Lydia - Your Taste Is My Attention Lyrics

So I know nothing of your taste
and now speak up, lover.
It's in your lips, I found.
Come on, just press against me
I finally have your attention,
so listen closer, sweetheart.
I've been trying to tell you, stay awake.

And no, no, when we're safe here
Come back, come back, you stayed always.
Stay with me here

Stay with me and watch these cars go by,
and tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.

So watch as I go back
I just came to say that
you'll never see me again.
This clock is ours now, till morning.
So stay right there in that frame
This picture is how we speak.
You'll never see me again,
cause I miss you already.

And bear that you haven't seen me.
I don't belong in anything you dream,
in anything we dream.
She said "Put your hands back on my
skin and say you loved me,
cause I can't live like you do.
Never could."

Come on, just press against me.
You always have my attention,
and please speak up louder.
Make those lips move.

Come back on the weekend forever
cause you don't mean to shake that way
Come back on the weekend forever
Cause you don't mean to...

Stay with me and I will try to tell you
Stay with me and I will try to tell you

So watch as I go back
I just came to say that
you'll never see me again
This clock is ours now, till morning.
So stay right there in that frame
This picture is how we see you
You'll never see me again,
cause I miss you already.

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Lydia Your Taste Is My Attention Comments
  1. n calogiros

    Good memories. Sadly not on Spotify!

  2. Awktober_

    This song is still so fucking hot.

  3. Skylar Dawn

    2019 still my fav song

  4. ultraviolet life-installation

    Uuuggggh! This is one of the most nostalgic songs of my LIFE. <3
    I get sent into flashbacks every time I hear this song.
    Or any song by Lydia really. They bring ALL the feels..

  5. *Andre *

    Hello, have u listened radiohead?

  6. Daddy YardStick Da Rula Gaming

    My ex sent me here😥💔

  7. Heather Nicole

    Where have I this song! 🖤

  8. Emil

    Say what you want but I really have a feeling that this is about a relationship with a person with borderline personality disorder... It just reminds me so much of my friend's relationship with bpd person that I cannot think about anything else when I listen to it. I might be completely wrong but it just fits so much..

    By the way, In the first part I noticed that it looks a bit as if he is trying to get the person's attention. Trying to tell them he must leave but they stop listening and so he must get their attention again. For example:
    "So I know nothing of your taste
    and now speak up, lover.
    It's in your lips, I found.
    Come on, just press against me"
    He seems to say "Come on" to get back their attention...

  9. Sage Unspecified

    So fucking underrated

  10. MAr Mndç

    A sua "atenção" é o meu farol. Boa semana, obrigado.

  11. Rebellious Refinement

    Amazing throwback from 2010ish for me

  12. DinyMight

    Still the greatest song on earth.

  13. Robert Lee

    Man how have I missed this song this long? I never saw the pre-order bonus and it completely fell under the radar.

    Really does have that This December; It's One More and I'm Free vibe.

    Macarena Saavedra

    Totally agree!

  14. Strawberry

    Wow I can’t believe I forgot about this song

  15. Riian Kt

    Takes me back to 2004 or so...

  16. Skuff Micksun


  17. TheBaesed

    This mother fucking song tho, am I right

    CD Recovery

    Christopher Lisi yes

  18. Kay

    Throw back to 2008, my junior year of high school. This song was my jam. I haven't listened to this in years. This whole album is great.

    CD Recovery

    Explicit Low YAS

    Drunken Coyote

    Jesus I feel old. In 2008 I'd spent 10 years in the military...


    Drunken Coyote I can make you feel older, I was 3 in 2008

    Drunken Coyote

    Razafrackin whippersnapper! *wanders off mumbling nonsense*

  19. deewhyelayin

    this song has gotten me laid


    you're stupid

    Tom Guerrero

    Christine YoU'rE stUPid

    Jordy Morgan

    Christine why? Sex is a totally normal thing.. it's a necessity for the survival of the human race plus it feels good

    Heather Nicole

    I can see how that would be possible 🙄

    Lauren St. Pierre

    To put it lightly.

  20. Daniel Hunt

    This is the only lydia song that I like that really resonantes

  21. Alan Gonzalez

    I can't find it in any disk... :(

  22. Derek Miltimore

    music of my city. I live right by Gilbert High where I am pretty sure they went. they were so big when I was in high school back in my scene kid days

    Derek Miltimore

    +Alyssa Espinoza when I was in high school from 2006-2010, yes. that was also when this music genre was huge.

    Dillon Luera

    lol i know those feels

  23. Kaya Brugmann

    Amazing!!! This is my favorite Lydia song!!!

  24. Allison Heap

    love this song , shame cant't be bough on itunes

  25. Wells

    <3 ive been in love with Lydia for nearly 8 years :)

  26. Chriistopher Z

    "You'll never see me again......"

  27. Chelly Luv

    Love this song. Got my first tattoo to this song, help me clear my mind of the pain.

  28. Teresa Nerney


  29. Lacy Alvarado

    Omg I have loved these guys for years.....

  30. Jesse Watson

    It was on Illuminate if you preordered it, I believe. To everyone wondering.

  31. rr642011

    Go to youtube to mp3 and you can download it

  32. Michelle Jeansonne

    sexiest song by far

  33. Matsurichka

    This is the best song I have ever listened to. Hands down.

  34. Taylor Meyer

    I wish this song was song was in iTunes :(

  35. serena angle

    Best song everrrrr!!!!

  36. AwesomeSauce416

    *lose cx Sorry I had too cx

  37. Jerry P

    YES! Agreed completely. He always sounded better with a female backing vocalist behind him too, so that doesn't help.

  38. JillianaMichelle

    . I absolutely love this song.

  39. GIRLAwesomeness

    After years, This will always be my number one song. <3

  40. Eric Rumsey

    better tighten that up then.

  41. Christopher Sanchez

    Had it on MySpace, bummed I can't find it on itunes. You'd think they'd upload it, charge $1.29 and make a little ca$h. I'd buy it!!!

  42. redeyeduck

    Yup. It's a MAN, Bay-bee! YEAH!! :-B

  43. Wraithraiser

    I feel like this is about friends with benefits and the guy will leave her but she "can't live like you do. Never could." I don't understand how people can do something so meaningful and not grow any feelings for the other and just up'n leave/ bounce around in between people :(

    CD Recovery

    Wraithraiser I get the same vibe.

  44. Emily McCabe

    The singer's a man?!?!?

  45. italianpride171

    Sorry, that is Smile, You've Won. This song was a pre-order bonus for Illuminate. You can't get it legally anymore.

  46. italianpride171

    It's on an album called Atticus: Dragging The Lake, Vol. 3

    Niko Castro

    italianpride171 vol 4 you mean

  47. Blaire Azalea Steed

    There is no stopping my bawling eyes whenever I hear this piece of pure beauty...

  48. Sancho Lancaster

    I love you Steven Courson, I don't know if you will ever read this but if you do see this, know that I won't let this die...ever. I mean it, I'll fucking jump off a bridge and eat cyanide before this magic dies. <3 u forever

  49. fizz manic

    Man, this used to be on my myspace haha

  50. Dustin Who

    I think it was supposed to be a bonus track for Illuminate.

  51. ForToday

    I die every time he sings "I finally have your attention." OVARIES

  52. RAID0NKU

    future love showed this to me <3

  53. Shari Fernandez

    There are no words to describe how this song makes me feel <3

  54. lookitsmonkin

    what album is this song on?

  55. Saeboria

    You can try Youtube converter.

  56. Awktober_

    EARGASM. <3

  57. cali seymore

    I have been searching for this song for years. Had it on myspace years ago and forgot who it was. So glad I found it! #throwback

  58. Bianca

    wow that's so stupid! :'(

  59. Taylor Bubalaa

    tell me about it :(

  60. Bianca


  61. arash123ify

    you guys made history

  62. Taylor Bubalaa

    how can people be so talented like this ? it touches a persons soul. there music is filled with light, and so passionate. they speak there emotions there inner being through their music really listen, not with just your ears, but soul.

  63. imvlm

    this is heavenly

  64. BloodyShion

    ähm sorry, it's just my opinion O.ó

  65. izzy grober

    ........I despise u very much!...

  66. Taylor Bubalaa

    this song is what started the obsession of lydia. absoultey beautiful <3

  67. Brit Br

    why is the quality so bad

  68. littlebabybeetle

    get out.

  69. BloodyShion

    i think the song isn´t so good :/ but the text is really true

  70. SophiaComer

    I love this corner of youtube

  71. Zahra Hannah

    This is the first song I heard by them that made me fall head over heels for Lydia<3

  72. Jenine Delgado

    This is perfect.

  73. Dennis Deshields

    I'de just like to say I love you Tanya, more than you will ever know. :)

  74. SophiaComer

    i dont know the lyrics, but its their voices and beat that get me.

  75. Eli Cass

    Taste bittersweet and dream of all those dreams left stained with memories

  76. dairylandbogurt

    such a cool album cover!

  77. Noemi Ruiz

    i know!:)

  78. Noemi Ruiz

    awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. lys36

    This is my favorite by themmmm <3

  80. Ricky Fuller

    @dtyson777 This song was on Illuminate. It was a pre-order bonus song, so you won't find it on the album itself.

  81. dtyson777

    What album is this on?

  82. Ryan, Red and Franck

    this makes me miss the dead

  83. Leah

    Simply Beautiful <3

  84. Kyara Mwah

    I've got the chills.. And It's a good thing. ♥

  85. Nathan Harrington

    Calm after a long day, thank you for Lydia.