Lupe Fiasco - So Ghetto Lyrics

This one's for Chilly Chill, (Food and Liquor) flow
Strong like it's been distilled by
Hillbillies in the hills and we move down to Beverly
So heavenly, waking niggas up like revelry
We won't be going back to you regularly, so forget it
Shadow flow, colder than Punxsutawney Phillip
My mind's on dope, my brain's on skillets
Thoroughly trained to just bang off lyrics
Bang bang bang like Pops Wayans
(Witherspoon) or with a fork
Was coming out my egg like Mork, deserves his own head on Rushmore
Flood the game like a giant in a dwarf's shorts
So long niggas, career so short it should be riding on a horse
Mines is a horse, but mines is the size you could sneak inside a fort
Yours is a pony, it could sleep inside a Porsche
I am on point like the eating side of forks
So keep your head down like your reflection in a spoon
Chilly Chill will be out of corrections real soon
Enemy, god willingly

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