Lupe Fiasco - The One Lyrics

The game was looking weak, the whole scene starved
So I came through with some Muscle Milk and protein bars
Barbells and jump ropes, Bowflexes to body it
And a couple Billy Blanks Tae-Bo Karate kicks
If you ain't Million Dollar Dreaming then we opposites
In high school I was voted the most Ted DiBiase-est
Also the most slept on, cause my Ted DiBiase-ness
An (Inglorious Bastard) and you looking like a Nazi bitch
They say it's hard out here for old boy, then tell me where Taraji is
I am going so raw watch me Soy Sauce, Wasabi this
Nobu/noble on them Pro-Tools, hot as H-E- double hockey sticks
Make sure you give the chef your compliments
And thank him for his constantly great tasting accomplishments
A smiley face, emoticons if you want to remain anonymous
My retirement's on hold, I got the whole world on conference
Matchstick Man, I really have the confidence
That I'm a give them G.O.O.D Music like Common Sense and Consequence
Content that's relative across the continent
New York, Houston, Chi-Town, Los Angeles

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Lupe Fiasco The One Comments
  1. free maison

    Why hasn't Lupe worked with Slaughterhouse and Eminem and Yelawolf and Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko and all the other greats?!!

  2. ktarno

    he should have said H.E. double chops sticks lol. lupe a beast !

  3. TragicHappiness94

    He ate this fucking beat

  4. Lisp Free

    Em the greatest, right, seen Mos Def rip him to shreds face 2 face.

  5. 1LIFEtoWIN

    hip hop stan

  6. Salvador Cervantes

    Good lyricist? you may want to rephrase your comments on eminem lol that man is widely regarded as the best to ever grab a mic, he's a bit better than good

  7. Harnoor Singh

    @MrMaishone em is a good lyricist.. but Lupe's wordplay, metaphors, double entendres, and story telling is on another level.

  8. James Burke

    after eminem he the best lyrically

  9. ɃoilerRoom

    @peazej20 That made absolutely no sense. Please educate yourself.

  10. Joseph Smith

    So Lupe just gave a shout out to Slaughterhouse, and made references to pro wrestling, weightlifting, the Nazi's and a popular movie in 90 seconds. Try to beat that Young Money.

  11. DeathByBurning

    @peazej20 Learn to type ignorant fuck.

  12. yansquared1113

    @theniggawithmoney I was going to tell you off for being a complete ignoramous, but i don't think it's necessary to bother with someone who believes that Lil Wayne is even slightly above average, let alone one of the best rappers ever.


  13. brom59

    @peazej20 March 8th... L.A.S.E.R.S by Lupe Fiasco

  14. Munchenstein

    @Gumby518 Because someone has to

  15. ramafia09

    Stick and stones may break your bones, but they can never hurt you, unless those words were uttered by Lupe Fiasco. Then they'll kill you.

    This man is murder!

  16. julchu23

    H.E. double hockey sticks

  17. Tamiera C.

    Lol " They Say It's Hard Out Here 4 Ol Boyy, Then Tell Me Where Taraji Is" !!! Omg Dats 2 Sick . (Refence 2 "Hustle & Flow")

  18. Tamiera C.

    His Lyrics Make Him Soooo Sexy !!!!

  19. Marcus Lambright

    Why man? Why does he have to go so hard??

  20. Ian Ogendi

    why do people always have to start beef on song about some other rapper thats better.... shit man, just listen to the fucking music or dont, its as simple as that

  21. Leroy Booker

    @originalgangsta407 Slaughterhouse song "the one"

  22. likesyourshoes

    @RaqifHart Just like wayne lol

  23. Kwame Lewis

    I love not listening to one of his mixtapes for a couple of weeks and then replaying to refresh my memory of how crazy of a lyricist he is.

  24. Ginga


    I'm feeling it right now that I'm listening to this for the second time. With most Lupe tracks, a few if not a lot of his references and punchlines fly over your head. The second time around, it's ridiculous.

  25. Beratna

    @dess787 Read the new Complex Interview he put out just 10 days ago. He said he'll go till Food and Liquor IV and The Cool III and he aint gonna stop makin music lol Fuckin Atlantic doesnt want to release Lasers and it's been done for 2 and a half years. It's because he's speakin too much against the Illuminati and such, thats why hes making Japanese Cartoon songs and why he made EOTS

  26. asillawrence99

    i allready knew tht lupe has a very hot flow,but this is fukin amazin how he goes in

  27. 5245jj

    TED DIBIEASE was in the late 80s the million dollar man in WWF and also awared himself the diamond encrusted million dollar championship belt lol... lupe u are foolish for this

  28. zapdos2

    hot as H E Double hockey sticks

  29. peazej20

    yo iz diz a new mixtape or something..... damn im way behind on my nigga!!!!! when iz hiz album droppin????


    haha Lupe gives me a Shout-out!!

  31. AdlanTheOne

    is this a FREESTYLE ? :P
    its dammed good anyway

    Lupe Fiasco # 1, cant wait for the album :D


  32. forealfarsi

    amazing i wish it would be longer so i can keep listening to it

  33. Insomnia Papi

    listening to lupe makes you want to change your wordplay

  34. okonomiyaki51

    It's beautiful.

  35. Mattbish90

    evrytime i hear this guy, i fall in love wit his msc again... keep it up LUPE

  36. tjmack010

    Dude u should decipher all of this mixtape plz man.

  37. 1moomed23

    speechless to good tooo goood lol sick just to sick man

  38. Devon Dsquared Deloney iLL Writers Guild

    lupe is the best mc in the game right now.

  39. Adam Savelli

    Hell yeah, imagine a Budden x Lupe track, that shit would be fire.