Lydia - Take Your Time Lyrics

I never want to go, I never want to leave here
Darling take your time, yeah take your time
I say we go stumble through the city
I could make you mine, I could make it

Now I'm never sure if I'm coming or going
I don't look for her, I can't look for her
I guess I love not knowing

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
What ya got, what ya got, what ya got?
She said, "Let's go stumble through the city."
I will make you mine, I will make it

Now I'm never sure if I'm coming or going
I don't look for her, I can't look for her
I guess I love not knowing

Filling my lungs, liquor and bones
Yeah, it's time to go
Hopeless I know, living this slow
But who the hell would know?

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  1. Denise Rodriguez

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    Such a teenage taste of music

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    Uh.....I'm here because this song is fucking awesome

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    Alive in truth

    Felipe Bernardes frfr afafa

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    Music doesn't start until around 0:16 soo yeah

  9. MovedChannels Saac

    Setting Standards Forever

  10. MovedChannels Saac

    Setting Standards Forever

  11. OJay

    Which Ones Lydia, One on the left or right?

    Path Form

    neither moron. Lydia is the name of the band and the singer is a guy.


    @Path Form so hostile

  12. rnbyy

    Lydia sent me here... Then Synergy, then a million other people. Its like what happened with no angels...

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    He is a CoD youtuber (Call of Duty) and he made a video with this song. he got almsot a million subscribers so prob a a hand full of em liked it haha 

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    True Fan right here. Didnt know Rain used this song...

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    Oh my god oh my god oh my god!
    What ya got what ya got what ya got?

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    my favorite so far

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    thank you so much for uploading these. made my day :)))

  35. Tyler Emerson

    Lydia never disappoints.