Lyfe Jennings - S.E.X. Lyrics

Eh yo you
Now see most cats, would take advantage of you right now
But I ain't gone do that yo
Imma give you the game, right
Imma give it to you because
I would want somebody to give my little girl the game
When she done found her S.E.X.

Life’s a trip
Virgin just turned 17 and finally got some hips
Hustlers on the block go crazy when you lick ya lips
But they just want relation
They don’t want relationship
(welcome to the real world)
It ain’t the same
Fellas old enough to be ya daddy know ya name
Everybody's talking’ ‘bout how much that girl done changed
Can’t quite put ya finger on it
But you feelin’ strange
Like it's fire in your veins

Girl it’s just your
Mama's secret
And daddy gone go crazy when he finds out that his baby’s found her
Take a deep breath
And think before you let it go (let it go)

The block is packed
Baby gotta attitude and proud to holla back
Momma’s givin’ advice but she ain’t tryna hear that
Not because it's wrong, just her delivery is wack
(Shay get ya behind in this house, if I see you with another boy, I swear)
Life is rough,
You say that you’re not ready for sex, but you’re in love
He says if you’d really loved him, you would give it up
Mama says that’s just a line guys use to get ya stuff
Which one will you trust?

Girl it’s just your
Mama's secret
And daddy gone go crazy when he finds out that his baby’s found her
Take a deep breath
And think before you let it go (let it go)

Eh yo Lyfe, she may take it better coming from a woman (Give it to her)
See he’ll tell you all kind of things to get in your pants, yeah
Baby it’s a fact, that once it’s gone (it's gone) you’ll never get it back (never get it back)
Hold on, to your innocence
Use your common sense
You’re worth waiting for (you’re worth waiting for)
Be strong
Honey don’t give in
Blessing come with patience
Until we meet again, I’m praying, for you

Girl it’s just your
Mama's secret
And daddy gone go crazy when he finds out that his baby’s found her
Take a deep breath
And think before you let it go (let it go)
[Repeat 2x]

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Lyfe Jennings S.E.X. Comments
  1. Mahinda Githaiga

    Rest in Peace LaLa Brown

  2. Ntale Nasson

    Watching December 2019

  3. Paro Dy


    1,3 million ?????? Onlyyyy

  4. carly cardinal

    Wish I heard this song back then.... but then again, I might not have my son right now ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Milly Fletch


  6. Mad Gamer

    had to come and cleanse myself from that slave rubbish smh

  7. Greg Monias

    2019 anyone ?

  8. Kayla Henry

    Why is this still not on Spotify 🙄😢



  10. Longer Jimmy

    Rip lala brown thank you 🙏🏻 for this amazing song 😢 😭 2019 I’m still playing this song 💿

  11. jeane Simplicio

    Queria esse homem pra mim 😍💋❤😆 Moreno bonita da porra ❤

  12. toman maraj

    2019 I’m still bumping to this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. lil' Anime-san

    Back here: once you lose your virginity you ain't gonna get it back...... so wait till your ready to have sex

    Nowadays: all songs are about how sex feels and what it's like and how their partners cheat on each other this little kid about 3 years old yelled. "I was born through sex!!" Everyone that saw her laughed I think society is now hopeless....

  14. Ms Makubutu Nonkululeko Kgothalo Lekota

    I still love this song in 2019.

  15. My Ears Got Youth System

    R.I.P Lala Brown, she had a cute voice and was so pretty

  16. Sandy Molapo

    2019 still my fav

  17. Jenna Flores


  18. Keion Austin

    Wish Lala was alive she would of been big

  19. el hachemi

    2019 i feel really old now

  20. Proud Misfit

    2019 we still vibin' #classic

  21. Ak Milan

    🖐 still here

  22. Matheus Leal

    2019 alguém ???

  23. Nikkii S

    Mannn music like this needs to come back. 👌

  24. Charrdelilah

    i still need to know who that fine man is in the video !!!
    it' s killing me after all this years lol.
    so if somebody knows who he is please let me know!!!!!!

  25. Matheus Leal

    Diretamente do Brasil 2019 é nois 👊

    Dan Silva

    Opaaa. É nois!

  26. Kush kingOnyx

    2006.....if you know you know......

  27. Naeem Ramji

    January 15th 2019!

  28. Simon Odong

    2019 we still here

  29. Selina Davis

    I wonder why his concert with R Kelly got cancelled

  30. Thug life

    1.The voice of lyfe 2. The song 3. The man with the blue eyes.❤

  31. Yohanna Fseha

    Blessings come with all contexts of life. Thanks for sharing then and now 👍

  32. uniquemuziki

    Who is here 2018

  33. Brianna Shanty

    , love this song 💖

  34. Gizmo Minnie613

    Bring back that fire!!!Rip la la

  35. Gizmo Minnie613

    Bring back that fire!!!Rip la la

  36. Isak WIR

    2018 ...WE STILL HERE

  37. Shinaz Toffee

    Lalla brown 😇😇😇

  38. Shinaz Toffee

    Rest in peace ms lalla brown and your loved 😇😇

  39. Shinaz Toffee

    This song , helped me big time

  40. Reut shaviro

  41. tee cleishy

    2017 and it's still real talk

  42. bre bedlow

    God is english only.

  43. bre bedlow

    The forbidden fruit is canadian cherry.

  44. bre bedlow

    You crying.

  45. bre bedlow

    The garden of eden of eden is egypt.

  46. bre bedlow

    I in sulpher, she tall.

  47. thaaeroprincess87

    I'm making my future kids listen to this song.

  48. Lesney Kimberly Mo

    How come this song has dislikes?? smh

    Charlemagne Peralte

    xoLesney can't accept the message

    Shamorie Magwood

    All the hoes that done lost their virginity too early.

  49. nunu wills

    Still bumping 2017 forever a great tune


    still can't believe lala brown is gone, R.I.P.

  51. dom taylor

    Back in the Long tee Dayz

  52. aria morette

    2017 😌

  53. Monsieur Vince

    2017, i'm here; Like a boss. Simply.

  54. GAZA THUG #Gazanation

    who still listening in 2017 🔥🔥🔥amma play this for my daughter wen ever she's born

  55. Mr Menace

    rest in peace Lala Brown <3

  56. Raquel Kwela G

    This is the song every girl should listen to!

  57. Neisha Nine Starz

    Still such an amazing song.

  58. TherealYahu

    Damn im 16 n i remember this song on BET back in the day lol classic

  59. Straight from Earth's Soil

    Gonna have my children watch this when they become teenagers. Great video.

  60. Sweet Darkie

    This song so powerful 👍✊

  61. Josanne Lucess

    Love and hip hop

  62. ThisForeverr

    Lala Brown rest in peace girl, your career didn't even get to start yet, but you are very beautiful. May you and your boyfriend rest in peace

  63. Shai

    love this

  64. Hisham Howsawey

    Still listening to this track in 2016🙏🏿

    Joel Arshad

    2017 now :)

  65. Leandro Vendas

    2016 :D

  66. Hp48

    Anyone here cuz Kylie

    Maddie Fox

    And disappointed

    Serwin Colak

    yes finally found it

    Philly Bunay

    why kylie.. lol what did she do

  67. Chocolate Bunnyy

    Lala and her boyfriend were murdered in the studio and found a day or two later.

  68. Chocolate Bunnyy


    Jamila Lewis

    What?? i had no idea she died?? what happened to her? omg

    Jamila Lewis

    Her verse is why i love this song so much!! I'm devastated ;(

    Moha Tairara

    she got murdered like 10 years ago, in a studio

  69. NessyLovesYew

    I wish I listened to this song back in the day

    sexy teddy

    NessyLovesYew wud it change nuttin now?

  70. Ana bana

    we need more music like this again instead of the Bullshit we listening too

  71. Ben Ice

    love this song

  72. Miguel Francisco Rodrigues Neto

    não que eu entenda a musica mais a batida da é muita mostra gostei

    Thiago Conceição Oliveira

    +Miguel Francisco Rodrigues Neto A letra também é muito boa

    Adrian Santos

    muito boa essa música

  73. Aamir

    Those lyrics hit hard

  74. jammell bonaparte

    This is so true😴

  75. dineo wendy

    after all these years its still so hard to believe that Lala has passed :(

  76. holly pietrzak

    This was a another great song from summer 2006

  77. holly pietrzak

    this is how music used to be back in 2006

    Dalai Lion

    Now it's all about having sex with someone else's partner and all that soul crushing nonsense. Society is out of control.

  78. Kae Walters

    2015 and this song still hit home. Never fail to fill me with emotions. Love this song

  79. Edmilson Guedes Ferreira Guedes

    ai sim gosto muito paz ...

  80. alina love

    I can't believe lala died so young:( rip

  81. Helen Kambonde

    Deep song

  82. ohMY03

    This is the music we need to show the next gen not all this hiphopnowdays

  83. Sherene Craig

    love and hip hop atlanta brought me here.

    Ahmed Abdelgadir

    life brought me here ..... no pun intended

  84. BlacChaz

    I love this song...... We need more music like this

  85. نور

    Still listen' to this in 2015. 👍 God bless u for this song.

  86. Kennylin Sylvester

    i love it

  87. Tonny Victor

    RIP LaLa.. song rings so true..Wake up call for all the beautiful ladies out there.., Moms & Daughters.

  88. Tracy Mukendi

    Conscious music like this, you no longer hear anymore. SMH its no wonder there's barely any hope for my generation and those to come.

    lil' Anime-san

    So true

  89. Sherice Willis

    "Life is rough, you say that you're not ready for sex but you're in love, he says if you love him you would give it up." The most powerful part in the song. This one is definitely for all the ladies.

    Ampo Delgado

    Sherice Willis the other most powerful part was when LaLa sang "baby its a fact that once its gone you'll never get it back"

  90. Sherice Willis

    Such a relevant song! "They want relations but no relationships."

  91. SandiElizabethJay

    almost 2015!

  92. Naiyma Coltes

    Love this song

  93. CClassicRapMusicc

    R.I.P. LaLa Brown :'( Back when songs were positive.

    Francis Kwangu

    CClassicRapMusicc never new she is gone until o read your comment, rest in power


    she was feautred on americas most wanted, search it on youtube

    Nikkii S

    @Alex WTF really?


    @Nikkii S yes I have the episode, it's on YouTube as well

    Nikkii S

    @Alex Wow ya I just googled it..sad all these old good jams aren't around anymore, nowadays it's utterly ridiculous garbage coming out..