Luther Vandross - I'm Only Human Lyrics

I'm only human baby
Ain't I allowed to make mistakes
You put your guilt on me
And it's causing my poor heart to break, yeah
Making me the human that I am

[Bob James]
Won't you forgive me baby
I'm only human baby
Won't you forgive me for that?
Won't you forgive me baby
I'm only human baby
Won't you forgive me for that?

Your love can be so strong
It makes it hard to give some back
So I try and I try and I give and I give
And I get so darn excited I can't relax
Making me the human that I am

[Repeat 1]

When we search for love
We must be lucky, baby
And it's because there are many people in the world
Who think love is not that necessary
I had you and I blew it all

[Repeat 1]

And now I know for sure
I must be lucky baby
You chose me out of all the people in the world
And I think love is very necessary
You've forgiven me after all
Cuz I let you know

[Repeat 1]

Just like you, my love
Just like you, my baby
Just like you, my love
Just like you, my baby
If you forgive, if you forgive me too

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Luther Vandross I'm Only Human Comments
  1. KiraLovesMichael

    One of the best songs EVER!!!!

  2. KiraLovesMichael

    I could listen to this all day, every day. ( and I do!! *smiles*) Miss him SO much!!!!

  3. Tina Branch

    I no your only human thank you for reaching me I goes I just wanted to have a fun time without thinking about wrong r right I forgave you in time yes I did choose you see you in heaven with the Great I Am

  4. Doreen Ambrose

    There will NEVER be another you.

  5. Gemstones83

    Ppl slept on this album

  6. Jan Wales

    An absolute classic that will never age. Voice like velvet and so missed


    Very underrated 🤷🏿‍♂️ 🐐 goat r.i.p. 🔥🔥👍🏿

  8. Tina Branch

    I no u only human I am only human to and i do forgive u

  9. Shelouda Burton

    It's 2019😘😘😘😘

  10. headedsomewhere

    heard it for the first time today, it blew me away. Loved it <3

  11. dty paleblue

    One of his best songs. We miss ya' buddy...

  12. Paul Oates

    RIP Luther what a voice sadly missed but Will never be forgotten

  13. Blue Diamond

    I’m only human

  14. Keyser Soze

    WHUR 2000

  15. Henry Jones

    LOVE 😊 IT

  16. Kevin Riley

    This is one the best songs I've ever heard !!! Thank you Luther Vandross !!!

  17. Mac Twns

    It amazes me how after all these yrs.that no one has still matched Luther's talent/ the Michael Jordon of R&B ...🎧 rip my brother💯



    Richard Murphy


    d newkirt

    Its no match

  18. Sheena Atkins


  19. Derek Dalton

    Love this song

  20. Cheryl Palmer

    Yes I am only human me 😂😂 I just like to keep it real life is to short for games . I love this song though ❤❤

  21. The01jetfly

    Awwwww. Thanks yall 😍, still feeling wheels in motion,

  22. Kuhle mragala

    The album is da bomb.. Am human

  23. Blue Diamond

    Beautiful song

  24. Karen James

    The Mannn!

  25. Michelle Ramsey


  26. Sandra Branch

    I can listen to this cut all day long❤🎼

  27. myron4178


  28. Jerry Henry

    man I really miss the man they call the Velvet voice so many hits so many memories Luther we miss you man!!!👏👏👏👏👌

  29. James Carson

    my favorite Luther. Ive made and continue to make them. God will forgive, why cant you.

  30. monica ross

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song

  31. tenolamacintosh

    The instrumentation is absolutely divine. Solid. Driving. Smooth.

    It's impossible to sit still to this track.


    Awesome comment!

  32. nzinga zindua


  33. Erin Johnson

    very underrated.

  34. The Prophet of Rage

    Who is the other vocalist?

    Ana Claudia Drumond Nunes

    Cassandra Wilson

  35. Eugene Venson Jr

    One of my favorite songs of all time by Luther Vandross,R.I.P.

    Thomas Williams

    Cassandra Wilson

  36. cody cosse

    like that song

  37. Brandon Burke

    ayeeeeeeee im only human baby won't you forgive me for that. very powerful.

  38. Moises Ortega

    makin me the heathen that I am"-I sing this alot to my wife when I don't help her pickup!

    Geoffrey White

    It's "human" not "heathen". x)

  39. nzinga zindua

    Been lookin' for this song for years. Didn't know title of song. But original was sung with a woman.

    Ultimate gohan 400

    +nzinga zindua luther is the orginal layla hathaway sang the updated version of this which is the tru original


    L-O-V-E LUTHER ,BOB & CASSANDRA together here
    ....What Wonderful Music..What a mood.............................

    mark griffey


  41. Deborah Patterson

    Luther, Luther, Luther what a great voice gone waaaaaaaay to soon.

  42. Vivian Hood

    Love this song

  43. Brenda Carroll

    WOW, I miss you Luther!❤️

  44. Andrew Flood


    Jhamel Wade

    Me TOO.

  45. yougoboydc

    Why is it playing so slow?

  46. Daniel Moore

    I am only human, and I've made many mistakes......,.the Luther for putting it so melodically.

  47. raiders7528

    My grandparents used to always play this.

  48. MrK2C2Y

    Strictly for STEPPIN'!!!!! 😆

  49. C Flow

    This CD did NOT get the attention it should have gotten!!!! The only CD done on Virgin records and it was a masterpiece! This cut right here got airplay but not everyone latched onto it. LOVE IT!!!!! He and Cassandra's voice matched so well.

    Jerry Henry

    C Flow I agree it was slepted on!!?


    Every artist has a 'sleeper' album, this was Luther's.

    Judy Ross

    I came across this song a few months ago. Now it's the only song I play in the car repeatedly.

  50. Walter Brown

    I love this flow!



  52. Hot247 Photography

    Awesome track - Thank you Luther for blessing me with your voice

  53. Myla Pope

    Love this, so damn cool and a nice vibe.

    Jhamel Wade

    True and it's still a timeless song fR fr 💯 🤞🏽

    Betty Brewer

    I truly love Luther Vandross !!!

  54. Richard Murphy

    The show in Reno was everything!

    Richard Murphy

    What I fill also, I'm only Human also!

    Richard Murphy

    Thank You Sir, if you ever need a real singer, hit me up. [email protected]

  55. frank celestine

    you got that rightttttttttttt

  56. Michael c

    R.i.p Luther and your mom.

  57. leona powell

    one of the last songs i remember my mother liking before she pass away.she was playing it for one of her children.........

  58. Carol McKinney


  59. Tina Cheek

    First time I heard it....IT LOVE IT!!

  60. Scott Stodden

    God Listening To This Song Makes Me Realize How Much I Miss My Man Luther!!! This Is My Favorite Luther Song Eva... Rest In Peace Luther Forever, The World Is Not The Same Without Your Beautiful Voice...


    ...Luther...Often Imitated...Never Duplicated...

    mark griffey


  62. intheWEB

    Dearly missed BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. TheyCallMeTheKid

    I searched for this song high and low and couldn't find it! I'm glad I've found it here. This song put that smooooth fiya in your soul! There's no way the world could get to you while this track plays. REAL MUSIC.

  64. craig perkins

    Imagine if Luther and Sara Vaughan were able to do a duet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. James anthony


  66. The01jetfly

    i know rite, half step, whole step ,schuffel,Big WHEEL,god father,oooooooooh,weeeeeeeee,yep i remember,CHICAGO ILLINOIS,glennwood roller rink.

  67. Theo R

    i remember when i use to roller skate to this song

  68. john jones

    Never heard this song before , wow . This is a hidden diamond from the master . Miss him much .

  69. Louie Tzepher

    smooth as butta....this song puts me in a nice relaxing vibe...

  70. Tiabiacha1

    @ULike2Love my mom is too lol

  71. ULike2Love

    Got me finger snappin" and my head shakin' smoothly to the beat. Love it!

  72. Darren Washignton-king

    stop-stop -cant believe he sang that shit

  73. MrStevoful

    1 of my favz.....he waz da man....glad future generations will have this to hear like 2 c if this had diff versions......

  74. Tech Guru


  75. ohd00bley

    @scumber56 Thumbs Up! She adds a relaxed "coolness" to the song. Yeah, "won't you forgive me for that," if not, oh well.

  76. Akia Wallace

    Love this song....

  77. Steven Cumber

    Can't forget Cassandra Wilson.

  78. Steven Cumber

    Bob James is right on time.

  79. Mmhm.

    THANK YOU! Been looking 4 this!:)

  80. aquarianrealm

    Loveeeeeee this song.