Lydia - Assailants Lyrics

All that I say, you take as holy, now the world is watching,
You've been waiting for words to take and,
Now it's the world watching.

I can't seem to kill my assailants.
They keep changing faces.

Can I be honest, sing you a sonnet?
You're not the world baby
Where I'm going,
I'll speak it slow, and, all of this world you're with me,
I must be sleeping it all off, just like you had promised.

I can't seem to kill my assailants, no, no
They're changing faces
You're not the world baby, I'll be fine
Come morning
I will be sleeping it off,
just, just, just like you promised

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Lydia Assailants Comments
  1. Decoy303

    This song is like the end of Fight Club. Watching it all come crashing down.

  2. RequiemRhythmXIII

    The end of this song is amazing

  3. Beatrix Bootsma

    so gosh darn nostalgic

  4. BruisedCantelope773 13

    I feel like the Assailants EP was so underrated. It was a solid answer to Illuminate, especially if you take the many demos into account. Hope they make some music like this again in the future


    same. i loved run wild but i really really miss their old stuff

  5. awsome peep


  6. awsome peep

    I fucking love you Lydia

  7. Kaelynn Keaton


  8. Bradley Christensen

    Lydia didn't exactly get together. Only Leighton (vocalist) and Craig (drummer) did, but from what I've read, they recorded an EP this summer, so hopefully we hear it soon. Not to mention, Leighton's got another band called "The Cinema." If you love Lydia, give them a listen, too. You won't regret it.

    Brandon Jacobs

    Bradley Christensen ty so much I didn't know about the other band.

  9. Jaime Saure

    sounds like David Monks singing.

  10. ava broome

    @amorningofsleep oh my god I love life.

  11. amorningofsleep

    @avasbffer23 Si.

  12. ava broome

    Did Lydia get back together?

  13. amorningofsleep

    @beargrillz124 Well it's your lucky day, because they are back.

  14. skycastleshay

    My favorite track from my favorite band. <3

  15. Jacob Taylor

    I Love Lydia

  16. Cyril32

    Great track!