Lydia - Hurry Back Tonight Lyrics

I don't think you even noticed
The sleeping giant that you've woken
Hell we're all okay, yeah we're all okay
Just go about it in your own way
Take your time, take a breath for me
Keep it real close, keep it real close
Oh no, the hell with it

Come on come on come on
Here we go again
Come on come on come on
Are you bleeding my bones dry with those bright eyes
So hurry back tonight

You've got to try and stop it
Tie it down, key and lock it
Yeah we're all okay, yeah we're still okay
If you've never known then
I guess I'll never know then
Keep it real close, keep it real close
Oh the hell with it

Come on come on come on
Here we go again
Come on come on come on
Are you bleeding my bones dry with those bright eyes
So hurry back tonight

What's the worst that could happen?
You can blame it all on me
Yeah it's true, just spill it from your teeth

Come on come on come on
Here we go again
Come on come on come on
Are you bleeding my bones dry with those bright eyes
So hurry back tonight [x2]

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Lydia Hurry Back Tonight Comments
  1. Bustoz

    FaZe Rain, FaZe Clan, SoaR Gaming, I love you gaming community <3

  2. Christopher Bennett

    I was first introduced to this song by an old friend, who described it something like this: "This song *sounds* like falling in love. I still very much agree!

  3. Sam 1754

    A Snk video

  4. Whd Clan

    Soar Plazma

  5. Daniel

    FaZe Hail brought me

  6. Gabby Southworth

    Is this Two Door Cinema Club...? They sound so similar

  7. Latest News

    FaZe Panther brought me here

  8. Wooly 71

    Nordan .

  9. onyx young

    So . . . who's Rain? I got here because of 8123 lol

  10. Boxers

    FaZe Rain!

  11. Eren033 ceylan

    FaZe Rain

  12. skykid

    Who the hell is Rain?

  13. nessh

    Nordan shat

  14. CALVIN

    thanks arc


    I love Arc bro

  15. Trilogy Rancoh


  16. Randall Edwards

    No clue what Rain is, I actually listen to Lydia. 

    Joshua Jackson

    Its a noun.
    Moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops.


    FaZe Rain <3

  17. key

    i got here because of an attack titan amv '.' .... who def is Rain


    Omg me too! ♥

    Planetarian Prince

    Is it a jeanmarco one?


    i think it is

  18. Srijan

    some people, :L

  19. Taukis

    Omg shut up with your rain shit.


    @DeadropGaming No problem bro


    Dang I messed up a lot on my English

    FuMe Reqa

    preach it


    @FuMe Reqa The bae <3

  20. stride

    Thanks Rain <3

  21. zGamer PwZ

    FaZe Rain

  22. Ebbe

    i like how the comment section is just full of rain fans but yeah im one of them thanks rain for the song

  23. aeequs

    Actually a fucking beautiful song, so glad Rain used it and showed me such a beautiful song.

  24. Winchester

    Thanks Rain <3 One of the best songs :)

  25. VicYoungan

    FaZe Rain got me to this song. P.s. BEST QUICKSCOPER EVER

  26. Muscle Nik

    Faze rain

  27. Professor_Gaming

    Faze Rainn.

  28. Defiant

    FaZe Rain

  29. MOE jokers

    nordo aka nordan aka rain aka FaZe Rain brought me here


    and still no one cares

    T Z A

    @Shycatz E genau boii gib ihm


    all these cod nerds I came for the music

    Maloh Sam

    +Saxon , lol how do u know hes a cod player ? Lol rain brought u here bitch xD stop tryna play it off

  30. BackwardsKnees

    You do realize that almost everyone from the "old" sound is gone now right? There's only two original people left, one being leighton. All the old music is out there. Go listen to it, it's amazing and if you think they've really changed that much, I don't really know if you ever listened to all the old stuff.

  31. emilio olivas

    old asound as in the first album?? i think it was a bit dry in production..just my opinion. lol i like this pop stuff..its what i listen to when im over heavy metal for a bit.

  32. Jaymes Wilson

    Honestly guys.. If youre a Lydia fan then stop complaining and just know that our favorite fucking band is still making music for us and its still fucking LYDIA! Do they sound different? Yes of course. Why? because EVERYONE goes through shit in life that changes them and well they write music about their life and the shit theyre experiencing. I think its fucking amazing and i wouldnt want them to be any other way. Lydia will FOREVER be in my heart and on my ribs till the day i die.

  33. Alexandre Klein

    are those "come on come on" back up vocals a reference to The Cinema - Say It Like You Mean It ?

  34. Alexandre Klein

    Lydia isn't entirely pop now, only this song is

  35. kelpbeds

    Leighton's vocals are enough to sustain interest and the lyrical writings are still creative all this about the old and the new is meaningless.

  36. Joshua Lydia

    And please do explain on how the old me sounds??..hmm?
    xD lmfao

  37. arunne us

    you see, this just happens. he's clearly passionate about singing. when you're passionate about something, you do it a lot. you try different things out, and it changes over time.

    i say it's good to see him exploring his talent. don't blame how he does it though, if you miss his old sound then listen to his old stuff.

  38. Kyi Tachell

    This is my 5th video checking out the new album and on each I've seen "favorite song off new album" new or old Lydia is impressive!

  39. redeyeduck

    People change. They grow. They become more, and sometimes less. But that does not diminish their work. Discounting a band merely because they don't sound the same, shows your fear of change and inability to accept. Don't be an ass. Love the music. Obviously the band did. That's why they released it.

  40. David Keller

    the first two albums, this December and illuminate are far more superior than anything he has or will write. I keep hoping itll get better cause ive loved this band since they came out 8 years ago and it just gets worse. up with Mindy down with Leighton.

  41. Samson Brand

    Devil was good, but i fell like hes not in the same place as he was from the other albums especially illuminate. but Ill listen to everything they come out with out cause i love their sound <3

  42. Jeremy StrawHat Pirate

    the new stuff is better

  43. Baylie Bettinger

    I love how no matter what this band goes through, they never lose their sound. You can listen to the first seconds of a song and just FEEL that it is Lydia.

  44. amorningofsleep

    I miss their old sound too :(

  45. Christopher Brasino

    Best band ever, not joking. Agree or disagree.

  46. Hordenary

    My favorite song off of the new album. I can't wait to see them live on the 30th

  47. TheMagicKingdom02

    This is just awesome! Thanks for the uploads!