Luther Vandross - I Can't Wait No Longer (Let's Do This) Lyrics

Now I been gone, for sometime baby
But I been thinkin' of you, the whole time through
The thought of your love got me excited
And now that all the waitin' is done
It's time to have some fun my baby

Baby I love you so
I wanna love you head to toe
I can't wait, no I can't wait no longer
Come on baby, let's do this
You were my lover and my friend
I wanna love you 'til the end
To the very end, girl
I can't wait, no I can't wait no longer
So come on baby, let's do this, yeah

Now you know I'm - I'm not complicated
I only need you my sweet baby and your love to drive me crazy
Now that I'm back you better get ready
Cause I saved it all for you
I'm gonna love you through and through my baby


I waited so long to get to this
Come on baby, let's do this, yeah

Ha, ha wait a minute Mr. Vandross
You say you been gone so long you need a dose
But, oh no that coming and going, it's got to go
Check my flow
You say you want this,
Well baby this you besta know
Spinderella ain't ain't new to this
I need my man to be true tho this,
So work it out, lace this if you can
And stay around - you the man
And I need you to be down


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Luther Vandross I Can't Wait No Longer (Let's Do This) Comments
  1. Tina Branch

    My beloved I do love that song beautiful simply beautiful

  2. Tina Branch

    Thank you my beloved I hope my king allowing you to read everything that's on my mind so u will understand why my beloved u wanted to no what I'm thinking I might asking the king to allow you to receive my letters to you

  3. Tina Branch

    My beloved rest in peace once a pond a time wow u singing my tune right now thank you my beloved I no your my best friend and my man but I strongly agree with her she's singing from the soul thank the king for her putting it in right forms of a woman looking looking into this story

  4. Tina Branch

    Luther my friend and man u r my guidly light I need heaven to speak to me

  5. Carmine Thompson


  6. Jhamel Wade

    The speakers are way too good'!!

  7. Keith Mwanalushi

    Still banging in 2018!

  8. Eric Wright

    Rip Luther vandross

  9. Jhamel Wade

    _I Can't Wait No Longer (Let's Do This)_ featuring *Spin* _of Salt N Pepa_ was written and composed by Deidre "Spin" Roper & Marcus Miller and produced by *Luther Vandross* & Marcus Miller.

  10. Jhamel Wade

    Luther Vandross released his tenth album, _Your Secret Love,_ on October 1, 1996 on his *LV Records* label under *Epic* label & *Epic Records* (his final album on the label) through distribution and rights with *Sony Music Entertainment* .

    *Epic* or "logo" is a *registered trademark* belonging to rights and ownership through *Sony Music* marketed, printed and copyrighted by *Sony Music Entertainment, Inc* .

  11. Jhamel Wade

    This is the seventh song and the track (with seven out of twelve whole songs and tracks _7/12_ ) on the *CD version* of the album.

    Angel Johnson

    Jhamel Wade oh ok

    Jhamel Wade

    Angel Johnson more coming TOO'

    Angel Johnson

    Jhamel Wade yeah that's good me too Luther was the greatest in my opinion

    Jhamel Wade

    Angel Johnson TRUE'! my moms introduced me to his music!

    Jhamel Wade

    @Angel Johnson I only know Ain't No Mountain High Enough " ; "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" ; "What's Going On? " ; "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) " ; " Let's Get It On" ; "You Sure Love To Ball" ; "I Want You" ; "Got To Give It Up" ; "Sexual Healing" ; "Rockin After Midnight" ; "Sanctified Lady" and etc by Marvin Gaye. So....