Lupe Fiasco - Thank You Lyrics

I'm just a wolf inside a lion's suit
A shark shirt, a panther's pants, piranha hat and tiger shoes
I got a lion's den inside the booth
That right there is point blank
This here is from where the sniper shoot
Might take a long time to get it, by the time I hit it
I done ran Bubble Tape around them Chiclets, poof
I ain't the bomb, I'm the company that got the contract
to rebuild during the aftermath - have a blast
Going green only using half the gas
the calming comes through after disasters have
But this calm has the same fury that disasters have
I should have a class, I'm the son/sun of the South Pole plus Alaska's dad
Got niggas like "DAG!!", flow is like crazy gone mad
And villains gone bad, Punk ass niggas, don't be so Daft
Baby, why you hanging with them Busters like Babs?
They are such a drag, you should move them to the trash
Feel like I'm walking round upon Cassius calves
Quite a beautiful script, and such a gift of gab
A big bass, shout out to Mistah F.A.B
Young Frankenstein reporting live from the lab
I bought the bars out, put it on my tab
If you came here to box, you'll leave in a bag
I run the game, Bilderberg Group, in the lead with the flash
Usain Bolt ain't even leaving this fast
Why you take offense with your defensive ass?
Never Hussein-ing the hole/whole, not even in the half
Cause nigga I ain't hiding, I'm the whole world, nigga you're an island
And the sea's rising, if I keep shining
You going have to take submarines to the drive-in now

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Lupe Fiasco Thank You Comments
  1. mr. cuddles

    "If you came to box, you'll leave in a bag" wow

  2. Joshua Breedlove

    Thank You Lupe!!!

  3. Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Nov 14 2013

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Released on October 29th 2009

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Transit Music Video # 38

  4. kevin drake

    love this freestyle most def

  5. Driod Skull

    Still sick in 2017

  6. Kiara Allen

    Lupe is the man.

  7. MF Kid

    great, you're a MF DOOM Fan

  8. kevin knight

    I gave this the views

  9. Lite Yagami

    Jesus Christ, what is that beat tho

    Dj Bingham

    thank you. jay-z blueprint 3

  10. Ewa Jackowska

    the shit is smooooooth

  11. The Dream Merchant

    "They are such a drag, you should move em to the trash"

    After all these years I just caught that line which references where you can drag files & whatever else you don't need into the trash bin on computers. Lupe is BANANAS

  12. It's Adjacent

    "Flow is like crazy gone mad..." meaning his flows are INSANE.

  13. djreddog18

    I bought the bars out put it on my tab.. just caught that line after all these years.. lupe all ways bring hard bars in raps

  14. JCMthebrand

    Rhymes are too ahead of it's time

  15. Les Dow

    Lupe's slick. Nobody realizes he's talking about wooing a girl. He's telling us he's a wolf in sheep's clothing who seems harmless like the "company that got the contract to rebuild during the aftermath...but this calm has the same fury that disasters have" meaning he's just as bad as the men who've hurt her but he hides it better, appearing to come along to "rebuild" her broken heart. He even says "baby why you hangin wit those busters like should move them to the trash" basically gaming her up but remember, he's "going green, only using half the gas" basically saying he not gassing, or lying as much to get her as most guys are. He told us Enemy Of The State was a love story lol.


    thank you rap genius...

    Ali Fares

    @666Shorts rap genius is better than no genius at all lol

  16. KawaiiFutureFriend

    I have to admit, Lupe's got some skills at a lyricist. But where did they go?

  17. Ronald Allen

    love this wish it was longer

  18. Adrian Duran

    Which he got from Marcos Valle's Ele E Ela

  19. ahmad312

    I mean Kick Push is a song that you can compare to I Used to Love H.E.R. if that makes the argument simpler.

  20. consciousdynamic1

    I'm as big a Lupe fan as you are. The clever double and triple entendres...he does it better than anyone. The point is not really about making someone a bag, the point is "I will re-arrange your whole world, such that you'll leave in a different form than you came." A box and a bag both are used for carrying, but are very different. And it makes perfect sense in the context of what he's saying. It's a typical Lupe double entendre. I agree with you re Kick-Push. We can agree that Lupe=genius.

  21. LilDthecomic

    I'm the biggest Lupe fan you'll ever talk to, he does have double entendres and hidden meanings all the time, that's practically what makes him Lupe. But come on, when's the last time you heard someone say "I'm gonna make you a bag" as an insult lol. People take it too far, like rapgenius on Kick, Push. They were convinced it was secretly about selling drugs. Now I'm sure we can both agree that Kick Push is nothing more than a song about skateboarding, the same logic applies here.

    mr. cuddles

    He's saying you came to "fight", cleverly said "boxing" to convert it as form of packaging stretching the term to conclude a box of a dead body just in a simple fist fight, the bag is the cherry on the top because it plays along with the "packaging" word play and goes further as in being more dirtier

  22. LilDthecomic

    If you came here TO box, you'll leave IN A bag, those are the lyrics he's not saying anything else

  23. LilDthecomic

    Ok you're just reading too much into it now, just enjoy the music

  24. ezekiel lopez

    Tight ass nigga

  25. consciousdynamic1

    and at the same time, he's also saying "if you came here the box, you're leavin' a bag". lupe is a master at saying a line that means 2 different things because the way he says the words can make them 2 different sets of words at the same time. crazy. genius.

  26. Justin wood

    This whole mixtape was beast he never dissapoints. And if you think he does that just means it went over your head.

  27. Anakin Flytalker

    Baby why you hangin with them Buster's like Babs? (Tiny Toons Reference)

  28. coriejay

    Thank you thank you Lupe! You're far too kind! (Jay-Z voice)

  29. Crayterm13

    You should've posted what you had on RapGenius.

  30. LevelUp StatuZ


  31. klns

    eeeeew, Wayne sucks the hair under groundhog balls lol lupe is waayyyyyy better than that

  32. zaydl

    If anyone wants a lyrics breakdown, check out my channel!

  33. SammyJankis

    Lupe really started of this song so sick! First time I heard this I was confused but I soon got it. Fucken Genious!

  34. Hessel van Vliet

    What does he mean with 'the c's rising'?


    Hessel van Vliet sea

    Jerry Wallace

    Seas rising as in the water level.

    Thinker Haist

    Crip metaphor... He talked about C and G through the whole verse...

  35. Kalik

    pshh you know we all been rocking with lupe since food & liquor...shidd kick,push inspired me to skateboard cheers to the real fans though

  36. Gilton

    If u came to here to box, u wil leave in a bag.

  37. KevinTheVillian

    Who cares if you've been listening before, The point is that he is getting more and more fans and touching minds with his Genius. Because the fans that started listening to Lasers are gonna go back and listen to his other shit anyways.

  38. Capital B

    I've been listening to Lupe for over 5 years, but I didn't hear this until after Lasers. Does that disqualify me from being a real fan? Get over yourself.

  39. DevinThaGreat1993

    he doesn't say "quite a different script", it's "quite a grip for script"

  40. Harnoor Singh

    No, thank YOU Mr. Fiasco.

  41. Kidd9741

    @slavegrave it's called "something words".Poets' secrets

  42. goombagoon84

    @withoutacare129 how did you figure that out??

  43. toxikk braa


  44. jay tang

    One of my fav jay-z beats cuz nigga im all-in i'm the hole world nigga your an island haha

    kevin knight

    jay tang you gonn have to take submarines to the drive in

  45. fredmagic09

    No, thank you, Lupe for keeping Hip-Hop alive.

  46. Michael Olasope

    if uve been listening to this song b4 lasers den like dis(real fans)

  47. veteran385

    hehe "a wolf inside a lion suit"

  48. AssCandid

    @fredmagic09 drake is a fucking great rapper though mate, stop hating you aint real cos you listen to lupe, everyone knows lupe goes hard shit

  49. Overlord Tip

    lupe's freestyle > wale's freestyle

  50. MezmorizeXx

    i luv listenin to him he inspired my whole rap style,wordplay, etc and ppl wonder why i rap more like this then stay on a topic full of swagg clothes and bitches

  51. Johnny Blaze


  52. SinCityMadman

    @mattc678 ...yes, and the stuff on the radio...Wayne, Drake, Luda, NOT IT

  53. Dingus_Head

    @SinCityMadman Have you ever listened to Hiphop?

  54. Chris R

    the wale version and the lupe version are both good but my vote goes for lupe. If you listen to the beat closely to both songs Lupe's is much more quiet and focused on his bars but if you hear wale's the beat is much louder and he himself is louder, almost to draw your attention away from the mainstream rhymes but its all good and before you say "oooo its your volume you moron smd" because i blasted both and heard it from every possible website same thing for every other version.

  55. wrkmn00

    bildeberg the lead...with the
    the flash: fastest superhero...hes in the lead with him..


  56. pietrocicalese1

    this beat is soooooo thowed

  57. pat rick

    @Ashmarto94Shizzle hehe thx :P Good Luck bro i hope you reach your goal ^^

  58. FlowFor Aeons

    @patslayer505 Hehe thumbs up :) I liked it and i'm working towards my goal of becoming a rapper/producer too!! Good Luck!

  59. pat rick

    @Ashmarto94Shizzle Im just an insidious bullet waiting to pierce through the fastidious people yo work for.Im trying to brake the barrier of your inferior people so i can rightfully clame what was mines.i spit venom in my words like a cobra so you could say that i envenomation or that i leave people soba wich means i make you as thin as the rhymes that have no meaning. my flows so real i leave people feinin. lol that suck'd so badly XD.btw i luve lupe to. i hope to become a lyrical rapper ^^

  60. FlowFor Aeons

    A Lyrical King Like Lu

    That Only Speak's The Truth

    And If He's Just A Wolf Inside A Lion Suit

    Then I'm The Next Panther Dressed As A Saber Tooth

    I'm A Beast In The Booth

    You're Obese With A Sweet Tooth

    That's Loose Like Your Laces,

    That Causes The Faces

    To Boo You Cause Your Pace Is

    Nothing like The Aces

    Been Ages

    Since The Native Founders Of Hip-Hop Found Traces

    In This Rap Game Of a Prodigy That's Rated

    To Be The Blessed One To Take It

    And Bring It Back To The Ages

  61. Krishawn James

    thos beeat is so crazi

  62. Mike Beezy

    What Is The MEaning OF This Song SomeOnbe Help Me Cuz It Sound Like He TAlking About The End Of The WOrld

  63. Mr_Chukes

    wow first the getting dressed play on words, then where he is is from where the snippers shoot, might take a long time to get it from where he hit it. wow so he is saying his shit is deep and it might take you a while to understand.

  64. Jake Lineman

    if you came here to box you'll be leaving in a bag.

  65. Eatsoup3

    @missnininieva1998 Yes he is. Hopefully he's done fucking with Atlantic Records so he can go back to making amazing songs the way he wants to, not the way they want him to.

  66. Majd Misleh


  67. cHaOsTw3nTy4

    hussien bolt aint even even this fast!! lupe.. i like how people say ohh so and so killed this song or so and so killed that album... LUPE KILLS IS EVERY TIME A MIC IS NEAR!!!!!!

  68. genieva guerrier

    the first part also mean, im just a wolf inside a LINEN suit,SHARP shirt,PAIR OF of pants,PUT ON A hat and TIE YOUR shoes....hes genious

    Jerry Wallace

    Wolf inside a lion suit, shark shirt, panther pants, tiger hat, and pirhanna shoes.

  69. Christopher Flores

    does the seas part have a double meaning if it does i dont get it i was just wandering cause the lyrics say seas/c's

  70. jamarco shaw

    I'm the son of the south pole plus alaska's dad

  71. brom59

    Does anyone hear a verse... think about it... then get the chills because its so nice
    I hope im not the only one

  72. tjmack010

    @TheAmazingBrodriguez, Most rappers claim they are “the bomb,” and Lupe is sayin that he's the contract to rebuild everything that the "bomb" (rappers) messed up in the game after their gone, he's saying that once these rappers go away, he's still gonna be here to rebuild Hip-hop.

  73. tjmack010

    I ain't the bomb, I'm the company that got the contract
    To rebuild during the aftermath have a blast-Lupe Fiasco, do yall niggas know how deep that line is?."

  74. brownguy903



    Soulja Boy Disliked This. -.-

  76. TimmyTurntUp

    A Shark shirt, a Panthers pants, Parahna hat and Tiger shoes

    A (Sharp) shirt, (Pair of) Pants, (Put on your) hat and (Tie your) shoes

  77. VanessaAKnox

    @fredmagic09 Glad I'm not the only person who want to smack folks when they say that!!!

  78. Saeed Villanueva

    lupe did this beat good
    check out my track over this beat off of my mixtape verbal tactics vol.2..its in the video response..real hip hop!!!

  79. zapdos2

    Usian Bolt aint even leadin' this fast/
    Why you take offense with your defensive ass
    Never Hussien in the hole/whole, not even in the half
    'Cuz nigga I aint hidin', I'm the whole world, nigga your an island
    And the seas risin', if I keep shinin'
    You gon' have to take submarines to the drive-in

  80. Damian2354

    Lupe is always spitting real

  81. NateForHeisman

    @mcfitchy That's What I'M Sayin.

  82. NateForHeisman

    @BIGMrighthere It's not Literally Something Words, He Meant To Say A Play On Words, And No He Isn't If You Don't Listen It Sounds Like What @Chese22 said.

  83. BIGMrighthere

    it's not called "something words" lol I think he's talking about a pimp.

  84. NateForHeisman

    @masai101 Sorry Can You Explain It To Me?

  85. blitzac2005

    @lwjohnson94 - probably above average, he's not dumb. lol.

  86. lucien johnson

    @blitzac2005 Whats his IQ!?

  87. fredmagic09

    this right here is exactly why i want to slap people who say Lil wayne, gucci, drake and any other no talent rapper is "the best rapper alive."

  88. Omar Winters

    no lupe, THANK YOU!

  89. purplesilverplatinum

    Drake should've have even recorded on this track.....Lupe just overpowered him like CRWAZYYYYY!!!

  90. Quizno1124

    I wish he would have kept going lol. this is dope.

  91. Arjun Velagapudi

    @animemangafan27 By reading

  92. FIJI ICE

    what the- can some one explain to me how he got so smart lol some are just simple lines but DANG

  93. ramafia09

    @JW2K3 this song is better then jayz. lupe cant be touched.

  94. Ben S. Cisse

    @nfllovesme Yeah...I wrote a comment not too long ago explaining that part.

  95. NateForHeisman

    @cisseusa123 Its also word play but you are right.

  96. NateForHeisman

    @lCL0UDl9 Yea bro he's amazing

  97. Ben S. Cisse

    When he says wolf inside a lion suit it's a reference to "Aesop's Fables" story about the sheep being inside a lion's hide. But instead he's putting himself in it. And if you're a linguist you know Lupe means "wolf".

  98. blitzac2005

    I think Lupe is just smarter than me...haha. His IQ is just higher.