Luther Vandross - Say It Now Lyrics

I hope you hear this cuz I'm about to say it now

Guess I'm to blame and it's just a shame
Cuz I had the chance to tell you what you meant
But I lived my life thinking I had time
And that in my mind I'd get to it

Now you've gone away, not a single day goes by
When I don't think about it
Your spirit's all around, I can say it now
I hope you hear this

Now it's a shame that I found out the hard way
And it ain't the same
Cuz you never ever got to hear me say
That I love you, cuz I waited too late
So oh, I've got to tell everybody
Don't make the same mistake

[1] - It's alright to say I love you out loud
And it's all good, so don't you keep it inside
Let it out, do it today
No no no, don't you wait
Cuz it just might be too late
To say I love you

Don't walk a mile inside my shoes
Cuz if you do, you're gonna regret it
Don't take it lightly thinking they might be
Here or there tomorrow

Why you wanna wait, communicate
Don't assume that they already know
How much, how much you're really feeling
And you really, really love them

Now it's a shame that I found out the hard way
And it ain't the same
Cuz you never ever got to hear me say
That I love you, cuz I waited too late
It's like I would tell anybody
Don't make the same mistake like I did

[Repeat 1]

Those three words make all the difference in the world
You might wait and miss your chance
So don't be scared to say what you're feeling
You can't turn back the hands of time
If you get the chance, do it right
Let it out, say it now
Say it

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

I'm ready
Ready to shout it out, shout it out loud
So ready
Oh how I wish I could tell you right now
But I waited too late
So today I won't make the same mistake, no
I won't do it, and if I get the chance I'll say it

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

It's alright

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Luther Vandross Say It Now Comments
  1. Tina Branch

    My beloved you never had to face the world without me the only thing is we have to face The Great IAm for ever lasting life

  2. Tina Branch

    My beloved you can't change the past but you can come into the future with the Great I Am for everlasting life singer a different song and having a different dance

  3. Mary Reid

    08/13/2019 my wonderful dad transitioned to heaven. I am so heart broken! I listened to this song so many time and knew that I would experience it in my own life. I am so glad that I said I love you to my dad when I got the chance. I will cherish every family member going forward! Say it now !!!!!

  4. Tina Branch

    My beloved I loved the way you did it it just took to long for us to get back together but in the end we will have ever lasting life together don't worry just sleep until you wake up and come

  5. Tina Branch

    My beloved we both made some mistakes a long the way life not promised

  6. Carmine Thompson

    Funky Banger.

  7. Tina Branch

    My beloved it's ok I got your message and I'm so sorry things didn't work out on this Earth I have a devine feeling when you rise up like Lilly from the ground we will unite my beloved

  8. Tina Branch

    Once a u pond a time u r right but baby I love you and I just wanted to say u there hasn't been a sad day since I meant u thank you for your type of love and even caring u r one of a kind

  9. Tina Branch

    I made the same mistake u did and wish I could turn back the clock it would do this differently but I gave what my heart needs I'll always have my beloved singing to me and that a. blessed feeling thank you for loving me they were right I really needed you cause they now deep down I loved you forever

  10. Tina Branch

    Oh my heavenly father he doesn't see the heavenly round but god I'm asking you can u bring him to me in my dreams on this Earth I miss him so tenderly and need a word from him I'll always praise u god cause u r my king u opened the red Sea so I no that u could if I'm asking to much my king please u said anything I ask then u will what haven't I done god I repeated and his the only one for me and I'm the only one for him

  11. Tina Branch

    I here u take his advice cause look at us but it's not over we r heaven devine

  12. Mary Reid

    Say it now. I love you

  13. v B

    Mr.Vandross can do no wrong.Pure gold for the ear.

    Angel Johnson

    v B agreed

  14. Jeff Pecen

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, this song grooves SOOOOOOOO hard!!!!!!!

  15. denise divva

    R.I.P. Mr. Luther Vandross....Thanks for your wonderful music....

  16. Tosha Tucker

    this song got a nice beat.
    rip Luther
    I love his songs.
    you are miss very much