Lydia - Hailey Lyrics

Yeah, I got what I wanted
They bled out my organs
They cut me wide open till I grinned
Guess it’s time

Doctors came right in
Said he most likely won’t win
But who the hell am I?
Spent my life in the midwest

Hailey, if you’re out there
I wish you all the very best, dear
Yeah, got me away from there
And Hailey, if you’re out there
I hope you made it through December
Yeah, that seems like such a blur

It was always the same shit
At that damn apartment
Yeah baseline took its toll, took its toll
It’s my fault

She loved those nights when
We’d breathe up that black air
Yeah, come on tell me how, tell me how
I’m not underground

Hailey, if you’re out there
I wish you all the very best, dear
Yeah, got me away from there
And Hailey, if you’re out there
I hope you made it through December
Yeah, that seems like such a blur

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Lydia Hailey Comments
  1. Daniel Presence

    doctors came right in

  2. credit

    brellaz <3

  3. Miranda Elrod

    There's two different explanations about Hailey from Leighton. In the interview with Jamie Pham the question "Who is Hailey? That name has appeared on both albums now." was replied with "Hailey is a girl that has plagued and supported me through some very hard times in my life." 

    In a separate interview with AP (Alternative Press) Leighton explains the song Hailey saying "This song was probably half way done when I brought it into the studio. For some reason, with most every song I do, I like to finish it "in the studio." I very rarely "finish" a song before actually tracking it. This song was inspired by a true story that I had while I was touring a few years back. I was in Ohio and fainted on stage during the first song of the set. I ended up puking blood backstage and all night, but tried to make it to Chicago for the show the next day. As I was walking to the van from the hotel, I blacked out onto the concrete. Long story short, they had to cut me open and stop internal bleeding. They were pretty sure they were not going to be able to keep me alive through it. (That was heavier than I thought it would sound.) Me and Matt [Malpass, producer] spent a little while making the beat for the chorus before I went in and put vocals on it. This first track was actually one of the last things I tracked for the entire record."

    You hear the name Hailey in other songs like, "This is Twice Now" with the lyrics: "Baby just ask once more
    'Cause I saw your door wide open,
    but the floor is still freezing.
    Hailey, I was sick and I'm still quite unwell.
    Tell me it's you or nothing at all."

    Also in the song "Her & Haley" with the lyrics:
    "They will not be afraid, 
    only two know how sad this gets 
    the stage is set for them both, 
    and on the bathroom floor, glass ready, 
    there's no turning back now."

    I understand that's not the same spelling [Haley, Hailey] but I do believe it's the same girl.  
    Leighton also writes a lot about December, and I believe it's a significant time for him. Their first album was named "This December, It's One More and I'm Free". Also in Hailey he writes "I hope you make it through December" which was directed towards Hailey. 

    When Leighton sings "And no one knows it, but she, she saved me" in Hospital, I also believe he's talking about Hailey. He may be talking about that time he went to the hospital to stop internal bleeding, described in the song Hailey. 

    He says Hailey has plagued and supported him. Obviously, plague is a negative term, meaning continually trouble/distress. And somehow supported him too, possibly a reason he wrote the lyrics "And no one knows it, but she, she saved me."

    PLEASE feel free to share your thoughts on this :)

    Lola Flower

    Miranda Elrod i heard hailey was about heroin? Really good post

    Lauren Mosher

    Lola Flower I'm so glad you mentioned that. I've always wondered if Hailey was used in reference to heroin but could never find anything on it.

  4. Lydia Hanfeld

    so fun, my name is Lydia and our dogs name is Hailey ;D

  5. Cristy123344

    what up Hailey

  6. Natasha Watts

    Lydia is life.

  7. gengar_ate_me

    My organs

  8. Hailey Fuentes

    My name is Hailey..

  9. Corey Soberanis

    I think Lydia is talking about me :]

  10. bricolesonn

    what is this, an AA meeting?

  11. Austin Longworth

    No, this is Patrick.

  12. OasisFeelsLove


  13. Hailey Barker

    New song on to my phone!! (:

  14. comfybee

    every song with my name in it deserves a listen.

  15. Mikey Turner

    My name is also Michael :D

  16. pinkwhiterose204

    i like how if a song is someone's name, they have to go like "this song is SO me, my name is _______(: COOL RIGHT?"

    all the jokes aside, this album is amazing.

  17. O N

    Dood, stop being so BROOTAL.

  18. Elana Aiello

    holy shit i just realized that the woman on the album cover is hailey

  19. hailey cherrett

    my name is Hailey:D! ilove this song... <3

  20. Matthew Meehan

    this song is name dropping other lydia songs and lyrics

  21. Erek Ostrowski

    Hailey was a girl that has plagued and supported Leighton through some very hard times during his life.

  22. Nikki Jackson

    Hailey is a girl who helped the lead Singer make it through a drug addiction. After he overdosed, she helped him recover, even though she was still addicted to the drug.

  23. Leah Mergen

    I def think this is about the two female lead vocalists the band lost. If you combine the names Maria + Mindy (taking the a sound from Maria and i and y sound from Mindy, and beginning the name with an H) you get Hailey. It uses past references to other albums, like make it through December (This December) and wishes both of the the best of luck.

  24. Bobby Vandyke

    named my daughter after this band every time i hear there songs i think about love all types of love good love bad love lost love depressing love.. and I love my daughter and her mother even more.

  25. skyler siciliano

    So many haleys.

  26. HaileyHime

    Somebody that spelled my name right *___*

  27. omgitslorjeo

    my ex is called HAYLEY :< this destroys me lol.... even if it is spelt differently

  28. Hailey

    Like if your listening to this because it said your name:]
    <3 ahahahaha

  29. Hailey Gorzalski

    my name's hailey, and this song moves me more than any other song. my grandpa died a year ago in december and this song is so relevant.

  30. Slick Rick

    my name is michael.

  31. lyndsay rohan

    My best friends name was Haley. And she died in December of 2010. She didn't make it through December :'( but this song is amazing.

  32. paraheartetfbvb

    Yayyy! a song that has my name. I've never seen a song that had my name, and spelled right!
    yayyy for Hailey<3

  33. gurochan

    My names Hailey!!

  34. haleypieper

    My name is Haley...
    Close enough.

  35. Hailey bell

    My name is Hailey :)
    & I love this song -3

  36. Hailey Jones

    My name is Hailey :D

  37. Chancieskye17

    My name is Hailey=D

  38. Ali Mahou

    Weirdly enough, I used to Irish Dance with a girl named Hailey.. and at the time she was my only real friend and made me feel like a beautiful, amazing dancer...

    It's been nearly 7 years since I've seen her.
    'Hailey if you're out there' ♥

  39. Gabriela Lewis

    His voice Makes me Sway <3

  40. dylan barkyoumb

    <3 this song love lydia fo sure

  41. Haylee Crook

    My name is Haylee, I know it isnt spelt the same. But I still feel joy knowing that Lydia has a song using my name :)

  42. UnFolias

    @SniperTurky yeah. Leighton has always been the lead vocalist :D

  43. SniperTurky

    @UnFolias Wow, I'm so dumb. I didn't know that Leighton was the lead vocalist. I always thought that that was either Maria or Mindy signing it. I guess not since they broke away from the band.

  44. water2chick

    HAILEY COME BACK!!!!! Haha, this song is so punny. Anyone who isn't a long time listener to this band doesn't realize the meaning behind this song. ^.^ It's so sweet in a funnily morbid way.

  45. UnFolias

    @SniperTurky he really does! i was just wondering why you thought it was someone else singing

  46. SniperTurky

    @UnFolias Is that a question or does he really sing it?

  47. UnFolias

    @SniperTurky Leighton sings it?

  48. tristan tolentino

    this is the best song in the new album for me :) , kinda miss mindy though

  49. DaLiloveart

    one of the best song + best night.
    You makes me really emotional!!!

  50. SniperTurky

    Wait, I'm confused... If Leighton and Craig are the only ones left in the band, then who's singing?

  51. Tate Lamoreaux

    Whenever he uses "Hailey " in his songs, I'm fairly certain that it is referring to the band, Lydia

  52. Izmir Fariz

    @TripTea I'm gonna name mine Lydia.

  53. The Dead Traveler


  54. chuckfinley1104

    easily one of my favorite bands.

  55. Zack Palmer

    @andrewmaddennn Good, I was about to say..... haha

  56. Andrew Madden

    @Zackpalmer123 Dude... I was joking. I know.

  57. Zack Palmer

    @andrewmaddennn He always talks about Hailey.

  58. Andrew Madden

    I wonder if this is the same Hailey he was singing to in This Is Twice Now.....

  59. Katelyn Stuckey

    i love you hailey... :] all becuz ur the reason for this song!

  60. Heffae

    if i ever have a daughter, i'm gonna name her Hailey ;D

  61. mermaiiidxo

    I just found out that Lydia is making music again, and my day is made! :) Amazing new music!

  62. Joe Ybarra

    I fell in love with a girl named hailee, she was shipped out to the navy Oct, 4 2011 in love with her ex.

  63. Cluration Station

    still lovin' it

  64. Emilyv_b

    Who is this Hailey girl?

  65. MaxwellMikel

    makes me wanna go out and find hailey

  66. Selena Longoria

    lydia always makes me really emotional.
    theyre too good.