorry I should know their names) were my stars. Great performance.

  4. MrElaguatero5

    I like this man..beautiful voice..and his hair like crazy seems that nothing bother him!!

  5. Eric haskell

    Imagine ten year old boys gleefully leaving thumbs down as quickly as they can open the next video.

  6. Manolis Katsoulis

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  7. Millie Haywood

    I love, love, love this.

  8. Brad Sisko

    Big life time fan here. Everything I think, "Man Randy Travis can't get any better than this!", I find something like this. Great stuff!!

  9. Debra Holroyd

    You are so unique and have the most beautiful voice. We need to hear more of you, especially in the south. We would so welcome you! It's 2017 as I write this. Come on down!

  10. Robin Townsend

    28 people haven't been to Memphis

    Greg Elchert

    I've never been to Memphis and I still love this song. (I *have* been to Nashville - close enough?)

  11. Harry M. Covert

    Tim Ray is an outstanding pianist, arranger and covers all perspective. A joy to listen to. He's a distsinguished teacher as well as performer.

  12. Judy Volem

    Memphis... My ASS..

  13. Judy Volem

    My Man...

  14. Michelle Parsons

    Best. Concert. Ever.

    rd hawk

    saw them at the Ryman

  15. Judy Volem

    got my soul in there pokcet

  16. Kelton King

    Ray Herndon of McBride & The Ride on Lead Guitar.

  17. Julie Leimkuehler

    I'd marry him.

  18. Joey Nester

    awesome let's go to Memphis

  19. Copacetic

    Outta the way, Rooster Boy!

  20. Pat Downs

    ironic how Lyle now looks better than Julia

  21. Bobby Cressey

    Matt Rollings!!!!

  22. Laurie Vessely

    what an inspiration

  23. Rick Troemel

    Awesome performance and Tune.  I especially love the piano open, close and break around 2:38 ish.  Thanks for posting.  I wonder how the folks that did thumbs down could dislike this...

    Barb Lewis

    Yes indeed, he can play that peeAnna! Ilove Lyle Lovett and his talented Large Band!


    That amazing key change....then back again!...

  24. kathy a

    I was raised on jazz. That was fine till the day I heard Lyle. Ohoowe!

  25. Ws Johnston

    What an incredibly talented guy.... despite the fact that he's from Texas!!;>)

    Jimmie Campbell


  26. mike olden

    Wow you gotta like that big sound again ,great  one  I love it

  27. Chris Robson

    This was recorded at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, Texas.  I was there.  The crowd rises up when he mentions San Antonio in the song...great show!

    sullir sullir

    +Chris Robson. My husband and I saw him there as well.  One of the best concerts I've been to. He's a great showman and funny too!

  28. richard wchwsky

    I believe this is at the Orpheum in Memphis. In the late 90's. I took my aunt for her birthday.

    Eva Antonia

    This concert was recorded at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio Texas.

  29. John Iannucelli

    As good as it gets...Period

  30. Urbie4

    Ya, great playing -- reminds me a bit of Roger Kellaway.

  31. ambercrombie789

    just a little..LOL

  32. ElmoPiano

    Thanks for posting this version of a Lyle Lovett classic. The sheet music for Matt Rollings' original piano part on "I've Been to Memphis" can be found at - a note-for-note transcription.

  33. Laurie Bedard


  34. ambercrombie789

    just a little. :)

  35. Macintheus

    That's gotta be Matt Rollings on piano -- a monster!

  36. Laynie Smythe

    Love this song and pretty much everything He does!!!

  37. Todd Hooper

    So many perfect songs! Never get tired of listening to him!

  38. Connor Brooks

    Why can't I find a studio version of this?!?!?

  39. james owens

    Lyle and all the boys are always ready with "a wink and a nod" for any of us who want to join them in the best inside joke in the world--they are havin' nothin' but fun every time they the music starts..,and they want us all to "come with" for the ride. This is called 'good time stuff baby'! This is why we play

  40. Talcupp

    Not Lowell George but the great Little Feat piano player Bill Payne.

  41. JolleyRick

    I really enjoy THE PIPS. A big new something for Lyle.

    Rick Jolly
    Colorado springs

  42. Ben Kroger

    @3catmandu California declared its self independent before the news of the Mexican-American War reached the few colonists. Hardly anyone in Alta California was behind the revolt. After 26 days, American troops reached Alta California, and the "revolution" was halted in the aspiration of joining the United States. If you can call that a Country, then sure... be proud of it.. But to be a country, technically, you must be recognized by other major countries. California was never.

  43. grandbbq

    Saw this tour at the Rialto Square Theater in Joliet,IL ////brought tears to my eyes. Drove the sound guys back from a restaurant in my limo.

  44. TeamJacob57

    @3catmandu NO! Texas was the only state that downgraded from a country. The "California Republic" was a 26 day rebellion. They declared independence, but never had a government or actually became a country. Maybe you should actually know what you're talking about before you call other people stupid.

  45. TeamJacob57

    @Downer05 Excuse you! We are CLEARLY the best state. Have any other states ever been a country? I think not! So we win!

  46. David Stanley

    @6076116 bail out ?hell America cant even bail themselves out today

  47. Charles Bucher

    He'd be a hell of a lot cooler if he were Canadian instead of Texan but he's badass all the same. Even if he is from the worst, most embarassing state in America

  48. Terry Frazho

    @browne335 I'm sure Lyle can afford it...besides, as a musician I can tell you that as long as the rent is paid, and the electric is on, you play for the sheer joy of playing. Yeah the money can be good or bad, but that's what you choose to do.

  49. grandbbq

    Saw this at the rialto in peoria IL

  50. BlueGeorge09

    Sweet Pea had awesome hats way back when? Right on.

  51. charles43110

    Saw Lyle & his Large Band in Columbus, Ohio this summer.

    19 ppl on stage

    It was a really great evening in the "short north" and his music
    makes you both want to sing & dance to his really varied selections.

    Ny favorites??? His Texas Swing.


  52. dnuosmaerd

    OMG, Matt Rollings is great.

  53. Trixie Kitsch

    @emilyxmiller --there are many different styles of fine music out there. If you limit yourself to only one genre you are cheating yourself. Open your mind--open your ears. I have Thrill Kill cds right next to Lyle Lovett and Sham 69. (my guess is you don't know who they are). Quit trying to be "cool" and listen to something new.

  54. Ha Jüwie

    the pianoat (2:40) preparing the guitar solo (at 3:03) is to die for! Thank you for that wonderful musical moment! (another gold medal moment by Lyle!) Thank you for posting!

  55. Mr. Jetson

    I guess your not from Tx!

  56. Splendid Anomaly

    Someone's been channeling Lowell George.

  57. Vicki Buoy

    lyle lovett is so cool.. love that Texas Boy

  58. Marc Dees

    been to hell.

  59. squishedlizard

    Love, love, love this song! :)

  60. snookseaglin

    Good tune.........can't beat the hairdo......the opposite of baldness?........anyways, Lyle is
    one of the best.. and I agree with
    YRUstaring down below.....Great music
    to listen to driving down the road!

  61. DimiVan Ludwig

    Lyle was born In a houston suburb of texas in 1957, he also attended texas a and m college... thats a little south of canada

  62. John Simpson

    the least he should do is style his dudes to stage right with suits cut from the same color black....

    No discipline these days....

  63. Zed Zoober

    'I love everybody' and 'Joshua Judges Ruth'. Do albums get much better, much more intelligent than these. Wicked wit. I just wish he would come play a gig in London again soon.

    Mark Wilkins

    That double album that he did with all those Townes Van Zandt songs on it was pretty great too. Step Inside this House I believe it was.

  64. Jacqueline L. Landry

    The ex and I saw him live at the Johnny Carson show in '89 and he totally smoked the place. He did "She's Ugly From the Front" and "Here I Am." There are no words to describe it! Thanks for sharing this.

  65. DimiVan Ludwig

    An American Treasure/ wonderful singer , songwriter

  66. Darren Williams

    We were lucky enough to see him on June 26th 2008 in Porland, Maine. A great venue for him at Merrill was only our second show but another great one.