Luther Vandross - Can't Be Doin' That Now Lyrics

Ready or not
You're gonna get a taste of love

So, if you've got a change of heart
Stop that before you start
None of this holding back
I thought you knew that

You'can't be doin' that now
Stop it right away
You can't be doin' that now
'Cause I need a little kindness
A little, a little tenderness
A little love somehow

Other loves you've had
Are just a thing of the past
All a part of yesterday
Forever and far away

But, never will I disappear
My love is gonna stay right here
So, none of this pulling back
I thought you knew that


What's it about, my love, my love
What's on your mind, now baby love
Answer my call, I'm callin'
Don't stop now that Ive fallen

Don't let a good thing get away
We've got forever and a day
To make the whole thing better
That's why I'm gonna leave you never


[Chorus and Fade]

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Luther Vandross Can't Be Doin' That Now Comments
  1. sam daa

    Dear Luther. This song is a jewel. I forever owe you. Thank you gifted man.

  2. Charlie Rayment

    Love this song men need love and passion as well

  3. Tina Branch

    You been on this Earth before

  4. Cas82958

    Only real Luther fans know about this one....what a treat

  5. Keith Witcher

    Luther Vandross Can't Be Doin That Now song is a classic. Never Let Me Go album is good. I like the album cover. RIP Luther Vandross. I miss you. Luther is my 2nd favorite black man music singer behind Michael Jackson.

  6. 76grandprix

    Always loved this song!

  7. Mike Hightower

    Mr vandross he is good

    Lionel Ellis

    The best!

  8. You Are My Life Pictures

    This song is so good

  9. Barbara Harris

    Love this song