Luther Vandross - Once You Know How Lyrics

One day I was cryin'
'Cause I thought that
Love was something that would
Never come my way, no way

That's when somebody told me not to worry
They said love would surely one day be my friend
And I would never have to be without it again
And it's because

Once you know how, you just never forget how to
It may seem kinda crazy but it's a shown off thing
Been tested and found true
Once you know how, you just never forget how to love

I'm in love, I'm in love
Yes, I am in love
I can love, I can love
Ooh, yeah, yeah

Don't you know that
Once you know how, you just never forget how to
It may seem kinda crazy but it's a shown off thing
Been tested and found true
Once you know how, you just never forget how to love

Once you know how, you just never forget how to
It may seem kinda crazy but it's a shown off thing
Been tested and found true
Once you know how, you just never forget

Once you know how, you just never forget how to
It may seem kinda crazy but it's a shown off thing
Been tested and found true
Once you know how, you just never forget how to love

To love, they say, they say
Once you know how you just never forget
Once you know how you just never forget

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Luther Vandross Once You Know How Comments
  1. al Chislom

    you never evva neva evva neva evva forget how to love 👍👍👍😎

  2. Rosalind Robinson

    I love everything he ever song. He made a song his own. My Mom played him and Freddie Jackson on replay. R.i.p Luther vandross. May be gone but never forgotten. #2020 still listening and until 😍😍😍

  3. Irv Noir

    Luther does it again with another rare gem. Thank you Mr. Vandross for continuing to bless us with timeless music . R.I.P. 🙏

  4. Gary Henderson

    These lyrics was, and will always be true. Great songwriting. Sang it my dude!!!!!

  5. time traveler are we there yet

    i feel like i dont know about yall, but i miss my mom an dad.
    my mom loved her some luther..she always had this playin in the house, every saturday.. all day.
    man it was some good times back then.
    i was 12yrs old when this song came out.
    such a happy child hood we had growin up. well... its 2020 now, an if i could go back to 1982.... i would,
    even if its just for a lil while, just long enough to hug my mom and say.... hey ma where daddy at,
    just to hear her say ..he out back messin with that raggedy car again.................just one more time.


    God Bless You

  6. Vicki K.

    Once you know how, you will never forget!! So true! My study song

  7. Hester Purcell

    Once you know how.......

  8. kendall white

    The song is saying to never give up on anything.

  9. Audrey Tinsley

    "It may seem kinda crazy, but it's a sho'nuff thing, been tested and found true,
    Once you know how, you just never forget how to love."
    So beautiful... so true!

  10. breanne ludwig

    Still love this song in 2019.I play it so much I have my 11 year old daughter singing it.

  11. Clinton Pough

    I'm sure it was done on purpose but the piano sounds off key at times, I remember buying this album when it came out. 🎹

  12. Darryl Powell

    Big Lute! Miss you brotha.👋🏾😔

  13. yolonda owens

    2019. Luther is Still the Man!!

  14. Stephanie Clay

    luther is undoubtedly is my favorite vocalist. listen to him on the song She loves Me Back, it's not a ballad but he makes you feel it. The best.

  15. mee mee the cat


  16. Cheryl 2018 Myers

    I miss him too ..October 5th 2019

  17. bobby Miller

    Too all the beautiful women in this World, 🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶

  18. Montreal6979 North

    Do y'all remember these days when the music sounded like this good days gone by no school shooting no Mall shootings no Facebook no Google no Chrome no hunt for the Red October million-dollar bill yeah I said it this was just a good time in music and life but we were going through some things in the 80s in late 70s and 90s but if we could have just stayed on the same track from the 70s 80s and 90s this Millennium joke. It is all ridiculous but we have to evolve but when this type of music was playing it was some good days y'all know this is a beautiful song but really anything Luther sang was ridiculously beautiful rest in peace Luther I still love the night I fell in love album the whole album🥂❤🎶🎤👍👍👌👌👏👏 seems like there's been a million years since 1980 and 81 and on Down the Line we sure treated people differently back then people were so nice and kind even Million Dollar business men would get the door for you now people are just money jerk hungry Amazon a tariff on China really damn let's go back to love❤ before it's too late everybody stay prayed up pray for the people in the hurricane even 90 91 wasn't it Andrew that hit Florida The Golden Girls are on their way out it was a damn good run the best show back then seem like we stuck together I may have been wrong when everybody was crazy about a beeper in the first flip phones were few and VCRs and walkmans you thought you were a truly in the game damn🙋‍♂️🤔 beautiful memories.

  19. Garvin Wilson

    2019 !!!

  20. andre allen

    One of my ALL-time favorites by Lu, his dynamics are astounding!!!!!!!!!!! and you can really appreciate his technique!!!!

  21. DGMG Neco

    music was never the same THANKS LUTHER

  22. Cas82958

    What a beautiful song. The music matches the lyrics so well. Soothing and reassuring. Luther -- thank you for sharing your God given gift with the world.

  23. jaidin patterson

    Spice Adams anyone? 😂

  24. Rahsaan Johnson

    Spice Adam's brought me Back here

  25. Happey67

    Luther, I miss you. Gone way too soon. Why?

  26. FON Baby A

    Spice Adams

  27. slimesznshawn

    ah haa haaaa

  28. Keith Witcher

    Luther Vandross Once You Know How song is a classic. Forever, For Always, For Love album is a classic. I like the album pictures. [email protected]'s red sweater. RIP Luther Vandross.

  29. Jamaal Calloway

    Without a doubt sounds crystal clear until this day we miss you Luther for real but thanks for recording this master piece


    for real

  30. upittman1

    Wow I forgot this one. He was such a treasure.

  31. Juan Gomez

    Luther Vandross: He is one of the greatest singers in the US . This is in the last 1,000 years. This man had such an amazing voice.

    Thank God he did not smoke and damage his amazing vocal chords. I enjoyed his music for 25 years. I love this incredible talent! You gave the world so much happiness/The dude was the best!/ RIP Mr. Luther Vandross

  32. Sannika Rhodes

    2019 and beyond💯

  33. moodahs

    The King of R&B...


    //// TRUE STATEMENT \\\\\
    :::: ONCE YOU KNOW HOW ::::
    B1 AND 1B

  35. Jude Williams

    this song soo relates too me

  36. Robin Miller

    Omg I miss u luther love all your music ?

  37. Michelle Ottley

    You neeeeeeeeeever forget ooooooooh that piano Nat Adderley was bad!

    Shon Mosley

    Luther is actually playing the keys on this one! Check the credits

  38. Sidney Tircuit

    really love this tune still gonna wait on my true love

  39. Lateasha Burbank

    Sing it Luthaaaaaa

  40. sharon clark


  41. Andrea Vianas

    Thats what you call music for a woman .you know what i'm saying? playa

  42. Alonzo Bailey

    Once you know just never forget how to looooove. #Dope

  43. Timbler Yancey

    Man them vocals in this song o my god

  44. Nishadoll Baby


  45. Iona

    Great Stepping Song!

  46. Tosha Crooks

    Live jive .............7391.!?,

  47. Gregor Brye


  48. Ava S

    As much as I LOVE music, he is and will always be my favorite male artist of all times. A genuis artist who can take any song and make it over, make it his own. So talented

  49. Jackie Pearson

    Another one bites the dust. Love is BEAUTIFUL

  50. Cheryl 2018 Myers

    2018 and still going strong ..Love

    Harlem New York

    2019 & beyond

  51. Boomer

    Big Luther Blowin

  52. Jeffery Mizell

    Hmmm???? 1983, my 1st encounter with the incomparable Luther Vandross. Never to Much LP, WOW!!! Gold, magnificent!!! Well, we should of known Luther would blow up, he was the lead singer with "Change".

  53. Brenda Santos

    Love Him

  54. bernadette Gardner-Pittman

    Once you know how u just forget how to love

  55. Jhamel Wade

    Luther Vandross released his second solo album _Forever, for Always, for Love_ on September 21, 1982, on Epic Records (Legacy): CBS Inc.

  56. Jhamel Wade

    This is the final eighth song and the track ( eight out of eight whole songs and tracks _8/8_ ) on the *CD version* of the album.

  57. Ladi Jae1

    My 1st Love was sooooo jealous back in the day because I loved me some Luther!!! Seriously, he acted like i was going to marry the man! TRUE STORY!!!

    JaE jAy

    Ladi Jae lol... so hilarious 😂😂😂

    Jude Williams

    ladi jae something beautiful like you I would have been jealous too

  58. Tone

    Do it Luther!

  59. mike brantley


  60. Lonnie Christian


  61. mike brantley


  62. mike brantley


  63. mindyaown pot ofbeansella

    " BEEN TESTED AND FOUND TRUE " 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Thank you " luffah " for being the an asounding and encompassing voice to the romantic side of every afro americanman and women of this era. you wrote your a#& off and you were a classy showmen . I miss you luther.

  64. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. Another one of My Favorite Songs by Luther Vandross is called. Once You Know How. This is one of my favorite old school slow jams back in the day.

  65. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. Rest In Peace Luther Vandross in Heaven up above With The Good Lord Jesus Christ.

  66. Harriett sewell

    Beautiful Music and Lyrics....I miss Luther so much...he could sing his azz off!!

  67. robert cockrell

    I luv his voice.

    howard palmer

    Great is an understatement i dont how to compare him with anyone else truly a meastro RIP your songs willbe here forevet

    Jude Williams

    it was one in a million

  68. Tangela Penn

    true once u know how to LOVE you will never 4 get it

  69. Dontez Prewitt

    Classic Luther!

  70. dwayne jackson

    The master of love God bless us with a angel

  71. Karen Ferguson

    love this one

  72. Valerie Williams

    I love this song 🍷🍷

  73. Dontez Prewitt

    A great artist & crooner!!!!

  74. Jude Williams


  75. Lachario Nre

    Hi the great thing to learn for life is how to love its your life live it with all the love u can stand children friends mother and father first food plants any way u can that makes u happy share it teach it god work enjoy it linda j💕💕💕💕💕💕👣👣👣👣us

    Pat Anderson

    Lachario Nre. Those words are so true

  76. Lizette Ward

    my man sing it Luther and to me u r the best 2017

  77. gerald deyounge

    A song of a lifetime

    Jude Williams

    ain,t that the truth brother

  78. Sammie Darden

    Growing up without a care in the world. Rip Dad

  79. Lizette Ward

    my love Luther V

  80. Mary Reid

    Once you know how you will never forget how to love

    Mary Mitchell

    Love this song.

    Jude Williams

    ain,t that the truth

  81. Joseph Herron

    Luther is one of the greatest singers in the 80's I was born in the late 80's I'm 27 years old most people my age don't like old school music people with thumbs down doesn't know what real music is !!

    Harlem New York

    Thank you young brother I'ma 1967 baby and all his albums were BOMB

    Darryl Powell

    And a reeal singer!

  82. Terence Jackson

    A very underrated song.

    Stephanie parker

    Truly!!! This is a masterpiece!!!

    Jude Williams

    @Stephanie parker a timeless masterpiece

  83. Happey67

    Beautiful voice, beautiful words. I miss you so much Luther. I hope you and Michael are happy and at peace.

  84. Lizette Ward

    true words

  85. Lizette Ward

    l miss him so much my song all ways .

  86. bigman9099

    Damn It Man!!! This was my jam for real. Luther was just tooo good. I miss him much.

  87. Marcus Smith

    Sing It Luther!!!

  88. gradymorrrowjr37

    Only 11,000 views really Long live the greatest balladeer ever

    JaE jAy

    gradymorrrowjr37 Yaaasss honey the greatest one that ever did it... Ain't nobody dead or alive that can mess with Luther V.

  89. John Gotti

    this that SHIT you put on in the car and ride with your wife/girl on some chill SHIT....(Southwest repping) Lonnie Downs mixed this nice...

  90. John Gotti

    for the 6 people who gave thumbs down is REALLY STUPID AND DON'T KNOW GREAT MUSIC WHEN THEY HEAR IT SMMFH.

    Kevin Mansell

    they not stupid they just is ignorant on the Classic Soul of Luther Vandross Lengend OF All Times in History of Music right along with Michael Jackson

    Harlem New York

    Absolutely dummies must be young thunder cats smh don't know what they were missing

    tracy anderson

    Da baby
    Da baby

  91. Annette Williams

    Once you know how you never forget how to love! True statement!!!

  92. Miranda Bowie

    The lyrics are so true

  93. Tonia Ms.Midday

    My all time favorite, cause these words stand true to my first Love n 1981 Billy Smith.

  94. Mike Fry

    🔥. .. will kp. u in lv

  95. dakingsdakingsful

    My all-time favorite!

  96. Kenneth Williams

    Epic lyrics, and a voice of gold

    Jhamel Wade

    ... And an epic "record"!