Luther Barnes - God's Grace Lyrics

How did I make it all these years?
How did I make it this far?
Through the valleys and over the hills,
I know it had to be God.

How did I make it through the storm?
How did I make it through the rain?
If you want to know, just how I got here, it's so easy to explain.

It was God's grace [4x]
(God's grace) [4x]
I made it this far.
(I made it this far)
(By the grace of God)
God's grace [2x]
(God's grace) [2x]
It was God's grace.
(God's grace)
His amazing grace.
(God's grace)
I made it this far.
(I made it this far)
(By the grace of God.)

Lord, I thank you for how you brought me,
How you brought me through the night.
Lord, you kept me and you never left me,
You stood by my side.
There were so many times when I came so close,
Old man death he tried to take me in,
So the reason I'm here,
It's not hard for me to see,
In fact, it so easy for me to explain.

It was God's grace [4x]
(God's grace) [4x]
Oh, I made it this far,
(I made it this far)
Yes I did.
(By the grace of God)

I remember the times when I strayed away,
Even though I knew the word,
Still I wouldn't obey,
But God's mercy and his grace stayed with me and brought me, brought me all the way.

God's grace [3x]
(God's grace) [3x]
His Amazing grace.
(God's grace)
I made it this far.
(I made it this far)
I made it.
By the grace of God.

Anybody want to know
(God's grace)
Just how I got here
(God's grace)
Anybody want to know
(God's grace)
How I'm still standing.
(God's grace)
Oh, I made it
(I made it this far)
Yes I made it.
(By the grace of God)

Some people said,
(God's grace)
They said I wouldn't make it
(God's grace)
Some people said
(God's grace)
I wouldn't be here today
(God's grace)
But Look at me,
Look at me
(I made it this far)
I made it - yes
By the the Grace of God.

When I sit down and look back,
(God's grace)
Down through the years,
(God's grace)
I have to shed
(God's grace)
So many tears.
(God's grace)
But I made it,
(I made it this far)
I made it this far,
By the Grace of God.

And I thank you,
(God's grace)
Thank you Jesus,
(God's grace)
Lord I thank you,
(God's grace)
Thank you right now Jesus,
(God's grace)
I made it,
(I made it this far)
I made it
By the grace of God.

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Luther Barnes God's Grace Comments
  1. James Stevens

    I sing this song some times before I preach the massage for thst Sunday morning

  2. gwendolyn smith

    Only God’s Grace!!!!🙏🏾💫🔥

  3. hansome91b

    Amen! Thank u GOD. Your grace. It was GOD'S grace. Hallelujah praise the Lord. Amen!🙏💞💕🙏

  4. Breanna Regans

    I am here today because of Gods Grace!

  5. persia Franklin

    Life it's about cycles one can't never prepared for them all but you will not be Forsaken or Forgotten in Jesus there's abundance of life Faith, will lead you in a great path of love and kindness and compassion and respecting our uniqueness and making a better humanity on earth.

  6. Colette Beamon

    Last year the dr thought I was on a verge of a heartattack it was nothing but God Grace had Mri was normal but as a Woman learn how to take care of myself walking and drinking a lot of water, so Mr Banks keep Trusting and Believing cause that was Grace

  7. Katie Mcgruder

    How did I make it all of these year it had to be god

  8. Leeann Banks

    Willie Montgomery

  9. anthony brown

    God's grace keep moving every day and every night. In my head when I'm sleep his Mercy Shines on me everyday.

  10. Rosameria Helen Williams

    Thank u jesus

  11. Dannie Sanders

    Omg I can feel the holy spirit when I hear this song thank u Jesus for everything you do for me 🙏

  12. Althea Nisbett


  13. Lillian Williams

    I listen to Rev.Luther Barnes sing God's GRACE, everyday.

  14. Teatrice Lanell Massey Scott Tennon

    I miss my brother and my 2 aunties (my mom sisters) so much I loss all 3 this year My Brother March 21 My Auntie April 27 My Auntie May 22, this has been a rough year for me but I know GOD my family and I and will seek us all though the 3 deaths we had in our family even some friends we loss this years too 😪

  15. Marijuano Cocaino

    I still dont recieve Grace im recieving mercy at the moment

  16. Marijuano Cocaino

    I need to know God more i am in a battle in my life i been killed raped and stuff but God has a purpose for me i need salalvation im tires of fighting the battle on my own

  17. MariaAngelica GubbinsTapias

    Beautiful, touching song! Thank you!

  18. Margaret Edwards

    I Absolutely Love This Powerful Song*I listen to it almost every day*I helps me to stay focused*

  19. james campbell

    Gods Grace ,amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wrench like me...…………………………..Amen.

  20. Vera Jackson

    Without GOD'S GRACE where would I be.

  21. brenda dorsett

    Awesome song, very True 😊

  22. John Sognikin

    I herd dis at church today

  23. John Sognikin

    best song

  24. Krisha Cheatem

    Lord, I thank you for your Grace and Mercy! I love this song !! I MADE IT THIS FAR BY THE GRACE OF GOD! The reason I am here is GOD'S GRACE!!


    Thank you Jesus! And when I thought I couldn’t I know now that’s when you carried me through those Specifically Rough times 🙏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾❤️

  26. lenora welsh

    Yes God Graces is why I’m still God keep me in your Grâce I love love this song

  27. Mrs. Wheeler

    3.1 haters. This song is the realest. I can assure you it has everything to do with the scripture a prophet is not honored in his own hometown. The gift of God is Amazing. Hallelujah!!!!

  28. Rathell Meadows

    My favorite I LOVE it Rathell Meadows

  29. Sue Turner

    I've listened to this song many, many times, and it touches my heart because I know I'm alive because of God's grace: hole in my stomach for thirty-two years, cancer, tragedies, deaths, much distress, and yet I rejoice in the Lord knowing He's a loving father and my life is in His hand, and I'm blanketed in His Holy blood. Be blessed!!☀️⛈☂️

  30. Ijahi Jackson

    I wouldn't be here without God's Grace. Thank You My Savior

  31. Caleb Thorpe

    I made it through an adult court trial and I made it this far with good with no charge 🙏🏽

  32. Virginia Hamilton

    Gods grace tears in my eyes

  33. Roy Junior Garner

    I’m a man of God, and if I could help you to
    Have faith in the words of Jesus Christ
    What a blessing you can receive the Grace
    Of God through the all the blessings he have
    Given me in this situation I’m going through.
    Without him I couldn’t do nothing.
    He have given me my life twice and I’m still
    Hear worshiping his holy word and praying
    A prayer for all my sisters and my families
    To let them know that living a Christian life
    Is the only way you can defeat the devil from
    Trying to destroy your body and your being .

  34. Patrice Greenidge

    My sweet lady brought me here ❤

  35. Tommy Hunt

    God is good all the time ❤

  36. Margaret Albright

    God's grace is seeing me through

  37. Maurice Fulton

    This song here is so beautiful to me the reason is because I, have been thro alot and it was grace and mercy. I, loss my mother 6 years ago and never thought that I could make it but he brought me throw. Then I, loss my baby brother July 15 of last year and I'm still going throw it but I, know he going to get me over the hill. Love u father for the bad and good.

  38. Roosevelt Caldwell

    Roosevelt Caldwell
    this song my wife song in church, she love it, It was her testimony. She passed June 06, 2019
    We love you and miss you.

  39. Sandra Mcgee

    I like this song


    Thank you jesus for your grace. Bishopjones

  41. Erma Johnson

    Hallelujah! God's Grace! I am still here; What a testimony! Glory! Glory! Hey! Hey!God's Grace!

  42. Patty Brock

    I really love this song it is so true

  43. Vernon Brown

    LORD i thank you for for keeping me this long.I KNOW IT WAS YOUR GRACE AN MERCY.YOU PAYED THE PRICE!

  44. Wells Great

    How did I make it thru the rain? God's grace. His amazing grace.

  45. greaterapostolic

    2019 GOD'S Grace

  46. Kyarea Ball

    I have been through hell and back and I’m only 29! I have two babies that need me I pray gods grace will let me carry on and on !!

  47. Joan Webb

    love this song---my testimony!!

  48. Margaret Albright

    Praise God Grateful for all you are doing for me and family order my steps.Thanks for my coming and going

  49. bulletTV daddy

    I haven't been myself lately so much I'm going threw my but i must pray and let God handle it bc I'm not strong enough rite now but I do trust in the lord

  50. Colette Beamon

    When I on the way of having a heart attack last year, this song gave me strength. Whatever I go through remember his Grace and Mercy

  51. Nona Perkins

    OHHHHH GOD.....😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  52. LaCrystal.matthews LUL Keke bae

    I love this 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍because if it was not for God I be die by ty gid

  53. Diann Kilpatrick

    God's grace

  54. Nasha Chandler

    I love this song.. It lifts my spirit up high to da Heavens.. 🙏🏾💞💞💞😊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 God is so Good

  55. Barbara Manuel

    This song speaks to your soul...yes, it was God's grace.

  56. George Vincent

    Always loved all the Barnes Family music, but this song is new to me and it’s a right now word

  57. Deacon Waymond P. Alexander

    But that's what come push us to the next level... To much rain can kill us.

  58. LaSaundra Johnson

    this is my favorite station.  it's get me through the day.... thank you father.

  59. Caroline Morris

    I Made It This Far By The Grace Of God !!! Ive Been Lied On, Miss Treated, Talked About, Cheated, Abused And Scorned, But I Made It This Far By The Grace Of God !!! Thank You Jesus !!!

  60. Tabatha wade

    Gods Grace has keep me

  61. Aakhir Bridges

    They played this song carrying my dad out ❤️ I miss him tooooo much

  62. Sylvia Jones

    Beautiful Song.God's Grace.Amen.

  63. BishopJohnnny Jones

    Ijamfor the lamb

  64. sharon leathers

    I listen to this song and tears form in my eyes for it was God grace!!!!!Ty Rev Barnes for reminding me it was God.

  65. carla sanders

    This song is a blessing to my soul. Amen!

  66. Artis Johnson

    We are bracing for a Hurricane which is unpredictable

  67. Plainblack Rapper

    GOD is ALWAYS good to us. His love, His power, His hand!! Without my complete faith in Him I'd be nowhere. I look back now, and I am so blessed. So thankful for the opportunity to live another day. God bless you all!

  68. Pamela Williams

    I love it❤️ this is my brother’s favorite song who passed away July 15, 2019 rest in peace big bro I love and miss you🙏🏽😘❤️

  69. Aramenta McArthur

    To God be the Glory

  70. Marie Mary


  71. Plug'd N

    This song is my testimony

  72. Selling Da Farm

    Love this song.

  73. Angels Johnson

    Its good grace

  74. Diane Moody

    Awesome! Amen🙏🙏🙏

  75. Tamaca Johnson

    He did it for me he will do it for you to God Grace ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  76. Tilisa Mlondani

    This is such a great and powerful song, the grace of God is divine it's taking me to places and even though I'm just starting to share his word with his children on youtube I believe it will be through his grace that I will make it far.

  77. dsean johnson

    They song the song at my auntie Funeral

  78. Jimmy Green

    Im Going Through So Much Right Now I Know By The Grace Of God He Will See Me And My Family Through It All!!! Thank You Father🙏🙏

  79. Sean Dowling

    Amen lord

  80. Star Charleston

    Hold on change is coming and praise is what I do to song 🙏 God wants you to hear Baba

  81. Carolyn Burton


  82. Norma Williams


  83. Desiree Cromartie

    God’s grace touching me deep so deep it take me to another place that only God knows about

  84. Denise

    He was well taught from his parents especially his legendary father Rev.F.C.Barnes!! I grew up on his father music!! But yes, it was God grace that I made it this far!! I thank you Jesus!!!

  85. Jess Melt

    Gods GRACE

  86. sharon leathers

    I woke to say God grace ty Jesus!!!!!

  87. Gavin German

    My favorite part is 4:23 thru the rest

  88. Amber White

    I loveeee this song. It gets me through some of the toughest moments❤️

  89. stephanie smith

    Thank you god....

  90. enoch smith


  91. Deborah Wilson

    How did I make it after my divorce? It was God's Grace. I made it this far by the grace of God. Amen, thank you, my God. Only God's grace

  92. Rosemary Aldana

    Thank you Lord and thank you for this songs. I LOVE THIS SONG make me think and cry. We have strength and wisdom in the grace of your love and power that showers upon us. To know the difference. To expect the things I cannot change but to change the things I can.

  93. Kymberly Roberts

    I am so thankful Luther Barnes because by God's Grace i made it through many suicide attempts and so much physical abuse. I made it through by God's Grace

  94. 601yellaboi1

    Nothing but God's grace

  95. HerNana LovesHer

    I’m baffled by the 2.7k people who disapprove of this song! 😮 For me ... this is my testimony! I made it this far by the grace of God!! 🙏🏾

  96. Sherrill Hester

    I love this song! My testimony!❤

  97. Zykia Jones

    My dad favorite song and he's in a coma now, this song motivates me so much 😭💙

  98. Tiffany Black

    If anybody want to know a made it all the years, it was God's grace